Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 27) MAHAEPISODE

Hello friends. Back with another Mahaepisode of this ff. After this only two episodes will remain so after finishing this ff completely I will continue with my two broken souls ff.
So lets start-

RECAP- Swalak’s love confession. Ragsan’s fight.

1 week passes away. Sanskar continued trying to talk to Ragini but she always ignored him. Swalak were also worried for them. On the other side, somewhere seeing Ragsan in this state, Pooja felt bad too. One day in college Swara was walking in the corridor when Sanskar stops her. Swara was angry with him because of his act so she tried to ignore him.

Sanskar- Swara please, now atleast you don’t start ignoring me.
Swara- Why wouldn’t I Sanskar? Do you think that after whatever you did, I will forgive you.
Sanskar- Swara try to understand. I am extremely sorry for my act and I just want to apologize to Ragini. You know I love her na.
Swara- That is the thing. If you love her then why did you do this. Do you know how much she is hurt. She doesn’t talk much, doesn’t eat much, doesn’t sleep much. Since this whole week I haven’t even seen a fake smile on her face. You completely broke her Sanskar.

Sanskar feels bad and guilty hearing about her condition. He walks away without saying a word. Swara stands there looking at him going. Laksh also comes there.

Laksh- Swara, Sanky is really guilty for everything. Please trust him.
Swara- I want to trust him Laksh, but what about Ragini. I can’t see her like this.

She starts to cry and Laksh hugs her by the side. He consoles her.

Swara- I don’t know why but it feels as if something terrible is going to happen.
Laksh- No, nothing will happen. Everything will be fine. Trust me. I’m there na so just relax.
He kisses her on forehead and hugs her.

On the other side, Ragini came out from her class when she gets a call from Aditya.
Ragini- Yes Aditya.
Aditya- After college, can you come to my house?
Ragini- But why?
Aditya- There is something important I need to talk about.
Ragini- Aditya, can I come someday later. I am busy right now.
Aditya- Please Ragini. I want to tell you something. It won’t take much time.
Ragini- But…..
Aditya- No buts. You have to come.Ok?
Ragini- Ok fine. I will come.
Aditya- Thanks. Bye and please come fast.
Ragini- Ok.

She cuts the call.
Aditya thinks- Today I will tell her about my feelings. I will make her believe that Sanskar was never a good choice for her. I will win her heart at any cost today.

Sanskar hears Ragini’s convo with Aditya and goes towards her.

Sanskar- Ragini, listen to me once.

She starts to leave but Sanskar pins her to the wall.

Sanskar- You have been ignoring me continuously this whole week. Its soo much now. I want to talk to you.
Ragini- Sanskar just leave me. I have no interest in talking to you.
Sanskar- Ragini what is wrong with you. Why are you doing this to yourself? It was all my fault then why are you punishing yourself by not eating and sleeping properly. Do you even know how much its hurting me. Please stop doing this to yourself.
Ragini- I have to punish myself for loving you. That is what I deserve. Got your answer.Now leave me.
Sanskar- First listen to me.
Ragini- What?
Sanskar- You are going to meet Aditya?
Ragini- Its none of your business.
Sanskar- Just answer me Ragini, are you going to meet him?
Ragini- Yes. So what?
Sanskar- Ragini please don’t go to him. Trust me he is not good.
Ragini- Don’t talk about trust from your mouth. Aditya is my friend and so I will go to meet him. And I’m sure, whatever he is good or bad, he is surely better than you.

She pushes him aside and goes away. Pooja sees all this from a distance and feels guilty. Sanskar also notice her and stares at her angrily.

Pooja- Sanskar, just listen….
Sanskar- What Pooja, is there still something left? If you are thinking that after Ragini you will take her place then you are completely wrong. You won’t be able to do it ever. I love her and only her. Now go away as you have already ruined everything.

He leaves from there angrily while a tear escape her eyes. She calls Aditya.
Aditya- Well done Pooja. First time I’m happy with your work. Now today I will tell Ragini about my feelings. I will do everything which will make her slowly and slowly forget about Sanskar. Now you can also be with your Sanskar.
Pooja- Do you think its right?
Aditya- What do you mean?
Pooja- Sanskar really loves her and she also do. I will never be able to make a place in his heart. I think that we should…..
Aditya(angry tone)- Don’t even think of doing something stupid. After a long wait, I will get Ragini. I can’t afford losing her at any cost so just keep the things going the way they are. Got it?
Pooja- Ok.

Sanskar was worried by the fact that Ragini will be going to meet Aditya. He then sees Swara and goes to her.

Sanskar- Swara, stop Ragini from going to Aditya.

Swara gets scared listening his name.
Swara- What do you mean?
Sanskar- Ragini is going to meet Aditya after college. Please stop her.
Swara- But why is she going to Aditya?
Sanskar- I don’t know anything. She is not ready to listen to me but you can stop her. So please go.
Swara nods and leaves.

She goes to Ragini.
Swara- Ragini, why are you going to meet Aditya?
Ragini- Oh….so Sanskar had sent you here. What is the problem if I will go and meet him. He wants to talk about something important.
Swara- Ragini, please stay away from Aditya. He is not good for you.
Ragini- What is wrong with you all? What has Aditya done. I know that he is rude with you all but he is my friend from a long time. I should go and meet him.
Swara- Ragini, if everyone is saying bad about Aditya then there must be a reason na. Please try to understand.
Ragini- Swara….why are you getting so worried, its not like I am going to meet him for the first time. Is everything fine?

Swara remembers Aditya’s warning to not tell anything about him to Ragin. She closes her eyes in frustration.

Swara- Fine…you want to go and meet him then go. But then don’t say that we didn’t warn you. Again I’m telling you Ragini, its better not to go there, else its your choice.

She leaves while Ragini is confused by her words.

Later Ragini comes to Aditya’s home. He greets her happily but she just stand there with a dull face.

Aditya- Ragini, everything is fine?
Ragini- Yes.
Aditya- It doesn’t feel like. Tell me if something is wrong, I’m there for you na.

She starts crying and Aditya holds her.
Aditya- Ragini, why are you crying, what happened?
Ragini- I hate him. I just hate Sanskar. He cheated on me. I hate him.
Aditya- I always knew that he is not good for you. But don’t worry Ragini, I’m there na.

She hugs him listening this. He gets happy.
Ragini- I know that you are there for me. I trust you.
Aditya- I wanted to tell you something.
Ragini- What?
Aditya- I love you Ragini. I never saw any girl like the way I see you. Trust me Ragini I love you a lot. And I will never betray you like Sanskar. I promise.

Ragini looks at him with tears in her eyes and hugs him again.
Ragini- I love you too Aditya. I was wrong. Now I realized that I never loved Sanskar. I love you and only you.

Aditya kisses her on forehead and she smiles.

This all turns out be Aditya’s imagination. He comes out of his dream world and looks at the clock.
Aditya to himself- When will you come Ragini, I can’t wait to tell you my feelings, I can’t wait to make you mine. Come fast na Ragini.

On the other side, Ragini was coming to Aditya’s home when she gets a call from the orphanage. She picks it.
Ragini- Hello, haan kaka, what happened?
Kaka- Ragini, have you met Aditya after you came to Kolkata?
Ragini- Yes Kaka, many times but why are you asking this.
Kaka- Your Akka…..before she was killed, the last person with her was Aditya, even his bracelet was also found near the crime scene. Police have a strong doubt on him.

Ragini gets shocked hearing this.
Ragini- But, why didn’t you tell me before.
Kaka- You know na beta, here police was not ready to take the case first. After such a long time they started researching and found this evidences. I called you to confirm whether he is in Kolkata or not. This will help the police to catch him.

He cuts the phone while Ragini is hell shocked.
Ragini thinks- When I talked to Aditya about Akka, he said that he didn’t met her from a long time then why is the police saying that he was the last person before her murder. And Aditya’s bracelet was also there. What is this happening? Did Aditya really…..

Her thoughts get disturbed because a person collides with her. He was the same person who was one of those people who were trying to molest Ragini. Ragini gets shocked seeing him and he gets scared seeing her.

Goon- I….I am sorry. We didn’t came to molest you. We…we are sorry…please don’t tell boss about this.

Ragini was confused that he was apologizing to her.

Ragini- who…who is your boss?
Goon- You….you don’t know him?

Ragini- Of course I know him. I just want to confirm about him. Tell me his name or else I will go to him and complain about.
Goon- No….please, we are talking about Aditya Singhania. He gave us money to molest someone named Swara, not you please leave us, please.

Ragini was now more shocked hearing about her sister’s molestation plan. That goon also ran away. Now everything was echoing in Ragini’s head about her Akka’s murderer. What Sanskar and Swara warned to not go and meet him and now this goon’s words. She was sweating after realizing everything. She storms angrily towards his house.

On the other side-
Swara came to the Maheshwari Mansion. There she met Laksh and told him everything about Aditya’s warning.

Laksh- What? Swara are you mad. So much happened and you never told us and you let Ragini go to meet him. If something happens to Ragini then what will we do.
Swara- I don’t know Laksh. He said that he won’t leave you if I tell this to anyone. I was left with no option but now I cant tolerate it anymore. We have to do something before it gets too late. Please Laksh, please, I don’t want anything to happen to my sister.
Laksh- Shh…calm down, nothing will happen to anyone. We will solve everything, ok. You first relax.

They both hear doorbell and opens the door and gets shocked to see the person standing outside.
After few minutes Sanskar hears a knock on his door and opens it. He fumes in anger seeing Pooja standing outside.

Sanskar- How dare you come here. Just get lost Pooja before I do something extremely bad. Just leave.
Pooja- sanskar please listen to me. Just for one.
Sanskar- Don’t you get it in one go. I said that just leave before I lose control on my anger. Don’t you have even little shame left in you. After so much happened, how come you are still here?
Pooja- Sanskar, nothing happened between us.

He freezes listening to her.
Sanskar- What do you mean?
Pooja- Nothing happened between us that night Sanskar. Yes, I tried to make you mine but you didn’t took any action. You were so drunk still only Ragini, Ragini and Ragini, that’s all you were speaking. I got irritated with your behavior and decided to make this false story. I just slept next to you and made you feel as if something happened between us and because you didn’t remembered anything, you believed everything which I said.

Sanskar takes a sigh of relief listening this but this time he gets even more angry.

Sanskar- How could you do this? What was the need to play such a game.
Pooja- Because I wanted you Sanskar, I wanted to snatch you from Ragini but today I’ve realized that place in someone’s heart cannot be made by playing this games. I’m sorry for everything Sanskar but you have to believe me right now.
Sanskar- What is left to believe?
Pooja- Ragini is in trouble. She has gone to meet Aditya and he can do anything.

Just then Laksh and Swara also come there.
Laksh- She is right Sanskar, Aditya is behind everything.

He then tells him everything and Sanskar gets shocked.
Swara- We have to do something before it is too late.

On the other side, Ragini enters Aditya’s house in anger. Aditya smiles seeing her.

She stares at him while Aditya comes towards her.

Aditya- Finally Ragini….finally you came. I was waiting for……

He gets a tight slap on his face by Ragini before he could continue his sentence. He stares at her with shock.

Screen freezes on his shocked face.

NEXT EPISODE- Things back to normal.

Hope you all liked it. Continue commenting.
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