Swaragini – SWALAK and RAGSAN- Is This Love? Season 2 (Episode 4)

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So lets start-

RECAP- Shreya commits suicide, blame comes on Laksh.

The episode starts with the shocked faces of everyone especially Laksh.

Inspector- You have to come to the police station with us, we have to arrest you.
Laksh- But, I… I have done nothing.
Sanskar- Yes inspector, he can’t do anything that will take someone’s life.
Inspector- We will talk about that in station only. Arrest him now…

He orders one of the constable and he handcuffs Laksh. Swaragini stood there in shock while Sanskar also went with Laksh.
Later at the police station Swaragini also arrive. They came and saw Laksh behind the bars and Sanskar still talking to the inspector.

Swara- Sanskar, what happened? When are they releasing Laksh?
Sanskar- We can’t say anything Swara, they are not ready to listen.
Ragini- But what about Laksh’s bail?
Sanskar- They are even not ready for that.

Swara sees Laksh and goes to him.

Swara- Laksh, what is all this?
Laksh- I don’t know anything Swara, I just rejected Shreya but I never knew that she will take such a big step.
Swara- I told you to stay away from her but you never listen.

Her voice was so loud that other prisoners also started looking at her.

Laksh- Swara just look at my condition and the place where you are standing. Do you even want to fight here?
Swara realises the scene and mutters a sorry.

Day passes like this without any help. Swara and Ragsan were still there. Now Sanskar also got angry.

Sanskar- Excuse me inspector, what is this. We said na that he didn’t do anything and most importantly why aren’t you ready to give him bail when we are ready to bring a lawyer.
Inspector- It’s not a game Mr. He can’t get bail so easily.

“But what if I take the case back? “, a boy around the age of 25 enters with another person accompanying him.

Everyone looks at him. He comes towards them.

Inspector- What did you say and who are you?
Boy- I am Shaurya Shekhawat(played by Vatsal Seth) Shreya’s brother. I know that Laksh haven’t done anything so I want to take the case back.
Inspector- are you sure Sir because your sister herself mentioned it in her letter that he is responsible…..
Shaurya- I said that I don’t want to file any case. My sister is no more and it was a normal suicide case… Nothing else. Please let him out of jail.

The inspector nods and releases Laksh from prison. Everyone takes a sigh of relief.

Laksh- Shaurya, I am really sorry for what happened but I didn’t….
Shaurya- No need for any explanation. You are out now and that’s it.
Sanskar- Thanks a lot Shaurya , I know that after whatever happened, it would be very tough for you to forgive Laksh.
Shaurya- You are right, it’s really tough to forgive him.

They become a bit confused by his words but doesn’t say anything. The person accompanying Shaurya also gets confused with his behaviour.

The four of them again thank him and leave. Shaurya stares at them going.

Boy- What is this Shaurya, how could you let him go so easily.?
Shaurya- Who said that I am leaving him so easily Rachit.
Rachit- What do you mean?
Shaurya- I let him out of jail because he needs to see the destruction in the lives of his loved ones. I don’t want the police to punish him, I will punish him myself. The way he snatched away the only person I loved, same way I will also take his loved ones away from him slowly.
Rachit- Hmm.. Good plan, but what should I do?
Shaurya- One thing is cleared after seeing them four together that they all share a good bond. What you need to do is get their information for me.
Rachit- Ok, don’t worry… I will do it easily.

When Swaragini and Sanlak came out of the police station, they saw Dp standing outside.

Sanskar- And here comes my hitler father.
Dp- Laksh, was that only left to hear? Why were you arrested?
Laksh- Papa… Vo… Main…
Dp- I know that this all is happening because of Sanskar.
Sanskar- Excuse me… What did I do?
Dp- Nothing happened in all these years but see, not even a week passed after your arrival and Laksh was arrested.
Sanskar- It is useless giving you explanations. Whatever you say, it’s not my fault. I know that you are very sad with my arrival but I can’t help it as this time you can’t send me anywhere.

Laksh puts his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder signalling him that Swaragini are still there watching their family fight.

Ragini- I.. I think we should leave.
Laksh- Thanks Swara and Ragini, you were here whole day for me.
Ragini- Come on Laksh, now you don’t start this thank you business. Go home and rest.
Swara- Yes, now we should also leave, Maa has called me twice, if we will be more late then we will surely get a scolding.
Laksh- Yes Swara, you both should leave.

Swaragini bids bye to Sanlak and Dp and leaves for home.

Few days pass and things started to go back to normal. Swaragini and Sanlak bond grew stronger and even Kavsan became friends.

Once Swaragini, Sanlak and Kavita went out together. Swalak and Ragini were talking and Kavsan were engrossed in each other.

They both kept talking and enjoying each other’s company. They both were walking together when Sanskar saw a Pav Bhaji Stall nearby.

Sanskar- Hey Kavita, come lets eat Pav Bhaji.

Kavita sees the small stall and makes faces.

Kavita- But Sanskar, Pav Bhaji and that also from this stall. I am sure that it won’t be hygienic as well.
Sanskar- But Kavita remember, it’s the same stall where we all used to gather and eat. And I really want to eat so lets go na.
Kavita starts laughing- Come on Sanskar, grow up, you are not a kid anymore. Yes we used to eat here but now things are changed, we are changed. Now I don’t find any fun in eating here at small stalls.

Sanskar feels a bit bad sad hearing her. Kavita gets a call and attends it.

Kavita- Ok Sanskar, I’m getting late so I need to go. See you later.
Sanskar- Ok bye.

Kavita leaves and Sanskar watches her with a sad pouty face. Swalak and Ragini also comes there.

Laksh- Sanskar, where were you?
Sanskar- Nothing… I was just walking here only.
Laksh- And where is Kavita?
Sanskar- She went home.
Ragini- Swara, now should we also go back.
Swara- No Ragini, let’s stay here for sometime more na.
Laksh- Huh, that means I have to bear you for more time.
Swara- Then you go, no need to bear me. You know what, you were better in jail only.
Laksh- Now you are saying this but that time you were worried.
Swara- No, I was very happy, it would be better if you would be still there.
Laksh- You are a lier, Swara is a lier…
Swara- Now you see….

Laksh runs from there and Swara runs after him. Ragsan laugh seeing this.

Sanskar- Do Laksh always irritate her this way?
Ragini- Yes, since childhood, not even a single day have passed when they have not fought.
Sanskar makes a sad face- I missed everything na Ragini. You know, it was so boring to stay all my childhood with my strict uncle in America. Everytime I used to talk to Laksh on phone, he told, me what all was happening here and I used to miss everything. I never enjoyed my childhood much.
Ragini- Don’t say like that Sanskar. Life is still going on. And who says that someone can’t enjoy his or her childhood in youth. There is no problem in being a kid again. If you want to enjoy your childhood, then that is good.
Sanskar smiles – Achcha, and how can I enjoy it again.
Ragini- By doing everything we used to do in our childhood. Like…. (She looks around and sees the same Pav Bhaji Stall and smiles.) Like why don’t we go and eat there because right now na I am really very hungry.

Sanskar reminisces Kavita’s words and his smile again fades.

Sanskar- No Ragini, that Stall must not be hygienic.
Ragini- Arre how could you say that… We have eaten here so many times in our childhood na.
Sanskar- But still…
Ragini- I don’t want to listen anything, just come with me.
Sanskar- But I don’t want to eat. (Still thinking about Kavita’s words)
Ragini- Ok fine but I want to eat so atleast accompany me.

She drags him towards the stall and orders one plate. Sanskar sees the plate with watery mouth but acts to be normal.

Sanskar- I am still telling you not to eat this. We used to eat here when we were kids but now things have changed and….

Ragini stuffs the food in his mouth making him quite. He eats it and likes the taste.

Ragini- You still don’t want to eat?
Sanskar nods yes in a slow manner.

Ragini smiles and they both eat from the same plate.

On the other side Swara was running after Laksh when her foot slips and she falls on him and as a result her lips touch his cheek. Swara becomes red due to embarrassment and Laksh looks at her in amazement.

Laksh- Wow Swara, I never knew that you are more desperate than me.
Swara- Just shut up… It just happened accidentally.
Laksh- But it felt to be intentional.

Swara hits him on his shoulder.

Laksh- Ouch, that is not fair, you only do these things and then you only hit me.
Swara- Stop it Laksh.
Laksh laughs- Ok, sorry.

Screen again shifts to Ragsan who were talking and walking on the road when they notice a small kid selling some flowers. Ragini sees them and smiles but continues moving as she knew Sanskar wasn’t going to buy a flower for her. Just then she feels a tap on her shoulder, she turns and gets happy seeing Sanskar holding a flower.

Sanskar- For You.
Ragini- Really?
Sanskar- Of Course Ragini, this flower is for my friend who is helping me relive my missed life again. You know what… After talking to you I am feeling much better.
Ragini- Then whenever you are sad, you can always come to me because I know very well how to cheer my friends.
Sanskar- Ok done, now whenever I will be sad, or I will want to share something then I will share it with you. Now take this beautiful flower for my beautiful friend.

Ragini takes the flower from him and smiles widely. She herself didn’t know how happy she was to hear this all from his mouth.

Sanskar- Why are you smiling so much?
Ragini- I am just thinking that how cute you are?
Sanskar rolls his eyes- Come on Ragini, boys are not cute, they are meant to be handsome, which I am already. So you should only call a girl cute. Ok.
Ragini- I know… That is why I am calling you cute.
Sanskar- Haan so.. (realising what she said)…. Ragini!!!

Ragini laughs and runs and Sanskar also runs to catch her.

On the other side Shaurya was sitting in a dark room where Rachit also enters. He throws four photos on the table infront of Shaurya.

Rachit- As you asked me, I have brought their information.

Shaurya picks up the first photo of Swara.

Rachit- She is Swara Gadodia, Laksh’s love interest. Whole college knows that how much she means to him.

He then picks another photo of Ragini.

Rachit- She is Ragini Gadodia, Swara’s sister and Laksh’s childhood friend. They all share a great bond together.

Shaurya then picks out Sanskar’s photo.

Rachit- He is Sanskar Maheshwari. Laksh’s brother. He have returned after 10 years from America. And we clearly saw their brotherly bond in the police station that day.

“Good work Rachit”, Shaurya says while picking the last photo which is of Laksh.

Shaurya to Laksh’s pic- These three lives will now bear the torture just because of you Laksh. I want to see the pain in your eyes when you will see their destruction and trust me that day will come very soon….

Saying this he throws a burning matchstick on their photos.

Screen freezes on his evil face.

Next episode- Acid attack on…..

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    wow i jst read ur chappys now only ,jst luved it
    swalak nokjhok ,its gr8 and our rags helping sanky to live his childhood awwwwwwwwwwww…..
    but i hate kavita jst get rid of her soon
    eager to read nxt

    • DC1



      Yeah… Will get rid of her soon. Thanks a lot Sargam…. Is this your real name, don’t mind I am just asking because I really like this name a lot. Keep reading and smiling dear

  3. Savi singh

    No… Plz don’t do it with any girl… Acid attack… It’s sounds very scary.. Btw eagarly waiting for next part

  4. SPP


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Loved Ragini’s act
    Precap is terrific
    Waiting for the next one…………..

  5. sinzo

    Get well soon dear….take full rest ok….
    And superb episode…..loved it…..
    Swalak and Ragsan scenes were awesome….i hope Sanky will soon realise that Ragini is perfect for him….superb
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    Tk cre

    • DC1



      Thanks Sherin… Yes Ragsan are very cute… Let’s see what happens next… Keep reading and smiling dear

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      Arre waah…. Never knew that so many people care for me… First Aastha scolded me for not taking care and now you… I am really very happy and I will get well soon and then only write my next part so keep talking with me, ok. Love you and take care

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    coming to epi……. villain aagayi….. now no awards for him. bcos have to see his acting n characterization more.

    kavitha – as usual evil. in future kavi n shourya will give tough competition to get best negative role award

    laksh – very pity today….. but when he was with swa….. gave his cute performance.

    rag – she gave san’s childhood to him….. hoping character award goes to her.

    sanky – he made me cry while telling abt his childhood. hope soon he will realise that his crt match is rag. but b4 he realise shourya will realise rag is jaan of saan or san is jaan of rag.

    liked the epi very much…… keep rocking smiling…… TAKE CARE. or i’ll kill u. love u loads.

    • DC1



      OMG…. Never ever got such a big comment from anyone. And also never got this kind of scolding regarding my health. But you know what I love when someone scolds me for these reasons because I feel that the person cares for me. Thank you so much my Pyaari Aastha…. Love you alot. And talking about the chapter even I felt very emotional while writing Sanky’s childhood thing. And yes my intelligent friend, before he realize his love for Ragu, Shaurya will make Sanskar realize that he is Ragini’s jaan, that will open his eyes. Also sorry, from now on I will take care of my health. You too take care

      • Astha


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        thats my sweet heart…….. happy that u’ll take good care of ur health hereafter. yes ofcourse…….. i cares a lot bcoz i loves u a lot….. every friend is just like sis. i consider my very close frnd as sis. bcoz i shares all things to her as well as i used to fought with her a lot. do u know y we used to fought…… the only reason is mark. she will the that didnt perform well. i’ll say dont lie. she’ll tell if u have doubt check out the mark….. the same i’ll tell n she’ll reply me like this. this is the only one reason behind our thousands of fights. love n tc dear.

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