swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN Part 3

Thank you all once again.

SWALAK are in there room thinking about mission RAGSAN and what to do. Laksh says idea and says that they should lock RAGSAN in a room and swara say flop idea and says that won’t work and then says idea and tells that they should hire some goons to harm ragini and then sanskar will save her and they’ll realise how much they need each other. Laksh says what an idea. Wow you have beauty and brains. They hug and smile.

In RAGSAN’S room ragini is on the bed thinking about the wrong deeds she done and regrets it. She is about to fall of the bed and then sanskar saves her and they roll and have an eyelock. Sanskar starts to laugh and ragini laughs quietly as well and asks why you laughing. Sanskar replies saying that you just fell and it is so funny and says be careful and helps her get up and smiles.
The next morning Swaragini are in the kitchen and then think about what to make and swara says aloo gobi with parathes and ragini says okay. And opens the draw to get potatoes out but can’t find any and then tells swara and says what will she do know ragini suggests to go shops an swara says good idea you go shops while I’ll make the parathes ragini agrees. Swara smiles. Flashback.. swara hides the potatoes so she can send ragini and her mission can be done. Back to now.. swara quickly calls laksh and says done ragini is gone to the shops.

Ragini is coming back from the shop and some goons come to her and start teasing her. Laksh gets a call from sanskar that they can’t meet today because he’s got a meeting right at this moment and says bye. Laksh tries saying no no you have to come but the sanskar had hung up. Laksh worries and phones swara and tells her what happened, swara says what’ll happen know and tells laksh to save ragini and sends the goons away. Ragini says thanks and goes home with him.

At home everyone asks ragini where was she. Sujata says planing some big crime. And Anarpurna says sush and asks where she was. Ragini lies so no one worries saying that she went shops and there was too much traffic and leaves to go to the kitchen. Swara smiles seeing ragini and says are you ok and ragini says yes and tells what happens. Swara says next time I’ll come with you. They serve breakfast to everyone and everyone enjoys it.

In SWALAK’S room swara and laksh worry thinking there plan flopped and then says we need plan b and then SWALAK get thinking.

Precap.. SWALAK think of a plan laksh gets and idea and shares it with swara but it’s muted and they both smile saying no more mistakes.

Credit to: FJ


  1. Aayushi

    Nice part. But swalak plan got flopped. I hope their next plan is successful and we can have more ragsan romantic moments.
    Update soon

  2. ananya

    I am new here and huge fan of yours,spree harini and ridihi.since I am studying 10th I have no net so I can not comment u BT I will read epi without fail:-) waiting for next.
    See u soon

    • Lila

      Its just a fanfiction. Meaning written by other people. This does not happen in the show and will not. But even though I want the serial to be like this. I love ragsan and swalak

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