Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ? SEASON 2 ( Episode 1)

Hello friends. So I am back with the first episode of Season 2 of this ff. Hope you will like it.

So lets start-

It’s a full moon night. A house is shown. Inside that house, in one of the rooms, a girl is shown studying a mystery novel. Her face is revealed and she is our bubbly Swara. On the other side of the room, a girl is sitting on bed holding a photo of 4 kids in her hand. She smiles seeing that pic. Her face is shown and she is none other than our sweet Ragini.

Ragini- Swara.
Swara- Hmmm…
Ragini- Is this love?
Swara- What? ( She stops reading and looks at her sister)
Ragini- When I think about him, time seems to stop and My heartbeat increases. Each and every moment of me and him is visible in my eyes. So is this all love?
Swara- Don’t talk about love with me. Love is boring, it’s a waste of time. Its all about calling each other with idiotic names like sweetu, baby, honey. Eww…disgusting.
Ragini- So then I will ask Laksh to call you with a good name.
Swara- Ragini please, stop talking about that idiot. He always tease me.
Ragini- That’s because he loves you since childhood. But you never realize it.
Swara- Come on Ragini, we are just friends. Nothing else.
Ragini- Whatever you say Swara, one day you will also fall in love. Somewhere someone is made for you. Maybe your someone is Laksh only.
Swara- And what about your someone? You have not even met him in these 10 years, how could you love him Ragini. Even there is no hope of him coming back also.
Ragini(smiles)- No I know that he will come back. If my love is true for him then he have to come back.
Swara- From so many years, I’m listening to the same line of yours. Now leave it and let me read the book.

She again diverts her attention on the book and starts reading. Ragini looks at the book that Swara was reading and a childish smile comes on her face.
Ragini- Arre Swara….It is the same book na, in which the servant was only the real culprit?
Swara’s eyes widen in shock and she stares at her angrily.
Swara- Ragini, I was reading this book from so long and you told me the name of the real culprit. I hate you.

Ragini burst into laughter seeing her sister. Swara angrily hits her with the pillow and Ragini also did the same. Soon they both indulged in a pillow fight.

Scene moves to the Maheshwari Mansion. A big room is shown where a boy is sleeping on his bed. His sleep gets disturbed by a phone call. He removes blanket from his face and is revealed to be Laksh. He yawns and looks towards the phone.

Laksh- Ugghh…now who is calling? Can’t someone even let me sleep peacefully.

He takes the phone in his hand but his face brightens seeing the caller who was none other than Sanskar.

Sanskar- Lucky, finally after such a long wait, I’m coming back to you all.

Laksh was hell surprised. He started jumping on bed happily.
Laksh- Really Sanskar, you are coming back to us?
Sanskar- Yes yes Lucky, I am coming back. After these 10 years, I will meet you all. I just can’t wait to meet Maa, you, Adarsh bhai,Uttara, Swara, Ragini and especially her.
Laksh- Her? Who?
Sanskar- Kavita of course. I am dying to meet her. All these years I missed you all so much but I missed her the most. Whenever I think about her, my heartbeat increases. I remember each and everything about her, and also about you, about Ragini and Swara. I missed you all so much.
Laksh- Don’t worry bhai. You are coming back na, now you will miss nothing. Just come back fast.
Sanskar- Yes, I am coming very soon. Ok, now no more talking as I have to prepare many things. Bye Lucky.
Laksh- Bye bhai.

They both cut the call and smile.

Next day in college-

A girl was walking holding some books, when another two girls came and intentionally made her fall. That girl looked at them angrily and closed her fists tightly to control her anger. The other girls laughed seeing the sight.

Girl 1- Oho….poor Shreya. Can’t you see and walk.
Girl2- Shreya, are you angry? Look we didn’t do it intentionally. Its your mistake that you came in our way.

Laksh, who was passing from there, sees this and stops. He forwards his hand to Shreya and she smiles seeing him. She held his hand and got up. Laksh looked at those girls angrily.

Laksh- Have some shame atleast. Even being a girl, you don’t know how to behave with others. And I know both of you really well. I’m sure that you did it intentionally.

Those girls feel embarrassed and leaves. Shreya stares at them angrily but becomes calm seeing Laksh.

Shreya- Thanks Laksh.
Laksh- No need to say thanks. But next time be careful from these kind of girls.

She nods and Laksh leaves while she keeps admiring him. Swara sees this from a distance and comes towards Laksh.

Swara- Laksh, Its good that you helped her, but stay away from her because she is a psycho.
Laksh- What are you saying Swara.
Swara- Yes Laksh, she is a psycho who is completely obsessed with you. Don’t take her lightly as I have seen her behaving very weirdly.
Laksh- Or the real thing is that Swara is jealous of her.
Swara- Not even in my dreams.
Laksh- Aww…comeone Swara. Accept the fact that you also love me.
Swara- Laksh, just don’t bring love between friendship. You know I don’t like it.
Laksh- Ok sorry but I am very happy today and I need to tell you a great news.
Swara- Not now. First tell me that do you remember that today is our maths test.

Laksh smile suddenly fades.
Laksh- Oh shit. I forgot.
Swara- As expected.
Laksh- Swara please help me in my maths test today. I promise I will study from the next time.
Swara- You always say that. Now I will not help you. Enough is enough.

She leaves and goes to her class. Laksh also follows her. Laksh sits beside Swara and the test begins. Swara was doing her test peacefully but Laksh was not able to understand anything. He kept playing with his pen and trying to guess the answers. He then looks at Swara and calls her in a whisper tone.

Swara- What now?
Laksh- Please show me the answers.
Swara- I will not. Just forget it.
Laksh- Swara, please. Is this your friendship? That is so unfair. ( He starts his emotional blackmailing).
Swara- Ok fine. But this is the last time.

Laksh happily nods and Swara moves her sheet slightly towards him so that it is visible to him. Laksh starts to write the answers when the teacher notice it. She didn’t see Laksh cheating but only saw Swara showing her answers.

Teacher- Swara, stand up.

Swara gets scared and stood up. Laksh bits his tongue.

Teacher- What were you doing?
Swara- Vo…mam actually….
Teacher- I don’t want to hear any excuse. You are such a bright student and still doing all this. Just get out of the class.
Swara( teary eyes)- Sorry mam.
Teacher- I said just get out.

Swara blinks to hide her tears and leaves from there. Laksh sees this and feels extremely bad and guilty. Later when the class gets over Laksh comes out and sees Swara silently crying.

Laksh- Swara, I am extremely sorry.
Swara- Just don’t talk to me and get lost.
Lakah- Swara please. This time sorry, I promise nothing will happen again like this.

Ragini also comes there seeing the sight.
Ragini- What happened?
Swara- Ask your friend Laksh. Because of him, this is the first time I got punishment.
Ragini- Laksh, is it true?
He nods.
Ragini- Swara, this time forget him, I’m sure he will not repeat it again.
Swara- No, I said na no.

Laksh then remembers Sanskar’s return news.
Laksh- Achcha atleast you can listen to one thing. I’m sure your mood will change after listening the news.
Swara- What? ( She makes a pout)
Laksh looks at Ragini and smiles. Ragini gives him a confused look.

Ragini- What happened Laksh, tell na.
Laksh- Ragini, Swara, someone is coming back.
Swara- Who?
Laksh- Sanskar.

Both Swara and Ragini were shocked. Slowly a big smile came on Swara’s face while Ragini was still standing there expressionless, as if still trying to get what Laksh just said. Laksh waves his hand infront of her face to bring her back in senses.

Ragini- What…what did you say?
Laksh grins- Yes Ragini, finally Sanskar is coming back.

Ragini’s face brightens and a never seen shine comes in her eyes. She smiles widely and start jumping like a kid.
Ragini- Really? You are not joking right?
Laksh- No, he is coming back. The person whom you were dying to meet is coming back. Our Sanskar is coming back.

Ragini was still not getting how to react. She hugs Swara tightly and a tear escapes her eyes.
Swara- Ragini, are you crying?
Ragini- Yes but the tears are of joy and happiness. I am super happy. I said na Swara….that my Sanskar will come back. Now see, he is.

Swara also smiles and nods.
Laksh- Now have you forgive me?
Swara- Yes, after listening this, I have no more anger. I’m so happy for my sister.
Ragini- Laksh, thank you so much. This is the best news you have ever given me.
Laksh smiles.

Just then another girl comes and calls Ragini for their next class. Ragini smiles and leaves.

Laksh- Now I have to tell this news to one more person?
Swara- Whom?

Screen then shows a girl in white crop top and shorts. She was talking to her friends and passing comments on others. Her face is shown and she is no one else but Kavita. Swalak see her.

Laksh- Kavita.

She turns and sees him. Laksh signals her to come towards them.

Kavita- Yes Laksh, wanna say anything?
Laksh- Haan, actually I wanted to tell you that Sanskar is coming back.

Kavita looks confused.

Swara- Kavita, he said that Sanskar is coming back. Did you get it?
Kavita- Haan…but, who is this Sanskar?

Swalak gives her a disbelieving stare.
Laksh- You don’t remember him?
Kavita shook her head in no.
Swara- Kavita, he is the same guy with whom we all were friends in childhood. And remember that he went away to America with his uncle. Now he is returning back.

Kavita tries hard to remember when some childhood things flash in her mind.
Kavita- Oh…yes Now I remember. So he is coming back?
Laksh- Yes.
Kavita- Oh….thats ok.
Swara- Just ok?
Kavita- Yes what else should I say?

Before Swalak could say something, Kavita’s friends called her and she went away. Laksh started laughing sarcastically as soon she left.

Swara- Why are you laughing like this?
Laksh- Nothing.

Swara also leaves from there and Laksh continues laughing.
Laksh in his mind- Wow Sanskar, the girl who was wishing to meet you from so long, you don’t even have the slightest idea about that and the girl you were dying to meet, does not even remember you. Amazing.

NEXT EPISODE- Ragsan meet. Kavita gets flat on Sanskar after seeing him.

So this was the first episode. Please do tell me that should I continue with this story or not by your comments. Thank you.

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