Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 3)

Hello my beautiful friends. Thanx for a wonderful response to my last episode.
So lets start-
RECAP- Swalak fight and Ragini agrees to go to Kolkata.
The lady then calls someone.
Lady- Hello Sumi, Ragini is ready to come. (YES THAT LADY IS TALKING TO SUMI). She will be coming by tomorrow’s train, at 6: pm.
Sumi smiles- Thats good and you dont worry about her we will take care of her.
Lady- I know Sumi, that you will but I’ve never sent Ragini anywhere so I’m a little worried.
Sumi- I can understand. I will treat her like my own daughter, even the name of my daughter was also Ragini. ( She gets upset thinking about her)
The lady senses this and tries to lighten her mood. They talk some more and then cut the phone.

Ragini is in her room packing stuff. She looks at a locket in which “R” is written.
FB is shown where when the the manager of the orphanage brought Ragini to their place. They started to ask her about their parents but she didn’t responded. All felt bad for her and decided to keep her in their orphanage. They saw the same locket in her neck. They thought to name her with the letter starting from R and coincidence, they named her Ragini……FB ends.
Ragini feels bad and thinks- I don’t even know my real name, my parents, no one. The people I knew these years will also be separated by me when I will go to Kolkata. Why is destiny playing so much with me…..will I ever be able to meet my family.
She cries.

Scene then shifts to Swara returning home when she sees two little girls who are actually sisters playing with each other. She gets upset thinking about Ragini.
Swara to herself- How lucky they are, they have their sister. And me, I don’t even remember my time spent with her, I don’t know where my sister is. I don’t even know that whether she is alive or….
She starts crying but controls herself and says- No…nothing would have happened to her I am sure that someday we will meet.
She then goes to her house.
Sumi greets her.
Sumi- Shona how was your school, beta?
Swara gives her a weak smile- As usual Maa.
Sumi- Are you fine beta.
Swara- Yes Maa I am fine actually I am little tired.
Sumi- I wan’t to tell you something. I have one of my friend working in the orphanage. She is sending one of the girls over here for studies. She will be with you in your room and college. Do you have any problem.
Swara- No Maa. I don’t have any problem you know that I love making friends.
Sumi- Ok, so you have to go tomorrow evening at railway station to bring Ragini home. Ok.
Swara gets shocked and teary eyed.
Swara- What did you say, Ragini?
Sumi- Yes that girl’s name is Ragini.
Swara- Oh and I thought that….
She gets upset and Sumi comes and hugs her. She consoles her.
Sumi- I know that you miss her, even I do but being sad is not the solution Shona. You always say that one day you will meet your sister, then how can you lose hope so easily. You are my brave girl, right?
Swara nods and hug her.
Sumi- So you have to go tomorrow at 8pm to bring Ragini.(sumi gets confused and tells Swara the wrong time)
Swara agrees.

At Maheshwari Mansion:
Laksh is talking to his friend Vikas on phone.
Vikas- So Lucky, I heard that you were standing outside of your class again today.
Laksh- All because of that Swara, God know that what is her problem. She interferes in my business. She is a Sir Dard.
Vikas- No yaar Lucky, infact she is beautifull, sweet and bubbly. She is the girl that a boy can ever imagine about.
Laksh doesn’t like this comment on Swara- Are you mad, she is crazy and bad. You really deserve someone better.
Vikas- Hey relax dude, I like someone else, why are you getting hyper, are you jealous?
Laksh feels embarrassed- Are you made Vikas, why would I be jealous, I am your friend and that is why I was guiding you. No one can bear that Chudail except me.
Vikas- Then you should marry her, as no one can bear you also except her.
Laksh- Shut up Vikas or else…
Vikas(laughs)- Ok sorry sorry … I shouldn’t have said that. Chalo bye…I need to go.
He cuts the phone and Laksh thinks about Vikas’s words.
Laksh- He is really stupid, I can never be a match with that Swara Gadodia. I hate her.

Sanskar gets a call from Swara.
Sanskar- Hey Swara, anything important.
Swara- Yes it is really an important thing, you know what’s written in your horoscope.
Sanskar- Oh God Swara, I have told you countless times that I’m not interested in your stupid horoscope. You know I don’t believe in all this.
Swara- But Sanskar, its written by a great astrologist Diya. Her astrology is never wrong. Please listen na.
Sanskar- You wont stop irritating me till I will listen, right.
Swara smiles- Right.
Sanskar- Ok say what is written.
Swara- It is written that soon you will meet someone that will change your life and that person will always be standing there for you…..Isn’t it great.
Sanskar- No, its not great, I am not going to meet anyone.
Swara- How can you tell your future.
Sanskar- Becoz I am better than your Astrologist Diya. Got it. Now cut the phone as I am completing some work. Talk to you later. Byee.
He cuts the phone.
Swara- Wait and watch Sanskar, I know that the astrology will be true.
Sanskar remembers the astrology and half laughs.
Sanskar- What nonsense, whom will I meet?

“Ragini”, the lady calls Ragini.
Ragini- I am coming.
Lady- Take care of yourself ok.
Ragini gets emotional and hugs her. Ragini- I will miss you.
Lady- I will miss you too my Laddo.
“We will miss you too Ragini di”, they both turn and see the children over there.
Ragini hugs them and tears escape her eyes.
She then leave. All wave at her.
NEXT EPISODE- Ragsan meeting.
So this was the episode for today guys, hope you liked it, if so then plz continue commenting as it gives me the strength to continue writing. Thanks.

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