Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 26) MAHAEPISODE

Dear RAGSAN fans….there is a request. Please don’t bash me, throw chappals and tomatoes on me after reading this episode.
So lets start-

RECAP- Swara tries to ignore Laksh while he continues asking her about the problem. Sanskar proposes Ragini for marriage, she agrees. Ishita and Manthaj invite Swalak and Ragsan to their reception.

The episode starts with Swaragini and Sanlak coming to the reception of Ishithaj (Ishita- Manthaj). The reception was happening in a big hotel. They all congratulated Ishithaj. Pooja also comes there as she was also invited. She goes and stands near Sanskar but he leaves and stands next to Ragini.

Pooja thinks- Try to go away from me Sanskar, but you both can’t even think what will happen tonight.

Laksh also continues teasing Swara.
Laksh- You are looking beautiful.
Swara- Laksh just leave me alone.
Laksh- Listen Swara, ask to me do anything but don’t ask me to leave you.
Swara- Ok, then I will leave.

She starts to go when Laksh starts singing-


(Swara turns around and sees him singing. All the guests start noticing them too. Ragsan smiles seeing this)


(He goes towards Swara and starts dancing with her. She tries to go but he was not leaving her. Everyone smiles seeing their chemistry)


(Swara walks away and he follows her and continue teasing her. She goes and stands next to one of her friends)


(Laksh comes near her but this time starts dancing with her friend ignoring her in a funny manner)


(He continues dancing with her making Swara jealous. )


(He brings Ishithaj and Ragsan also on the dance floor. They all start dancing. Pooja fumes in anger seeing Ragsan dancing together)

The dance continues while Sanskar goes to have a juice for himself. Pooja mixes alcohol in his drink. He drinks it and starts to feel dizzy. His heads starts to spin and things become blur for some time. Slowly things starts to get clearer in his view but he was not in his senses as the alcohol had started showing its effects. He looks towards the people dancing, Ragini was also there. He smiles seeing her and comes near her. He holds her hands and take her to an empty side of the place. Ragini feels something strange in his behavior but still goes with him.

On the other hand Swara gets a message from Laksh. In the message, Laksh wrote to meet him on the terrace of the hotel. Swara went there and saw Laksh waiting for her.

Swara- Laksh, why did you called me here?
Laksh- Now it is too much Swara. Just tell me what is the matter.
Swara- Laksh, just stop it. I’m tired of telling you that nothing actually happened.
Laksh- Swara, if today you don’t tell me then I will jump from this hotel’s terrace.
Swara- Stop this nonsense Laksh and just come down.
Laksh- No, first tell me, do you love me?
Swara- No, I don’t love you….heard me.
Laksh- Say the truth Swara.
Swara- I am saying the truth, I don’t love you.
Laksh- I think that you are taking me casually. I will really jump off this hotel.
Swara- Ok then, do whatever you want to do, if you want to jump then go on.
Laksh- I am serious Swara.
Swara- Even I am serious, do whatever you want to.

She turns around and starts to leave when she hears a sound of someone falling. Her heart stops beating for a moment. She turns around and finds Laksh to be nowhere. She screams his name and runs towards the ceiling and looks down but it was too dark for her to see anything.

Swara- Laksh, where are you. Laksh I was just joking, why did you jump. Where are you Laksh. Please come back.

She gets silence as her reply.
She starts crying badly screaming his name.
Swara- Laksh, are you listening to me. Please come back, I can’t live without you. Please I beg you to come back. I love you Laksh, I really love you, please come back.

Laksh- I love you too.
Swara gets shocked hearing his voice and turns around and finds him looking at her. She runs towards him and hugs him tight.
Swara- You….you are fine na. Nothing happened to you.
Laksh- No, nothing happened to me.

Swara gets angry on him and starts slapping his chest.
Swara- Are you mad…..why did you do this. I will not forgive you for this, ever. (She continues hitting him)
Laksh- I’m sorry but I was left with no other option so I had to do this.

She again hugs him.
Swara- Never do this again Laksh. My heartbeat stopped. If something would have happened to you then I would have died as well.
Laksh- Shh…don’t say that. I’m fine.
Swara- I love you
Laksh- I love you too.

On the other side-

Ragini- Sanskar, what happened to you? Why have you brought me here?

He kept looking at her lovingly. He comes closer to her but his legs tremble a little. Ragini senses this.

Ragini- Sanskar, don’t tell me you are drunk.
Sanskar- I don’t know maybe I’m drunk.
Ragini- But why did you drink. It is bad.

Sanskar puts his finger on her lips.

Sanskar- Sometimes you speak a lot. Just calm down. I want to spend some time with you so brought you here.
Ragini- But you are not in your senses.
Sanskar- No, I am fully in my senses.
Ragini- Sanskar come lets go.

She start to take him but he pulls her closer towards him. He starts to reduce distance between them by coming more close. Ragini gets little nervous and shys. She tries to push him away lightly but her hand slips and she slaps him mistakenly. Sanskar who was already not much in his senses, stares at her in disbelief. Ragini was also shocked with her act.

Ragini- Sorry Sanskar, I didn’t meant to……

Before she could complete her sentence Sanskar leaves from there angrily. She again tries to stop him but he ignores her.

Pooja sees this and smirks.
Pooja thinks- Just as I thought. Everything is working completely fine. But don’t worry Ragini as the movie has just started. You can’t even imagine how this night will pass on.

Ragini- Sanskar, I said na I am sorry. I really didn’t mean to do that.
Sanskar- Ragini just leave. I don’t want to talk to you so just leave.
Ragini- But Sanskar…
Sanskar- Just leave Ragini….leave me alone for some time.
Ragini- Sanskar please try to understand, you are not even in your senses. Please just listen me once.

Sanskar does not listen anything and leaves. He keeps ignoring her throughout the party.
Later Swaragini starts to leave. Ragini again tries to talk to him but in vain. They leave.
Laksh also comes towards Sanskar.
Laksh- Sanky, I think that we should also leave now.
Sanskar- You go, I will come later.
Laksh- What? Why will you come later.
Sanskar- Lucky I said na that I will come later. You go.
Laksh- Are you sure?
Sanskar nods. Laksh leaves from there. Sanskar then orders wine and starts drinking it. He was now feeling guilty for saying all this to Ragini. He starts to leave from there but falls due to the dizziness and Pooja holds him.

Pooja- Sanskar, what happened to you?
Sanskar- Nothing….I just….I just want to talk to Ragini.
Pooja- But Ragini has gone.
Sanskar- I know. I will go and meet her.
Pooja- Just look at your condition, you can’t even walk straight.
Sanskar- Pooja leave me. I will go.
Pooja- Sanskar, I think you should rest right now. Come with me.

She makes him stand and takes him to one of the hotel room. That room was decorated with roses and candles.

Sanskar- Why is it decorated so much.
Pooja- Because it is our…I mean your room. You should just rest here.

She makes him sit on the bed and then sits next to him. She removes her coat exposing her body a little.

Pooja- Ragini is really bad. You asked her to leave and she just left. She should have stayed with you. But don’t worry, I am there for you, always.

She starts to run her finger on his face seductively. Sanskar looks at her.

Screen blacks out.

Next day in college. Ragini was searching for Sanskar but couldn’t find him anywhere. Just then Pooja comes towards her with a big smile on her face.

Pooja- Hello Ragini, whom are you searching for? Sanskar?
Ragini nods.
Pooja- He must be home. After yesterday’s night, he must be tired na.
Ragini- What do you mean?
Pooja- I mean to say that what he wanted from you, you didn’t gave him and instead of that you just slapped him. But the thing he wanted from you, finally I gave him.

Ragini gets shocked hearing this.
Ragini- Stop lying Pooja. Don’t stoop so low. Do you even know what you are saying?
Pooja- Of course Ragini, I know what I’m saying. Yesterday, when you went away, I was the one left with Sanskar. And forget Ragini, he is a men and he was drunk also, so he couldn’t control.
Ragini- No…..Sanskar cannot do this. I know that he was angry with me but he cannot do this.
Pooja- Think whatever you want to think Ragini. But the truth won’t change.

Ragini runs from there and sees Laksh talking to his friends. Laksh also notice her and comes towards her.
Laksh- Ragini, I was looking for you only. Did something happened between you and Sanky yesterday.
Ragini- Yes…..Laksh please tell me that where is Sanskar.
Laksh- He didn’t came to college today. Infact he didn’t even came to home last night. And today morning when he returned, he said that he was not in a mood to attend college as he was tired and somehow looking very dull.

Ragini’s heart started to sink listening to everything. She tried hard to control her tears and ran away. Laksh continue looking at her in confused manner.

Later Ragini reaches to his house. Laksh tells her that Sanskar is in his room. Ragini goes there and knocks on the door. Sanskar thinks that she is Laksh and says that the door is open. Ragini comes in. She enters and sees Sanskar sitting on the edge of his bed holding his head. Sanskar also sees her and stands in shock.

Sanskar- Ra…Ragini, you here?

Without saying anything, Ragini hugs him tight but Sanskar just stands there like a statue without hugging her back.
Ragini- I’m sorry Sanskar. I really didn’t wanted to slap you, it just happened accidently. I am really sorry, I was just a bit nervous at that time so….

She then breaks the hug and looks at him. Sanskar was looking down avoiding eye contact.

Ragini- And do you know what rubbish Pooja was saying.

Sanskar closes his fist and shuts his eyes in frustration listening her name. Expression of guilt was very visible on his face.

Ragini- She was saying that you both were together last night. That’s not true right? I don’t know what is wrong with her as I know that you can’t do that, right.

Sanskar just stood there without responding.

Ragini- Sanskar I am talking to you. Please listen na. Why are you not replying. You are scaring me now. Tell na, nothing happened between you both?

Sanskar- I’m sorry Ragini.

Ragini’s heart stopped beating for that moment. She stares at him expressionless.

Sanskar- Whatever she said is the truth. We were together last night and we…..

Ragini felt shattered. She became numb after hearing this.

Sanskar- I don’t know myself that how could I do this. Trust me Ragini, I myself don’t know how this happened.

Ragini- Sanskar, you are lying right. You….you cant do this with me. Just day before yesterday you proposed me for marriage so how could you…..
Sanskar- I’m sorry Ragini. (he says with tears in his eyes) I was drunk and…..

Before he could complete his sentence, she breaks down into tears. Sanskar puts his hand on her shoulder but she jerks him away.

Ragini- Don’t even dare to touch me. I was foolish to believe you. Its all my fault. I should have trusted you Sanskar. You….how could you do this with me. I hate you and I will never forgive you for this.

She leaves from there, Sanskar tries to stop her but in vain. He stood there helplessly when Ragini again came. He got happy to see her.

Sanskar- Ragini…
Ragini- I forgot to return this( She says while putting the ring on his hand). Now everything is over.

She leaves from there while Sanskar continues continues looking at her with tears in his eyes.

NEXT EPISODE- Ragini comes to know about Aditya’s truth.

So, Ragsan fans, please trust me, have faith in me, everything will be under control soon so please don’t bash me with your comments. Thank you.

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