Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ? (Episode 28 & 29)

So, writing the second last episode of this ff. So without any bak bak, lets start-

RECAP- Ragini comes to know about Aditya’s truth, Pooja tells Sanskar that nothing happened between them. Ragini slaps Aditya.

The episode begins with the shocked face of Aditya after Ragini’s slap.

Aditya- Ragini what…

He again gets slapped by her.

Ragini- You killed my Akka. ( She again slaps him.)
Aditya- Ragini listen to me….
Ragini- You lied about her from me. You are a murderer( She again slaps him)
Aditya- Ragini stop….
Ragini- And not only that, you even send those goons to molest my sister( She again slaps him) How could you stoop so low Aditya. I thought you were my friend but you are even worst than an enemy.
Ragini- You snatched my Akka, you did so bad with my sister. Why did you do this.

She again raised her hand to hit him but he stops her hand getting angry. He twists her hand and turns her around.

Aditya- Enough Ragini. Its enough. How could you slap me, haan? ( He presses her hand even more and she winces in pain)
Ragini- Aditya leave me.
Aditya- Why, is it hurting? You started slapping me without even listening to me. You have been hurting me from so long being with that Sanskar. Don’t you think that you also deserve some pain too.

He again turns her and makes her face him.
Ragini- What are you saying Aditya? Why did you do all this.
Aditya- I did all this because of you Ragini. Because I love you damn it.

Ragini opens her mouth in shock.

Aditya- I fell for you the day I laid eyes on you. I always wanted to get you. And when you went away to Kolkata, your Akka was not ready to tell me anything about you, she said that I was not right for you so I had to kill her. And your sweet sister Swara, she was also coming in our way so I send some goons to molest her. All that was done just for you Ragini because I love you so much.

Ragini was still shocked looking at him.
Aditya- What? You are not believing me right? Come with me.

He holds her hand and starts dragging her to his room and shows Ragini, her pictures on the wall.

Aditya- Just look at them Ragini, my room is just covered with your pictures because I love you. Now do you believe me?
Ragini watches everything and gets tensed. She looks at Aditya with fear on her face.

Aditya pins her to the wall and looks at her while Ragini struggles to free herself from him.

Ragini- Aditya please get away. Just don’t come near me.
Aditya- Why Ragini, still you can’t see my love for you. I love you more than anyone. More than that Sanskar. I can’t lose you Ragini, you are just mine, just mine.
Ragini- No, I’m not yours. I was never yours. I never loved you and I will never love you too. I thought that you are my friend but now I just hate you. Did you listen Aditya, I hate you, I just hate you.
Aditya- You are lying Ragini. Because you are just mine. Not anyone’s else.

He leans closer to her but she pushes him.
Ragini- Don’t even dare to come near me. Don’t ever try to touch me. What do you think, after whatever you did with my loved ones I will love you, never. It will never happen. I can never love you because I love Sanskar. Did you get that.
Aditya- Don’t say his name from your mouth Ragini. Don’t forget that he betrayed you.
Ragini- Don’t interfere in our matter. Whatever he did with me, he is getting the punishment but you will not say anything about him.

Her phone starts to ring which is a call from Sanskar. Ragini starts to pick the call when Aditya snatches the phone from her hand and picks the call himself.

Sanskar- Thank god Ragini, you finally picked the phone. Are you fine?
Aditya- Yes, she is absolutely fine with me.

Sanskar gets shocked hearing his voice.
Sanskar- Aditya, where is she?
Aditya- I said na Sanskar that she is perfectly fine. And if you are so eager to meet her then come near the cliff area as soon as you can. It will be decided there only that with whom Ragini will go.

Ragini gets scared hearing this. Aditya cuts the call and takes out a gun. He holds her arm tightly and starts dragging her towards his car and forcefully makes sit in the car.

On the other side, Sanskar, Swalak and Pooja goes towards the cliff area.

Aditya and Ragini reach there.
Aditya- You love him a lot na. So what will you do when your love will be killed infront of you. You will have to accept me then.
Ragini- No Aditya…please don’t do anything to him please.
Aditya- No Ragini, today everything needs to be over and so he have to die.

Ragini collapses on ground and cries miserably hearing this. After sometime Sanskar’s car also comes there with everyone.

He sees Ragini and stops the car. Swara comes out and runs towards Ragini and hugs her. Ragini cries hugging her back.

Sanskar also starts to move towards her but Aditya stands in his way.
Aditya- Not so easily Sanskar, first you need to greet me before going to her.
Sanskar- I won’t leave you Aditya. How could you……
Aditya- How could I……I came in her life before you, I started loving her before you so you only tell that who is coming between whom.
Sanskar- No, you never loved her. Because no one stoops this low in love. Love makes people a good person, not a criminal like you. If you would have really loved her then you would have wanted to see her happy with someone she loves but see what you are doing. If you would have loved her then you would have never tried to kill her Akka.

Ragini hears this and feels bad.

Aditya angrily starts to hit him when Laksh comes and holds his hand.

Laksh- Don’t think that he is alone. I am with him. But look at yourself Aditya, no one is with you, no one.

Laksh jerks his hand and slaps him. Sanskar also punches in his stomach and he falls on the ground. The gun Aditya was holding also slips from his hand. He tries to pick it but Laksh kicks the gun away. Aditya gets up and beats Laksh badly.

Swara screams his name and gets scared. Sanskar stops Aditya’s hand and asks Laksh to get away. Aditya even beats Sanskar. They both indulge in a serious fight and Ragini gets tensed. They both were near the cliff trying to maintain their balance and fighting with each other. Aditya holds Sanskar’s neck and starts pressing it.

Ragini gets scared and sees the gun lying on the ground. She picks it up and points towards Aditya.

Ragini- Aditya, just leave him or else I will shoot.
Swara- No Ragini, please don’t commit a sin by killing someone.
Ragini- No Swara, its important to kill him. Aditya I said na that leave him or else I will really shoot.

Aditya was too angry to listen anything. He kept fighting with him. Both were equally injured.

Ragini aims towards him. She puts her fingers on the trigger and started to shoot when they all hear another bullet’s sound. They all notice that the bullet directly hit Aditya on his heart, he falls from the cliff while Sanskar moves away from him. They turn back and saw Pooja holding the gun. Everyone gets shocked.

Ragini- Pooja you?
Pooja- Yes Ragini, I didn’t wanted you to dirty your hands with his blood but it was important to stop him also so I shot him. I also had to pay for my mistakes so I had to do this.
Laksh- Well done Pooja…..he deserved to be dead.

Police also arrives there.
Swara- I called you inspector.

Pooja surrenders herself and the police arrest her. Before sitting in the van Pooja looks at Ragini and stops.

Pooja- I’m sorry Ragini, I lied to you. Nothing happened between Sanskar and me that night.

Ragini gets shocked hearing this.

Pooja- I wanted Sanskar. But he only loved you. He never even looked at me. This all made me do everything. It was all my and Aditya’s plan to separate you. This time believe me, really nothing happened between us. Sanskar just believed what I said to him that day. Sanskar really only loves you Ragini. He can’t even touch another girl in his dreams also. Please forgive him.

Pooja leaves with the police. Ragini looks at Sanskar with guilt in her eyes.

Sanskar- I think we should go back now.

Swalak nods and Ragini follows them.
Laksh- Sanskar, you sit at the backseat and relax. I will drive.
Sanskar nods.

Swara gets and idea and shares it with Laksh. They both smile looking at Ragsan sitting at the backseat. They both were looking outside the window without talking to each other.

Laksh starts driving the car and after some time stops the car in front of the same place where Sanskar proposed Ragini for marriage. Ragsan looks at each other with confusion.

Sanskar- Laksh, why did you stopped the car here?
Laksh- Vo actually bhai, Swara and I have some personal work so till we finish the work you both have to wait here.
Swara- Yes, don’t worry we will be back soon.

Ragsan comes out of the car and Swalak drive away.

Ragini was feeling too guilty to even talk to him so she just went near the lake and started looking towards it. Sanskar thought that she was still angry from him so he also remained silent. Both were very quiet.

Some time passed by and they were still not talking to each other. Ragini reminisces Sanskar proposing her and cries silently. Sanskar doesn’t notice her tears as she was facing towards the lake. He was getting restless because of the silence. He came near her and tried to talk.

Sanskar- Ragini, why don’t you sit. You must be tired na.

Ragini finally turns around and Sanskar notice tears in her eyes. He gets concerned.

Sanskar- Ragini, now what happened?

She starts crying even more and hugs him.


Sanskar gets happy also hugs her tight and shuts his eyes. Ragini continues crying.


Sanskar caresses her hair and she shuts her eyes feeling relieved. After few minutes they break the hug and looks at each other. Sanskar wipes her tears.

Ragini- I’m very bad Sanskar. I didn’t trusted you I’m really sorry.
Sanskar- Shhh….Its not your fault. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have drink that day.
Ragini- No, its all my fault. I didn’t listened to you. Please don’t say sorry, I’m sorry.
Sanskar- No Ragini, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have believed whatever Pooja said.
Ragini- Sanskar, why are you making me feel more guilty by saying sorry. I was not ready to listen to you. I’m sorry.
Sanskar- Ok fine, now no more sorry. Just forget everything now.
Ragini- No, I really need to apologize to you. How could I be so foolish, this whole week I kept ignoring you like an idiot. I didn’t believed you Sanskar. I’m really bad.
Sanskar- Ragini listen…..
Ragini- First let me complete. I was not even able to understand the true face of Aditya. You and Swara kept telling me not to go to him but I was too angry to listen anything. You love me so much and what did I do, I just kept fighting with you like a kid.
Sanskar- Ok now listen to me……….
Ragini- No, you listen to me. I messed up everything. You should scold me too like I scolded you so much.
Sanskar- Why will I scold you….I was just….
Ragini- Sanskar you should scold me. Even not only you, Swara, Laksh everyone should scold me for my stupid acts. I can’t believe that I hurt you so much I am really…….

Before she could complete her sentence, Sanskar places his lips on hers making her quiet. Ragini’s eyes got wide with the sudden act while Sanskar’s eyes were closed. He pulled her more close to him and started kissing her slowly. Later Ragini also shuts her eyes and put her arms around his neck and started kissing him back. Sanskar’s grip tightens on her waist. Slowly their soft kiss turns into a passionate one. Later they depart due to lack of oxygen. They join their heads and start breathing heavily.

Sanskar- I love you Ragini.
Ragini- I love you too Sanskar. I love you a lot.
Sanskar- Can I ask you something?
Ragini- What?
Sanskar- Do you want to wear the ring again?

Ragini looks at him and nods smilingly. Sanskar takes out the ring and makes her wear it.
Sanskar- Now you will not return it, right?
Ragini- Never.

Screen freezes on their smiling faces.

On the other side Laksh was driving the car and Swara was sitting next to him.

Swara- Now finally everything is solved. I’m sure that till now Ragini and Sanskar must have cleared everything between them. Now nothing seems bad.

Laksh doesn’t respond and continues driving with a serious expression on his face. Swara notice this and gets tensed.

Swara- Laksh, why are you not replying?

He stops the car and comes out from it. Swara follows him.
Swara- Laksh, I’m talking to you.What happened?
Laksh- You rejected me because of Aditya’s stupid warning. That’s not fair.
Swara- But I did that for you. Because I didn’t wanted to lose you na.
Laksh- So for that you made me wait so much and in between I started thinking that you don’t love me.
Swara- I really love you Laksh, trust me.

He again ignores her and looks to the other direction. Swara holds her ears like a kid and looks at him apologetically.
Swara- I’m sorry na. I know that I made you wait a lot. Please forgive me for that na. ( She says while making a pout)

Laksh saw her cute innocent face and was about to laugh but controls himself and again made a serious face.
Laksh- No, I won’t forgive you.
Swara- Sorry na. Please please Laksh. Forgive me na.
Laksh- Ok, I will forgive you but on one condition.
Swara- All conditions accepted. I’m ready to do anything.
Laksh- Are you sure? I can ask for anything?
Swara- I’m ready to give you anything. Tell na, what do you want?
Laksh- A kiss.

Swara’s cheek become red and she shys.
Laksh- So, will I get what I want?
Swara- Ummm…vo ….I think we should go back to Ragini and Sanskar. Its already late.

She starts to go back to the car but Laksh holds her hand and pulls her towards him.


Laksh puts the lock of her hair falling on her face away and caresses her face. They both share an intense eye lock.


Laksh leans closer to her and she shuts her eyes. Slowly Laksh places his rough lips on her soft lips and start kissing her. Swara was running her fingers in his hair. They both were completely lost in each other and continued kissing till they both were out of breath. Swara rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Laksh also hugs her tight.

Screen freezes on their face.

NEXT EPISODE- Swalak and Ragsan’s wedding.

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