Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 4)


Hello my friends, I am back with yet another episode of my ff. Thanx for all your love and support and also a sincere thanks to the silent readers too.
So lets start-
RECAP- Sumi asking Swara to go and bring Ragini to their home unknown by the fact that Ragini is her daughter. Laksh getting jealous and Swara telling Sanskar about his horoscope that soon he will be meeting someone who will change his life.

The episode begins at college where Swara , Laksh and other band members are practicing for a competition. Laksh is singing while Swara is playing guitar. Swara gets confused by his singing pattern and miss a beat and the song get stopped. Laksh gets angry.
Laksh- What the hell are you doing Swara, there is hardly one month left for the competition.
Swara- Excuse me Mr, you were singing out of beat, it wasn’t my fault.
Laksh- I wasn’t singing out of beat, you are putting the blame on me, God knows why you are in this band.
Swara- What do you mean haan, you are the group leader that doen’t mean you will say anything. I was playing the guitar and your singing confused me.
Laksh- You are always confused while practicing.
Swara- Coz you are always singing out of beat.
Laksh- Sut up.
Swara- You shut up.
One of the band member whose name is Kunal came to stop them.
Kunal- You both shut up. All the time fighting, half of our practice time is wasted because of your unnecessary fights. Just stop it guys.
Laksh and Swara stare at each other.
Laksh- OK lets starts again, and this time no confusion required.( He says the confusion part while looking to Swara)
Swara is still staring at him.

Scene then shifts at evening in Maheshwari Mansion where Sanskar is sitting in his room reading a novel. A little girl enters the room, without Sanskar knowing she put her hands on his eyes.
Girl- Guess who I am.
Sanskar smiles and touches her small fingers.
Sanskar- Hmmm…I haven’t seen these little fingers before. Sorry I don’t know who you are.
Girl releases her hand and come face to face with Sanskar.
Girl(angrily)- What Chachu, you forgot me so easily.
Sanskar laughs- How can I forget my jaan, I was just joking.
Girl- I don’t believe you.
Sanskar- Achcha sorry, but do you think that I can forget my Avni.
Avni makes a pout- No, I know you cannot forget me, but I am angry.
Sanskar- ok, so what should I do for you?
Avni- Take me out and buy me ice-cream.
Sanskar- You, Adarsh bhaiya and Bhabhi just returned from a trip and you still want to go out.
Avni- Yes, mummy papa have become old, but I am not old so I want to go out, plz na Chachu.
Sanskar- Hahaha, ok fine lets go.
Avni hugs her and they both leave.

Scene then shifts to railway station where Ragini is waiting.
Ragini- The train arrived half an hour ago and still no one had come to take me. I wish they are not having trouble finding me.
She tries to call Sumi ,whose no. was provided by the lady, but her phone battery was very low.
Ragini- What should I do, I can’t even call someone.
She thinks for some time and then decides to leave and go to Swara’s house on her own as she had the address with her. She then leaves.

She is walking on road as she didn’t find any taxi. At the other side of the road Sanskar is buying Ice-cream for Avni.
Sanskar- Here is your ice cream, now will you forgive me?
Avni- yes.
Sanskar smiles seeing her happy. He then gets a call from his friend
Sanskar- I am talking to my friend, promise me that you will not go anywhere.
Avni- Ok Chachu.
Avni is busy eating ice cream and playing with her doll which she is holding in her hand. Suddenly while playing with it, the doll flies from her hand and falls on road. Sanskar did not notice this.
Avni starts running on the road and a car is coming near her. Ragini who was also near that road, sees this and runs to stop that girl. The car was inches close to Avni when she screamed, but was saved by Ragini. Ragini got hurt by that car on her foot. Sanskar turned after listening the scream and saw her crying. He rushed towards Avni who was in Ragini’s embrace.
Sanskar- Avni are you fine beta?
Avni hugged him tight.
Avni- She saved me(She said this pointing towards Ragini)
Sanskar looked at her and got mesmerized by her beauty. Ragini was looking at Sanskar in anger.
Sanskar- Thanks a lot for saving….
Ragini- How much careless you are. Your daughter was about to meet with an accident and you were busy talking on phone. If you can’t take care of your children then why do you make them come in this world.(She is thinking that Avni is his daughter).
Sanskar- Listen you are misunderstanding me and she is….
Ragini- Yes first you commit mistakes and then say that people are misunderstanding you. Poor girl, if something would have happened to her then, don’t you know responsibilities of a parent.
Avni sees Sanskar getting nervous and then she speaks on his behalf.
Avni- Didi, you are really getting him wrong, he is not my father, he is my Chachu and he asked me to not go anywhere but my doll fell on the road so I went to take it away.
Ragini feels embarrassed and looks at Sanskar who is still looking at her.
Ragini- I am sorry, I thought that….
Sanskar- No plz don’t say sorry, I should say sorry that you got hurt. I am really sorry.
Ragini-No, it was my duty to save her. I said so much to you I am sorry.
Sanskar- No mistake was mine, I am sorry.
Avni who was looking at both of them said- Will you both stop this sorry business, I am tired.
Ragsan shys and looks at each other.
Ragini- Ok I should go, I’m getting late.
She forgot about her pain in leg and was about to go when she lose her balance. Sanskar holds her before she could fall. Both have an eye lock.
AJAB SI AJAB SI ADAEIN HAIN. plays in the background.
Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara being troubled by some goons and Laksh sees this.

So guys, this was today’s episode. You all were very excited for Ragsan meet , so plz give your comments below telling what you have to say about this episode. Thank you.

Credit to: DC

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  1. Awesome DC …..I have an request plz add more swalak scenes dear …..plz ….
    I love ur story line dear …..
    Update next asap ….keep smiling dear

    1. Dnt be selfish dolly,she givs equal importance to both pairs,ragsan fans also there na

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    1. Thank you for reading the ff…your comment made my day

  7. Superb dear..finally they met

  8. Excellent epi…….ragsan moments are very cute……I am eagerly waiting for next epi……

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