Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ? (INTRO)


Hi guys, I am a silent reader and so this is my first ff. Thanx for even opening this ff. I know that there are still many who like SWALAK and RAGSAN. Honestly speaking, I love them, when Sanskar came to this show, I thought that he will be paired opposite Ragini and Swalak will unite but everyone know that what happened. I really miss Swalak and Ragsan and so I have decided to make it like that. This is my intro part.

Lets Start-
SWARA- She is a pretty, smart and cute girl of age around 19. She plays guitar in her college band. She loves her family a lot. Her sister Ragini was kidnapped when they were 5 years old. Swara still believes that she will meet her sister one day for sure. She also hates Laksh who is in the same college band as her.

RAGINI- She is a beautiful, and intelligent girl of age 19 who stays at an orphanage as the kidnapper before being caught, left her alone near a temple and the owner of the orphanage brought her there. She is a sweet girl and is very good in her studies. She is also very kind hearted.

LAKSH- He is a very handsome guy of around the age 20.He loves his family especially his brother Sanskar. He has a very good voice and he sings in his college band. He equally hates Swara too. He is also the leader of the band and the ragging group of his college. Although Swara never let him rag anyone.

SANSKAR- He is very talented and good looking. He also studies in the same college as Swara and Laksh. He is also a good friend of Swara. He loves his brother too. Girls die for him and Laksh but he never pay attention to them. He is also the captain of the college’s football team.
Other characters you will know when you will read the story.

So guys this is the intro, is it boring, If so then plz tell me cause I don’t wanna bore you with it and also it is my first ff so plz support and plz plz and plz vote.

Credit to: DC

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  1. Nicee continue wait for ragsan….ya i also want to pair them in serial but the story line changed…do ur good

    1. Thanx alot sima

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    1. I will try to keep updating it daily…thanx fo reading dear

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  12. Nice intro
    thanks for ragsan

    1. No need for thanx as I always wanted Swalak and Ragsan

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  14. I lov swalak awesome pair……their love is somewhat natural…..unfortunately they changed the story line……didnt xpect such a twist…..

    1. Me too never expected such a twist

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