swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN Part 2


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Swaragini and sharmista are sitting and talking about marriage am th dadi enters an brings ladoo and goes to swara ignoring ragini. Ragini is upset due to this and swara and sharmista notice that. Swara ask dadi to forging ragini an she has realised her mistake and promise not to do it again. Dadi says they all say that. Then ragini say will you always be upset with your lado, I’m sorry I won’t do it again and then swara and sharmista say please forgive ragini she truly regrets it and swara makes a puppy face. Dadi says lado don’t every make such a shaming mistake again. Ragini promises not to and Swaragini hug dadi and they smile.
Sanskar and laksh come to pick up Swaragini. At maheshwari house ragini calls everyone. Sujata says what has this witch done know and Anarpurna tells her to shut up. Ragini tells everyone she wants to divorce sanskar. While sujata laughs and says finally she got a brain the rest are shocked an Anarpurna goes a wedding isn’t a joke that you marry and divorce the next day but ragini is adamant and says I hurt you too much and then the lawyer comes and ragini welcomes him saying she called him. The lawyer then reveals that RAGSAN can only divorce after 3 months. Sujata gets sad and says what bad luck I have and ragini says that she will stay for 3 months and fulfil her duty an then leave.
In RAGSAN’s room ragini tells sanskar that she will leave after 3 months and they don’t have to behave like husband and wife sanskar agrees. All of a sudden Ragini is about to trip and sanskar holds her and they have a eyelock.
In SWALAK’s room swara is siting an is worried as she doesn’t want RAGSAN to divorce and then laksh comes from behind and scares her saying boo. Swara gets scared and laksh laughs and then swara gets a pillow and starts to hit laksh then laksh gets a pillow and they have a pillow fight and then start laughing. Laksh tells swara not to worry he will help her. Swara says promise. He says yes promise. Swara says she doesn’t want RAGSAN to divorce and then laksh says we will try and get bhai and ragini together. Swara smiles and says your the best husband ever love u and tells him a plan muted. Laksh then says mission RAGSAN started and smiles.

Precap.. laksh hires some goons to harm ragini so sanskar could come to save her. And swara tells ragini to go get some ingredients to make food. Swara phones laksh and says ragini is gone. Ragini is walking and some goons come there and ragini l screams…

Credit to: FJ

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