Hello everyone. My name is Tanu…..I am DC’s bff. You must be wondering that why she is not updating the chapter. Actually she is admitted in the hospital due to food poising. No need to worry much as she is fine now and will soon continue writing. She just asked me to write a note for readers telling them about this. She was missing all of you badly and said that she wanted to write in the hospital only…..but you know that cant happen.

So don’t worry and pray for her that she get well soon and come back. Doctors said that if her condition shows more recovery then she will be discharged within a day or two. Till then you all have to wait for her ff. Sorry if my writing skills bored you….I am not so good like her but trust me she will come back soon.

Also there is a promo for this ff here it goes-

Swara and Aditya indulge in a fight which result in Aditya seeking revenge by sending some goons to molest and rape Swara. But what will happen when instead of Swara. Ragini will become the victim. Will Sanskar be able to save her or something terrible will happen with Ragini.

Also you will soon witness many romantic scenes between Swalak and Ragsan as soon Sanskar will be shown confessing his love for Ragini. Also Laksh will be shown realizing his love for Swara. Will Laksh be able to confess his love? Also will Ragini and Swara reciprocate to Sanskar and Laksh’s feelings.
Stay tuned to know. And pray for DC.

Thank you.

Credit to: DC

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  1. Get well soon Dc

  2. i really missed dc. i thought she may be busy bcos this is scl reopening time na. but never i dreamed that my doll is in hospital. i dont know y ….i’m reding very few ff only. 1st dafsi admitted in by food poison now u…plz take care of ur self dear. sure we will wait for. u can only post after ur full recover. love u doll plz tc.
    coming to ur promo dear plzzzzzzzz dont make ragini as victim. already i saw her as victim in pavani di’s ff. really i cant imagine too plz its a humble request dont do that. again take care of ur self dear.
    and tanu thnq sooooo much for imfo. we will pray for her don’t wry she will be alri8. take care of her. n take care ur self too.

  3. i dnt care about dc but update it

    1. how can u say like this she is admitted to hospital and u don’t care show some humanity

    2. Ur rude… the writer had food poisoning. Can’t u atleast be a little bit understanding the situation

  4. Get well soon dc

  5. get well soon dear, hope nothing happens to ragini

  6. Awesome
    Get well soon dear
    Will be waiting for the next one…..

  7. Get well soon DC…v ill wait…take care of ur health…

  8. awesome promo……get well soon DC

  9. Get well soon DC and take care

  10. Get well soon DC

    and about the promo plz save Ragini on time.

  11. Get well soon dear and waiting for you.

  12. Get well soon dc hope nothng happens to ragini

  13. Be well nd take care of urself nd plzzzzzz dont make them molest ragini plzzzzzzz make sanky save her nd their bond will become stronger nd swra also save her also plźzzzz i beg u

  14. Get well soon DC dear. & nice promo.

  15. Take care of urself
    n please dnt show it as rape pleaseee

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