Swaragini – SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love? Season 2 (PROMO)

Hello friends and really sorry for being so late. I am really busy with the school programmes and studies so I will not be able to post both my ffs for some more time. Please excuse me for this. But there is a short promo for this ff.
Here it goes –


A boy around the age of 25 is shown cremating a body. His face is still not seen. Soon his eyes are shown which are red due to anger.

Later that same boy is shown entering a dark room where there are four photos hanging on the wall. The photos are of Swara, Ragini, Sanskar and Laksh. He walks past the first three photos and stand infront of Laksh’s picture. (His face is still not shown)

Boy- You took away my only my only happiness away from me. (He says while pointing towards Laksh) You are the reason for destroying my life. You are the reason why no one is left with me. But now it is my turn. I will also take away your dear ones away from you. (He says while looking at Swaragsan’s pictures). I will hurt them but you will feel the pain. I will make your life a living hell Mr Laksh Maheshwari.

He then lights a match stick and throws it towards their photos. Soon their photos catch fire and starts burning.

Boy- I will take my revenge at any cost…. And that is a promise of Shaurya Shekhawat.

Saying this he turns revealing his face. (His character will be played by Vatsal Seth)


Keep reading to know more. Also sorry for no Swalak or Ragsan scenes in the promo as I hate to show a new entry.
Thank you

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  1. Nice promo

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  3. Take care DC dr…nice promo

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      Tysm S Priya

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    wow interesting start for season 2

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      I am glad that you liked it

  5. Akshata

    interesting promo

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  6. SPP

    Superb promo
    No problem dear studies is the first priority
    So carry on when you get time update it
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  8. Astha

    Nyz promo dear waiting for the epi. We r all eagar…… San loves kavi but she don’t care abt him. Rag loves San but she going to be broken. Lak loves SWA but new entry is going to be separate them…… Im missing adi in this ff. Hope soon he will give his entry.

    1. DC1

      Hmm… Even I am missing adi in this ff. Actually the thing is that I like to see his image as Ragini’s lover whether positive or negative. But If story will demand then I will bring him. Love you loads

  9. Hemalattha

    quite interesting

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  10. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    It’s interesting dear.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

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  11. lovely promo…plz write soon…..

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      I will write as soon I get time. Thanks

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    Nice promo

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    Eagerly waiting to know thae promo …

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      I mean eagerly waiting to know tge next epi ..

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        Thanks Sanjana dear… Will post whenever I get time

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    very nice

  15. Interesting promo love it ?

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      Tysm dear

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