Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 7)


Hello guys I am back with my 7th episode of my ff. Hope you will like it.
So lets start-
RECAP- Swaragini’s meeting.
The episode starts with Swaragini sitting on a sofa and talking to each other.
Swara- Ragini that’s so sweet of Sanskar to drop you home but his brother Laksh is just opposite of him. Everyone call him Lucky. The funny part is that he haven’t told anyone his real name. Sanskar told me that he hates when someone calls him Laksh. That is the reason why I always call him by his real name.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini- Haan Ok tell me more about your family.
Swara- My family is awesome, loving and caring mother and understanding father and my sister…..(she gets sad reminiscing her)
Ragini- Your sister?
Swara- yes she was kidnapped when we were very small. We searched for her a lot but never found her, but I am sure that she is fine wherever she is.
Ragini also gets sad hearing that and consoles her.
Ragini- Don’t worry, I am sure that one day you will definitely find her.
Swara smiles hearing that.
Swara- Thank you, maa was right, you are really sweet.
Just then a man wearing suit enters the house( He is Shekhar).
Shekhar- Shona, see what I have brought for you.
Swara- Yes, Papa is back.
She happily runs towards Shekhar while Ragini smiles seeing them. Sumi also come.
Sumi- Arre Shekhar you are back, that’s good.
Shekhar – Hmmm, I had to be back as I was really missing you a lot.
Sumi smiles while Swara frowns.
Swara- What Papa, you only missed her and not me, that’s not fair.(She makes a pout face)
Shekhar- If I would have forgotten you, then why would I have brought this for you.( He takes out a beautiful dress and give it to Swara)
Swara- Wow Papa, this is so beautiful, Thank you.
She hugs him. Ragini also comes and Shekhar see her.
Shekhar- Sumi, who is she?
Sumi then tells him everything. Ragini comes and touch feet of Shekhar.
Shekhar- Arre beta, what are you doing, you are just like my daughter and daughters do not touch feet.
Ragini gets emotional hearing all this. They talk a little more and then Swara takes her to her room.
Sumi and Shekhar are talking in their room.
Shekhar- I don’t know why but I am feeling a strange connection towards Ragini.
Sumi- Even I am feeling the same. If our Ragini would be here with us then she would be of the same age as her.
Sumi gets emotional and rests her head on Shekhar’s head. He consoles her.

Next day Swaragini reach college. Ragini is stunned to see the college.
Ragini- Wow Swara I never knew that these type of college really existed.
Swara- I know you should be happy that you study in this college.
Ragini smiles and Swara also does. Laksh passes nearby and sees Swara with Ragini.
Laksh- Who is that girl with Swara? Maybe she is new here, that means I need some fun. But that Swara is also with her and she will never let me rag anyone.
Just then a girl who is the member of their band comes and calls Swara.
Girl- Swara come fast Rishi needs to correct some of your guitar chords, our competition is after 3 weeks remember.
Swara- But Ishita, Ragini is new to this place, I will come after some time.
Ragini- No Swara, it must be important, you go.
Swara- But Ragini, you are new to this place, how can I leave you like this.
Ragini- Offo Swara, I wont get lost so don’t worry and go.
Swara – Ok
Swara then leaves with Ishita. Laksh sees this and gets happy. He then come infront of Ragini blocking her way.
Laksh- Hi, you are new to this college, isn’t it?
Ragini- Yes.
Laksh- Hello, my name is Lucky.
Ragini then reminisces Swara talking about Lucky’s real name.
Ragini- Oh so you are Laksh.
Laksh gets shocked listening his real name.
Laksh- Shhhh….dont ever call me that got it.
Ragini- Why what is the problem in this name, at least its better than Lucky.
Laksh gets angry- By the way miss, who told you my name. Swara?
Ragini thinks- Swara will get in trouble if I will tell her name. Wait, Sanskar is Laksh’s brother so Laksh wont say anything to him.
Laksh- I asked that who told you my name.
Ragini- Sa…Sanskar told me your real name.
Laksh- Sanskar told you my real name. Whom Don’t believe him, he always talk nonsense. I know that he is my brother but that doesn’t mean that he is as smart as I am.
Ragini sees Sanskar who is standing behind Laksh listening to everything. She tries to stop Laksh but he continues speaking.
Laksh- And, he has broken million of hearts. He never pay heed to girls, how sad the girls might feel right.
Ragini- Ya right(She again looks at Sanskar)
Laksh- And do you know some days before a girl was going to suicide because he rejected her and he even didn’t care.What was that girl’s name…..
Sanskar- Pooja
Laksh- Yes right( He then turns and see Sanskar standing behind him)
Laksh gets shocked while Ragini laughs.
Sanskar- So what were you saying? You are very smart and I am not.
Laksh- Relax bro….ummm why will I ever say something against you, you are my brother. Ok I am leaving, I am getting late for my class.
Sanskar- Ya right you should better leave now.
Laksh leaves. Sanskar then turns towards Ragini.
Sanskar- Wo actually Swara told me to be with you so you do not have to waste time with people like….him.
Ragini- Its ok.
Sanskar – Sorry for this kind of behavior from my brother.
Ragini- No please don’t say sorry, its absolutely fine.
They the start talking and walking in the corridor.

On the other hand Laksh enters the place where his band members are practicing.
Laksh thinks- I went there to Rag her but my brother only ragged me.
He then looks towards his band members.
Laksh- So everyone is ready?
Everyone- Yes.
Laksh- Where is Swara?
Swara then enters holding guitar with Rishi.
Swara- Sorry sorry I am late.
Laksh- You are always late, please say sorry for something new.
Swara- Why are you always after me?
Laksh- Because you create those situations.
Rishi- Relax Lucky, she was with me, I changed some of her guitar chord so I was telling her.
Laksh- Ok fine, now come we have to start.
Just then a guy who is also in the band enters.
Guy- Listen guys, there is a bad news, Aditya is again coming to judge our singing.
Laksh- Manthaj, will you please ever bring a good news.
Ishita- Who is this Aditya?
Swara- He is the son of the trusty of this college. He is very strict. And the worst part is that whenever he comes and judge our song before competition, he always makes some stupid changes in our routine.
Ishita – What, how will we bear any changes in our song now.
Screen then freezes on the worried faces of Swalak, Ishita, Manthaj, Rishi and Kartik.

NEXT EPISODE- Aditya’s entry.

So guys, this was the episode. And from now the twist will begun as there is going to be entry of a negative character. Please do comments as I am not getting enough comments.
Thank you

Credit to: DC

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