Swaragini (swalak-ragsan) marriage to love Chapter 3


Hey guys, Saanvi here. I am back with chapter two. Thanks for your support.Hope you guys like this chapter. If you guys find it boring you can tell me, I can stop writing.

Chapter 3

Recap: Swaragini pull sanlak pants in FB. Then sanlak and YuvRaj have a brotherly moment.

Scene 1
Dp and SanlakYuvRaj in going to airport in two different cars.
Sanskar: I wish Swaragini don’t come.
Yuv: aap aise kyun bol rahe ho sanskar bhai?(why are you saying like this sanskar bhai)
Laksh: whose brother are you ours or swaragini’s?
Laksh: sometimes I doubt that.
Yuv gives an angry look.
Laksh: why are you giving me this look?
Yuv: you know why.
Laksh: no, I don’t
Yuv: yes you do
Laksh: no
They have a brother fight.
SanRaj: stop it you two
Raj: you guys started again.
LakYuv with an innocent face: Sorry
Sanskar: it’s okay, we have reached airport.
They all get down from car.
Dp: vo raha shekar( there is shekar)
Dp and shekar see each other.
They have a hug.
Shekar: How are you?
Dp: main toh theek ho, tu bata( I am fine, about about you)
Sumi, dadima,dadaji and nani greet Dp.
Dp: Swaragini and KairaMira kaha hai?( Where are Swaragini and KairaMira)
Sumi: there friends came to pick them up they have to perform in a concert today.
Yuv: oh shit, bhai we also have to perform in a concert today.
SanlakRaj in a sarcastic voice: we forget.
Yuv: You guys are so mean, don’t talk to me.
SanlakRaj: sorry
Sumi: you four love each other so much.
SanlakYuvRaj: More than our own life.
They four have a hug.
Dadi: even Swaragini and KairaMira have such love for each other.
Laksh: can we go now, we have a concert.
Shekar: sure

Scene 2
They all reach Dp’s home.Ap and sumi have a hug.
SanlakYuvRaj ho upstairs fast to get ready. They come down after one hour.
Sanskar: Hum ja rahe hain.( we are going)
Sujata: wait,e at some sweet curd.
Raj: chachi hum late ho rahe hain.
Sujata in fake anger: eat it
Sumi: and you guys are big rockstars, your fans can wait for you.
They take everyone’s blessing.
They sit in a car.
Yuv: whose our competitor.
Laksh: some group called marvellous girlz.
Yuv: oh

Scene 3
They reach the concert stadium.
They go inside and have a great entry.
Fans: Cool devilz, cool devilz
Other fans: marvellous girlz, marvellous girlz
Groups members of marvellous girlz come and perform. There faces are shown and they are none other than Swaragini and KairaMira.
SanlakYuvRaj perform on Saturday Saturday while SwaraginiKairaMira perform on Dhunki. They have a good war and performance are complete.
Fans: cool devilz, cool devilz
Other fans: marvellous girlz, marvellous girlz
The time has come to announce the winners.

Precap: SanlakYuvRaj the reaction about the one they compete are none other than SwaraginiKairaMira.

Hope you guys like it. Aisha asked me to make a grand entry of SwaraginiKairaMira so I thought it would not be good if they meet at airport so I decided to make them competitors in a concert. I tried my best to make a grand entry of SwaraginiKairaMira. I know it was boring. I will try my best to make it fun and entertaining. Thanks for your support.

Credit to: Saanvi

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