Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 5)


Hello guys, I hope that you all remember me and my ff. I am sorry for not updating it yesterday as I was ill. I am still not well but decided not to make you all wait long.
So lets starts-
RECAP- Swalak fights and Ragsan meet and Ragini falling in Sanskar’s arms and they share an eyelock.

Avni coughs seeing them in this position and Ragsan come in senses.
Sanskar- Your leg is hurt, can I drop you where you want to go.
Ragini- yes but I am new to this place and I am not sure about the address.
Sanskar- Don’t worry show me the address.
Ragini shows him the address and Sanskar recognizes the place as Swara’s home.
Sanskar- Do you want to go to the Gadodia house.
Ragini- Yes.
Sanskar smiles- I know that place as the daughter of that family is my friend.
Ragini also gets happy.
Avni- Come didi, we will drop you there.
Ragini- Thank you.
Avni sits at the backseat while Ragini sits next to Sanskar.
Avni(whispers in Sanskar’s ear)- Chachu she is very sweet na.
Sanskar- What do you mean?
Avni- I mean that you can go on, I have no problem in making her my Chachi.
Sanskar get surprised by this statement and say- Avni ki bachhi….You speak a lot, just go and sit there.
Ragini sees this and ask- What happened, is anything wrong?
Sanskar- No no no, everything is fine.
Avni- Yes Cha…I mean Didi, everything is fine.
Sanskar angrily looks at her.

On the other hand Swara reaches Railway Station as it is 8 pm. She searches for Ragini’s train. She waits for some time and ask about the train from others. One of them tell her that the train came two hours before. Swara gets worried.
Swara- Offo, now what should I do, where should I find her, I don’t think that Ragini would have been waiting for me till 2 hours. I hope she is fine. She had the address with her, I think that she would be coming to our home only. I should go now.
She leaves. She starts walking on road when some goons see her. They start coming towards her.Swara senses this and tries to move even faster. Laksh who was passing by that road sees her. Swara also sees him. He stops his bike and just looks towards Swara and the goons behind her.
Swara eyes him angrily and yells- Idiot, what are you doing there. I am in trouble and you are just watching.
Laksh clears his throat- Woh Swara, I thought that you don’t like taking help especially from me then how can I help you.
The goons also stop seeing both of them argue.
Swara- No, the real reason is that you are scared of those goons, right?
Laksh gets angry- Lucky is not scared of anyone, got it.
Goon1- Hey listen both of you…..
Swalak both reply at the same time- Shut up, we are talking na.
The goons are taken aback.
Swara- So you are not scared of anyone, I don’t think so, you are scared of Sanskar, you are scared of getting rejected by girls and you are scared of me stopping your ragging fun, right.
Laksh- Shut up, God knows what you think of yourself, I can never be scared of a girl like you, understand.
All the goons are confused.
Goon2- Hey, stop it now.
He then takes out a gun. Swalak get scared.

Laksh gets nervous and start laughing- Are bhai, you took it seriously, don’t worry, I am not coming between you and her. But listen one thing, you don’t know her, she is damn dangerous. She tries to mess with everyone, she looks innocent type but she is a chudail.
Swara gets angry- What the hell are you talking, me chudail?
Laksh- Shut up Swara and let me handle this, got it.
Goon3- What do you mean to say?
Laksh- I mean to say that I hate her too, and I can also help you to trouble her coz you all cannot handle her alone.
Swara- Laksh…
Laksh- What laksh, Gundey Bhai, I am not lying , in the whole college campus, she troubles everyone. But don’t worry I am with you and so nothing will happen to you.( HE says this while walking towards the person with the gun)
He sees the goons getting confused and snatches the gun from his hand.
Laksh- Hahaha….now I have the gun
Goon1- Hahaha…there is no bullet in the gun.
Laksh gets schocked .
Laksh- But I still have the gun.
He throws the gun on one of the faces of those people. He then beats them.

Laksh to those goons- Actually the thing is that Laksh never give his things to others whether it is even my enemy. She is my enemy and so only I can trouble her.
Swara gets confused by his statement while the goons run away.
Laksh then comes towards Swara.
Laksh- You are such a big problem Swara, I can’t even peacefully ride on road becoz of you.
Swara- why are you calling me a problem?
Laksh- Coz everytime, I am with you, I have to face something.
Swara- Its not true.
Laksh- Its true.
Swara- Its not true.
Laksh- Its true.
Swara- Its not true.
Laksh- Its not true.
Swara- Its true.
Laksh- See I told you.
Swara realizes what she said and feels embarrassed while Laksh is continuously laughing .
She comes to hit him but loses her balance and falls on him, Laksh also loses the balance and they both fall on the ground.
(Laksh puts away the hair that was falling on her face and looks at her)
( They both continue looking at each other)
They soon come into senses.
Laksh- Get up Swara you are heavy.
Swara gets up and they both try not to maintain eye contact.

On the other side Avni keeps talking sweetly making Ragini laugh. Sanskar looks at her and smile.
Screen freezes on the faces of Ragsan and Swalak.

NEXT EPISODE- Swaragini meeting.

So guys, this was today’s episode. I am sorry if it is boring but I cant write anymore right now as I am feeling really weak, so if you liked it then please comment. Sory if you didn’t find much Ragsan scenes in this episode as I had to show love evolving between Swalak. There is going to be plenty of Ragsan and Swalak scenes dso don’t worry and continue reading and commenting.
Thank you.

Credit to: DC

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