Swaragini (swalak-ragsan) marriage to love Chapter 2


Hey guys, Saanvi here. I am back with chapter 2. I am sorry for the late update, I got lots of homework this week.Thanks for your support and thanks to people who suggested me who should play the role of KairaMira and YuvRaj. Sorry to people who gave some other suggestions. You can imagine someone else you like. And one more thing YuvRaj are happy that KairaMira are coming because they love each other.( I made a mistake last time, Sorry)

Kaira- Krystle D’Souza
Mira- Sargun Mehta
Raj- Karan Tacker
Yuv- Ravi Dubey


Recap: Sanlak and YuvRaj entry.


Sanlak having breakfast with disappointed faces
Laksh: Sankar bhai think something to get rid of the bhoot sisters.
Yuv: Laksh bhai why are you saying like that?
Laksh: Chup kar Yuv, tu aur raj toh bahut khush hoge KairaMira aa rahe hai, hum bhi bahut khush hain par Swaragini bhi aa rahe hai( Shut up Yuv, you and raj are going to be happy that KairaMira are coming, even we are happy but Swaragini are coming too)
Raj: Laksh don’t speak like this to your brother.
Laksh: Sorry Yuv, we are in such a tension, you remembered right what they did with us?

Eight kids are playing hide and seek together. They are SwaraginiKairaMira and SanlakYuvRaj. Sanskar is counting.
Sanskar: 1….2….3….4….5….6….7….8….9….10, main aa raha hoon( I am coming)
Sanskar found Raj behind bushes, yuv sitting on at tree, laksh under the table, kaira behind bushes too and mira sitting on a tree with yuv. But he couldn’t find Swaragini.
Swaragini were behind trees respectively.
Ragini:Swara hold this stick from the other side, you now what to do right?
Swara nods yes.
Swara: sanskar we are here.
Sankar goes to check behind the trees where Swaragini are hiding.
Ragini:1..2..3 pull
Suddenly Sanskar fell down.(you guys now what happened)
Sanskar started to cry.
Laksh comes running.

Laksh: bhai aap theek ho?(bhai, are you okay)
And gets angry on Swaragini for playing such a bad prank.
Swaragini laughs.
Laksh: I am going to tell aunty(sumi).
Swara: Don’t go, we know how to make it normal again.
Laksh:ok, do it.
Swara:But you all have to look other way.
Everyone look the another way.
Swaragini pulls sanlak pants.
Sanlak looks down and get embarrassed.
Others laugh.
Sanlak run towards AP and sumi.
Sanskar: ma, see Swaragini pulled our pants and all are laughing.
AP and sumi starts laughing too.
Sanlak get angry and starts to leave to their room.
Ap still laughing: Eat your food.
Sanlak: We don’t want too.

FB ends.
YuvRaj start to laugh. Sanlak look at them angrily.
YuvRaj: sorry but that incident was so funny.
After saying this they ran.
Sanlak starts to run after them.
They ran all round the house. They stop as they get tired.
The four start to laugh and have a brotherly moment.

Precap: Swaragini and KairaMira entry.

I am so sorry for no Swaragini and KairaMira entry but next episode for sure.
Hope you guys liked it and once again sorry for late update.

Credit to: Saanvi

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