Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ? SEASON 2 ( Episode 2)


hello friends, i know that i am very late for this ff but still please bear me.
so lets start

recap- sanskar to come back.

three days later-

everyone in the mm are very busy in order to welcome someone, yes to welcome back sanskar. just then the main door opens and laksh and adarsh enters with sanskar. sanskar smiles seeing everyone and the family members also get happy as well as emotional seeing him after such a long time.

sanskar comes and touches the feet of ap and takes blessings from her.

ap- finally, my sanskar is back.
sanskar- yes maa, i am back to trouble you all and now i will not go anywhere.
ap- you haven’t changed a bit.

sanskar grins and ap taps on his cheeks. uttara also comes and hugs him.

sanskar- i am so happy today bhaiya. today after so many years i will be celebrating raksha bandhan with you also.
laksh- haan… now toh you only need your sanskar bhai… me and adarsh bhai does not come in any count.
uttara- yes ( she shows both of them tongue and everyone laughs).

sanskar then meets parineeta but stops when he sees dp.

ap- sanskar, what are you looking at, wont you meet your father?
sanskar- no maa… because i know that he is not happy with my arrival.

dp looks at him with a strict face.

ap- but sanskar…
dp- leave it annapurna, no need to tell him manners. he will never change…

sanskar also gets angry and goes to his room, everyone becomes tensed and laksh also follows him.

laksh- sanskar, what was all that? how were you talking to papa?
sanskar- what wrong did i do? because of him only, i was away from you all. he sent me abroad with my uncle just because i was a naughty kid.
laksh- still sanskar after so many years….
sanskar- laksh… if you want to talk about this only then sorry i am not interested.

laksh sensed sanskar’s bad mood and decided to drop the topic.

laksh- ok fine, by the way from tomorrow onwards you are coming to college with me. i have already filled your admission forms. and tomorrow you will also be able to meet your friends and kavita.

a big smile came on his face after hearing her name.

sanskar- oh yes, i completely forgot about that. i am so excited to see her yaar.
laksh- yes but she doesn’t seem to care.
sanskar- did you say something?

laksh shook his head in a no and gave him a fake smile.

in dp’s room-

dp was sitting on his bed reminiscing sanskar’s words and feeling bad. ap also comes there.

ap- now leave it na ji… you sent sanskar away from us that is why he is still angry from you… give him time, he will be normal.
dp- no, he will never change. no one can change him.

next day morning-

ragini- swara, how am i looking?
swara- very beautiful ragini but how many times are you going to ask the same question.
ragini- because i am very nervous… today i will see him after such a long time. i am sure that he must be the same naughty, childish sanskar for whom i fell for.
swara- ok meri maa… now should we go, otherwise stay here only and meet him in your dreams.

ragini nods and they both leave.

later in the college swaragini came first and went inside. sanlak also came after some time. sanskar was continuously looking everywhere in order to search for kavita.

laksh- what are you looking at sanskar, you won’t be able to recognize her even if you see her.
sanskar- then what are you here for, help me in finding her na.

here ragini and swara were walking near them on the ground.

paari paari hontho pe na jaane kaise
dhaani dhaani muskurahton ke phool khilne lage
man hi man

ragini felt something strange and started looking here and there. suddenly wind blew very fast making her dupatta fly in the air.

khaari khaari hatheliyon pe jaane kaise
pyaari pyaari rangreliyon ki dhoop sajne lagi
tan badan
hui main teri joganiya, joganiya
tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya

her dupatta flew and covered sanskar’s face. ragini also came following it and stood in front of him. laksh signals her telling her that he is sanskar. ragini looks at him with surprised open eyes and her heart started to beat faster.

teele teele khwahishon ki jaale kaise
neeli neeli baarishon ki boonde aaj tarne lagi tan badan
hui main teri joganiya joganiya
tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya

ragini slowly removes the dupatta from his face and looks at him without moving a bit. sanskar also looks at her and they both share an eyelock.

they soon break it and look towards their surroundings where swalak were watching them.

laksh- sanskar, she is…
sanskar- ragini right?

ragini was on cloud nine after knowing that he still remembered her.

sanskar- ragini, i still remember that i gave this bracelet to you na. (he says while pointing towards the bracelet in her hand). you are still wearing it?
ragini nods. she tried to speak something but words were not coming out from her mouth.

sanskar- ragini… increase your volume a little na. i am not able to understand anything.
ragini- yes sanskar… nice to meet you.
sanskar smiles- nice to meet you too.

he then looks at swara and smiles.
sanskar- and you must be swara right?
swara- yes sanskar. so happy to see you back.
sanskar- but swara, you are completely different from the way laksh described you.

swalak looked puzzled.
swara- meaning?
sanskar- arre, laksh said that you look like a chudail and very dangerous and a girl who is always ready to fight but you look sweet and nice.

laksh was shocked and swara stared at him angrily.

laksh- sanskar, you know i never said something like this na.

sanskar laughs which is unnoticed by swara.

swara- oh… this is what you say about me. now don’t talk to me.

she angrily leaves and laksh follows her leaving ragsan laughing behind.

laksh- swara, he was just joking yaar.
swara- i hate you laksh.
laksh- but i love you.
swara- go to hell.
laksh- no place can be hell till you are with me.

swara becomes quite and looks at him while laksh smiles at her.

laksh- what happened swara? you say that you don’t love me then why do you become speechless with my cheesy dialouges?

swara doesn’t say anything and leaves from there. here sanskar was busy searching for kavita when he collides with her.

sanskar- oh, i am sorry.
kavita does not even look at him and start shouting.
kavita- hey are you mad, can’t you see. just be aware next time otherwise i am also kavita mehra , i won’t leave you.

sanskar’s mouth dropped open listening the name. he happily hugs her while kavita was shocked. they break the hug and kavita looks at him to say something but was spellbound seeing his face. laksh also comes there seeing them.

sanskar- kavita, it’s me… sanskar.
kavita remembers his name and get surprised.
kavita- oh sanskar, finally you are back from europe.
laksh- he came back from america.
kavita- oh… yes i remember. i am very happy to see you sanskar.

laksh in mind- till yesterday, she didn’t even remembered him and now see…

sanskar felt very happy to hear it from her mouth.
sanskar- even i am very happy to see you kavita. i missed you a lot.

kavita in mind- wow, this handsome guy missed me. kavita, you are really lucky yaar.

laksh- ok, sanskar come we have to attend class na, you may talk to her later. sanskar smiles at her and leaves.

next episode- shock for laksh….

so friends, how was the episode. keep commenting and supporting me. thank you

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      Tysm Fairy… You too keep smiling dear

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      I will surely do that Lovely dear

  3. Pammy

    Yeah..it was good..i think dz episode z bit short…nd swalak was damm good bt no ragsan….anyways come back soon

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      Don’t worry Pammy dear, next episode will be big and with ragsan scenes also. Thanks for the comment dear

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      Thanks masthi

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      Hope this link helps… If not then you can simply search the name of this ff on telly updates search option and you will be able to see all episodes. Keep reading and thanks a lot

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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      I am so happy that you are liking it this much dear… Thank a lot

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      Hifi sis… Pink is my favourite too and even I imagined pink colour dupatta for that scene and yes you are right… Soon the villain will take the entry. Thanx for the comment dear. Love you loads

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