Swaragini – SWALAK and RAGSAN- Is This Love? Season 2 (Episode 3)


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RECAP- Ragsan’s meeting.

Next day morning at Swaragini’s house.

Swara was coming down from the stairs searching for Ragini when she sees Sumi.

Swara- Maa, have you seen Ragini?
Sumi- Yes, she is in the kitchen since early morning.
Swara- Ok, I will go and check.

Swara goes in the kitchen and sees Ragini cooking something.

Swara- Ragini, what are you doing?
Ragini- Vo… I am making kheer for Sanskar.. He loves kheer na.

Swara comes near and smells the kheer.
Swara- Hmm… Its really looking very yummy but do it fast otherwise we will get late for college na.
Ragini- Yes yes its ready.

She quickly packs it in a container and they both leave for college.

Later at college Laksh was talking to his friends and Shreya was looking at him smiling.

Shreya- Today I will tell you Laksh that how much I love you… I will make you agree for my love today at any cost.

She smiles and leaves from there. Laksh notice Swara and Ragini and goes to them. He sees the container in Ragini’s hand.

Laksh- Ragini, what is in this container?
Ragini- You know na how much Sanskar loves kheer so I have made it for Sanskar.
Laksh- Wow kheer!!!

He touches the container when Swara hits on his hand.

Laksh- Ouch… What is this?
Swara- She said na that it is for Sanskar so you will not get it.
Ragini- Laksh you and Sanskar both can have it together.
Laksh- Thanks Ragini but give some manners to your sister also na. She will even not let me eat anything even after our marriage.
Swara- Who said that I will marry you?
Laksh- Offo… It doesn’t depend on someone’s saying… You will marry me only because no one else can tolerate you.
Swara- What do you mean?
Ragini- Stop fighting both of you. Laksh where is Sanskar?
Laksh- Right now he is in a class so you may meet him later.
Swara- Yes Ragini, we also have our class so lets go.

Ragini nods and they leave. Kavita overhears their conversation and smirks.
Kavita- Good try Ragini but Sanskar will eat kheer only from my hand.

After Swaragini attend their class, Ragini checks her bag but couldn’t find the kheer container anywhere.

Ragini- Swara, where is the kheer?
Swara- How do I know Ragini, you kept it na.
Ragini- Haan but its nowhere now? I have checked everywhere.

She becomes upset after searching a lot for it.

Ragini- I made it with so much love for him.
Swara- Don’t be sad Ragini, you can make it again some other day.

Ragini nods sadly and they go out from the class.

Ragini on her way collides with Sanskar and falls in his arms. Her hair fall on his face. Sanskar puts the lock of hair behind her ear. They both share a cute eyelock. Ragini gets lost in him and smiles.

Sanskar- Ragini…
Ragini- Hmm…
Sanskar- Will you please try to stand… Otherwise my hands will start paining.

Ragini realises her state and composes herself.
Ragini- I am sorry.
Sanskar smiles- It’s ok Ragini.

She gives a weak smile to him.

Sanskar- What happened, something wrong?
Ragini- Haan vo actually I brought….

Before she could complete her sentence, Kavita comes there with the same kheer container.

Kavita- Sanskar, see what I have brought for you.

Both Ragsan and Swara looks towards her.

Sanskar- What is this?
Kavita- You like kheer a lot na so I made it for you.

Sanskar was on cloud nine after hearing this while Swaragini were shocked to see the same container in her hand.

Sanskar- You remembered that I like kheer. That is so sweet of you.
Kavita- Of Course I remember Sanskar, how can I forget your choice. Eat it and tell me how is it.

Swara gets angry and tries to stop him but Ragini holds her hand signalling her to calm down.

Sanskar takes a bite from the kheer and praises it.

Sanskar- Wow Kavita, I never knew that you are such a good cook… This is really very tasty.

Swara- Ragini, you made it and he is praising her.
Ragini- It’s ok Swara. I just wanted Sanskar to eat the kheer I made for him and he ate it too so I’m happy.

Sanskar sees both of them standing there and offers them the kheer.

Swara- No thanks..

She angrily leaves from there while Sanskar looks puzzled.

Sanskar- Ragini, what happened to her?
Ragini- Nothing, she had some work so she went.
Sanskar- Ok, then you have it na.
Ragini- No Sanskar, I am not hungry at all.
Sanskar- Pakka na… Then don’t say that I don’t share.
Ragini laughs- Pakka.

Sanskar smiles and continues eating like a child while Ragini adores him and smiles.

On the other hand Swara was angry on Kavita. Laksh also comes there.
He sees Swara sad and asks her the reason. Swara tells him everything.

Laksh- Don’t worry Swara… Kavita is like this only… God knows what Sanskar saw in her.
Swara- Yes Sanskar is stupid because he is your brother na.
Laksh- What is your problem. You are always finding mistakes in me.
Swara- Yes because you always do many mistakes.
Laksh- No, but because you are scared that if you won’t find any mistake in me then you will fall for me.
Swara hesitates a little.
Swara- It’s.. Its nothing like that. Love is waste of time… You see even Ragini wasted her time for Sanskar but she got nothing in return.
Laksh- Whatever you say, these are all your excuses to stay away from me.
Swara- It’s useless talking to you.

She gets angry and starts to leave when Laksh starts singing.

She stares at him and goes while Laksh keeps laughing . Shreya also sees him and comes near him.

Shreya- Hi Laksh.
Laksh- Oh… Hello Shreya.
Shreya- I wanted to say something to you.
Laksh- Yes, go on.
Shreya- I… I Love You Laksh.

Laksh was shocked to hear this.

Shreya- I really love you… You are the most special guy in my life Laksh. And I can go to any extend to get you.
Laksh- I am sorry Shreya but I don’t love you…. Whole college know that I love Swara.

Shreya stares at him with a shocked face.

Shreya- But Laksh, I love you a lot. Trust me that Swara is not a good choice for you… I am best for you.

Saying this she falls on his leg holding it tight and started begging him.

Shreya- Laksh please, don’t leave me, I really love you. I promise I will never leave you, I will always be at your side… But please don’t leave me.

Laksh was damn shocked with her actions. He reminisces Swara’s words.

Swara- Laksh whole college knows that she is a psycho who is obsessed with you. She behaves good only with you. Even I have seen her behaving weirdly so stay away from her.

Laksh holds Shreya from her shoulders and makes her stand.

Laksh- Shreya, I am really sorry but I said na that I love Swara. Trust me, you are a very nice girl and you will surely get someone much better than me.

Shreya starts getting angry.
Shreya- You can’t reject me that way Laksh.

For the first time Laksh noticed change in her behaviour.

Laksh- Shreya just listen…
Shreya- You will pay for this… Very soon.

She runs away from there while Laksh was still in shock and confusion.

She runs and comes to an empty classroom and start throwing chairs and desk like a mad(which she was already).

Shreya- How could you do this to me Laksh, I will not leave you. I could tolerate anything but not my insult.

She starts screaming in anger and takes out a paper and writes a message on it.

Shreya- Now after this, whatever will happen in your life will never let you live peacefully Mr Laksh Maheshwari.

She takes out a blade from her bag and without giving a second thought, cuts her wrist making the blood flow.

Shreya- I hate you Laksh… (Her vision becomes blurr after saying this)

On the other hand, Swaragini and Sanlak were walking on the ground. All were busy talking to each other except Laksh as he was still thinking about Shreya’s words.

Sanskar- Laksh, what happened?
Laksh gives a weak smile- Nothing, I was just…

His voice is interrupted by police jeep siren.

Ragini- Why has the police arrived here?
Swara- God knows.

Soon one of the student came running towards them. He was looking very scared and out of breath.

Sanskar- What happened?
Student- Vo… Shreya….

He tells them something after hearing which Laksh becomes numb. Sweat started coming on his face while the others were shocked as well. Laksh runs towards the class and Swara and Ragsan also follow him. Laksh walks past all the crowd present there and gets shocked seeing Shreya’s dead body. Swaragini also cover their mouth in shock and Sanskar also watches everything with his mouth wide open. Police also comes there and reads a note kept near her body. After reading the note the inspector looks around and speaks.

Inspector- Who is Laksh Maheshwari here?

Sanskar and Swaragini looks towards Laksh in confusion.

Laksh- Umm… Me.
Inspector- This is a suicide case and the letter is written by this girl only. She had clearly written that only Laksh Maheshwari is responsible for her suicide. So you have to come to the police station with us right now.

Laksh’s eyes got wide in shock and the others also stood there like a statue.

Screen freezes on their shocked faces.

Next episode- Entry of Shaurya Shekhawat

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