Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ? SEASON 2 ( Teaser)


Surprised? Even I am. Never thought of starting the second season of Is This Love but I can’t stop myself from posting this.. When I ended my previous ff, a new story came in my mind so now I am writing it. Also, I was very busy with the studies so couldn’t post Two Broken Souls but I will try to post it today itself and lets see that when Telly Updates publish it.

So lets start with the teaser of this new season-

It’s a full moon night. A house is shown. Inside that house, in one of the rooms, a girl is shown studying sincerely. Her face is revealed to be Swara. On the other side of the room, near the window another girl is shown smiling and looking towards the moon. Moonlight falls on her face and she is revealed to be Ragini.

Ragini- Swara…
Swara- Hmmm…
Ragini- Is this love?
Swara- What? ( She stops writing and looks at her)
Ragini- Whenever I think about him, my heartbeat increases and time seems to stop. All the time only his name is on my mind, only our time spent together is what I remember. So, is this all love?

Swara again turns towards her book and half laughs.
Swara- Don’t ask about love from me. Love is all waste. Its all about calling each other with idiotic names like- sweetu, honey, baby….eww. Disgusting.

Ragini laughs hearing her.
Ragini- If that is the case, then ask Laksh to call you with a good name.
Swara- Ragini….stop talking about that idiot. He is always teasing me.
Ragini- Swara….he loves you. That is why he always teases you na.
Swara- But I don’t love him na. We are just childhood friends, nothing else.
Ragini- Whatever you say Swara. One day you will also fall in love. SOMEWHERE SOMEONE IS MADE FOR EVERYONE. Maybe your someone is Laksh only.
Swara- And what about your someone, whom you have not even met in these 10 years. How could you love him Ragini. He is not even here and there are no chances for him to return back too.
Ragini- No Swara, if my love is true for him, then he will return. He has to return.

She again looks towards the moon and smiles.
Ragini- I know…you will come back.

On the other hand, a big mansion is shown which is none other than Maheshwari Mansion.
A boy is shown sleeping on the bed with his face covered with the blanket. Suddenly his sleep gets disturbed due to a call from someone. He removes his cover and is none other than Laksh.

Laksh- Uggh…can’t someone even let me sleep peacefully.

He took the phone with an annoyed look but his face lightens seeing the caller. He picks the phone happily.
Caller- Lucky, I’m coming back. After 10 years, I’m finally coming back.
Laksh gets super happy hearing this.
Laksh- Really Sanskar ( yes he is Sanskar, of course) , you…you are coming back to us?
Sanskar- Yes yes yes. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I am dyeing to meet you all, especially her. I missed her so much. I…just can’t wait. I’m coming Lucky, I’m coming very soon.

So, who is this “HER”, Sanskar is talking about? Is she Ragini or someone else. Lets see with the new season of SWALAK AND RAGSAN IS THIS LOVE .Hope you all liked it. Again sorry for not posting broken souls but It’s a promise that you will be able to read it latest by tomorrow. Take care love you all.
Thank you and please do comment.

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  1. Superb dear amzingly awesome, I’m really excited to read your story

  2. it seems to b very interesting

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic plot
    Thanks for coming back that too very soon
    Waiting for the next one………….

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    Loved The teaser. Wating for the next update

  7. thx thx and thx ..for coming with season 2 its aewsome …

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  9. Lila

    I’m in ninth cloud…wohoo season…thnx.. so looking forward to it?

  10. Wowwwww season 2….m super excieted….hope sanky is talkng about rags nly….watng for nxt episode plz update soon…love ragini.. 🙂

  11. Pammy

    Yeah too good dear…..i m extted to read further story…nxt part post as soon as possible

  12. dear really am surprised to c u in season 2…am very very happy…..there is many swasan part 2 ….i think its the 1st ragsan n swalak season 2….im superb happy…..plz make san coming for someother……after pain he have to realise his love for her….that will b interesting its just my pov…anyway am waiting for ur super coool epis….

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