Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 8)


Hello guys I am back with the 8th episode of my ff. Hope you will enjoy it.
RECAP- Swaragini’s talk. Laksh trying to rag Ragini but Sanskar comes on time. Manthaj telling about Aditya’s entry.

The episode starts with Laksh in his room thinking about Aditya. Sanskar also come in. He sees a worried expression on his face.
Sanskar- What happened Lucky? Is everything fine?
Laksh- Nothing is fine That Aditya is again coming to judge our song. That idiot don’t even know M of Music and is always asking us to do corrections. blo*dy…
Sanskar- Ok wait Lucky, control your emotions. You know he is like that and you can’t do anything about him. He is not that bad.
Laksh- Are you mad Sanky. You are only saying this because you are not in the band like us.
Sanskar- Hmmm you are right I don’t have any problem with that guy so I cannot seriously judge him. But all the best for tomorrow as he is coming back.

Laksh- Ya….thanx
Sanskar pats on his back and goes to sleep.

On the other hand Swara is also worried and Ragini is doing the same job as Sanskar.
Ragini- Swara nothing will happen if you will continue worrying for this.
Swara- I am not worried about Aditya, all I care is that Laksh’s singing confuses me sometimes and even Rishi changed my chords, I didn’t even got time for practice. What will I do?
Ragini- I know that you can manage it so don’t worry, ok.
Swara nods but is still tensed.

Next morning in the college Laksh is shown guiding every band members not to make mistakes.
Just then the door of the practice room open and a muscular boy of around age 21-22 enters. He is wearing denim jeans, white t-shirt , black leather jacket and brown shoes. His hands are in his pocket and he is looking at everyone with a smirk on his face.
Swara whispers in Ishita’s ear- Agaya Raeeszada.
Laksh comes infront to greet him- Welcome back Aditya.
Aditya – Uff Lucky, what are you doing here? Don’t tell me that you are still the leader of this band.
Laksh (laughs sarcastically)- Unfortunately yes.
Aditya- That’s bad.
Laksh- You have a lot of attitude, isn’t it Aditya?
Aditya- I am the son of this college’s trusty, you all know what big position my dad holds, then of course I would be having attitude, isn’t it Lucky?
Laksh- I am anxiously waiting for the day when you will talk about your success instead of your Dad’s.
Rishi laughs listening this.
Aditya- You will soon see that day but right now I am anxiously waiting to listen to your song, so should we start?
Laksh smiles- Sure.

On the other side Sanskar is shown playing football on the ground with other members. He is playing really well. Just then Ragini passes from that court and see him playing. He also sees her and get lost in her beauty. He wasn’t paying attention to the game and was just looking at Ragini. Ragini senses that he is lost somewhere. She signals him but he doesn’t respond. She then speaks.
Ragini- Sanskar, where are you lost?
Sanskar then come in senses.
Sanskar- Who…nothing I was actually thinking about something.
Ragini- By the way, you play really well.
Sanskar- Thanks.
Till then a girl comes and calls Ragini.
Girl- Ragini, we are getting late for our class come on.
Ragini- I am coming.
She then looks at Sanskar and smiles. Sanskar also does. She then leaves with that girl.
Sanskar in his mind- Her smile is beautiful.

Screen again shifts to the band practice room where Swara is playing guitar, Manthaj is playing piano accompanied by other group members playing different instruments. Laksh starts singing.
Aditya then looks at Swara and interrupts the song.
Aditya- Umm…wait wait…What is your name, Swara right?
Swara- Yes
Aditya- How will you play a guitar when you can’t even hold it properly.
Laksh is staring at Aditya.
Swara- But I always hold the guitar like this, what is wrong in it?
Aditya- Everything is wrong in it, first learn to hold it properly and then play.
Swara is still not getting how much better she can adjust the guitar. Laksh sees this and walks towards her. He helps her settle the position of guitar.
Swara mutters a thank.
Laksh- Its ok
Laksh then looks towards Aditya and asks- It is ok now? Can we start the song.
Aditya- Ya ya..Sure, when did I stop you from singing, continue please.
Laksh then angrily walks to his position and start singing-

Aditya- Umm…..wait wait wait.
Everyone gets irritated with his behavior and Laksh controls his anger.
Laksh- Now what?
Aditya- This time the themeof competition is love song, right?
Laksh- Ya, so?

Aditya- So love songs only look more good when they are duet.
Laksh- Duet is not necessary in competition and our song doesn’t require a female singer. Also we have taken many auditions but never found a suitable voice for female.
Aditya- Listen Lucky, if you and your group wants to take part in this competition, then you need to bring a female lead singer. Otherwise you know what we can do.
Swara- This isn’t fair Aditya.
Aditya- You just keep your mouth shut, got it.
Laksh looks at him angrily- What wrong did she say, how can we find a female lead in such a less time.
Aditya- That is your problem. I am giving you 5 days time to find a voice otherwise I will make sure that your group is disqualified.
Aditya then gets up and leaves. All stare at him in disbelief.
Ishita- Is he mad or something, how can we find a voice in 5 days?
Rishi- He is stupid.

Manthaj- Guys, get ready to get disqualified.
Kartik – That idiot.
Swara looks at Laksh who is still staring at the door in anger.
Screen freezes on Swalak’s face.

NEXT EPISODE- Preparations for fresher’s party.

Hope you all are liking my ff. If so then please continue commenting. Thank you.

Credit to: DC

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