Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 25)


Hello friends. Sorry sorry for such a late update. Actually I tried to update it before also but tu didn’t submitted my post so I got late. Also I have written another ff named Ragsan- Two Broken Souls so please go and read it too. Thanks.
RECAP- Pooja is Aditya’s sister. Swara rejects Laksh.

The episode starts with Swara crying sitting on the road. She reminisces a flashback.

FB starts-
Swara was coming towards the park when a car stops in front of her with a jerk. She gets a bit scared. Two people come out of the car and forcefully make her sit in the car. She screams for help but no one listens. The car then drove away. They reach a dark place where they take out Swara from the car. She was still trying to get out of their hold and was still screaming. The two of them push her and she falls on the ground.

Swara- Who the hell are you both? What have I done? Why have you brought me here?

“I will tell you”, a voice comes from the other side. Swara turns towards the direction of the voice and is shocked to see Aditya standing there.

Swara- You!!! What the hell is wrong with you. Why have you brought me here?

Aditya- Seems like you were going to meet someone, right?
Swara- That is none of your business.
Aditya- No, it is my business. Everything that is happening with you all is my business, as I’m the one behind it.

Swara gets shocked and confused by his words.
Swara- What do you mean?
Aditya- Swara remember, some days ago Laksh was badly beaten by some goons.
Swara- How do you know that?
Aditya- Because I send those goons. Not only them, the once who kidnapped Ragini some time ago were also sent by me.
Swara’s eyes open wide in shock. She becomes numb for a moment.
Swara- But you said that you love her so how could you…..
Aditya- That is what went wrong. Actually those goons were sent to molest you Swara. But instead of you Ragini was to become the victim.
Swara- Why did you do all this?
Aditya- Because you were coming between me and Ragini. What did you said, you will never let me come near her. So how can you get your love when I can’t get mine.
Swara- I knew that you were bad but never thought that you could stoop so low.
Aditya- Whatever you think, I don’t care. I just wanted to say that you will not tell Laksh about your feelings or about our talk.
Swara- I won’t do this.
Aditya- If you want to see him alive then you have to do that. Because just thing that if I can send goons to beat him then I have no problem in killing him too.

Swara gets shocked and scared hearing this.

Swara- Listen, you won’t do anything like that otherwise I will tell Ragini and everyone about this.
Aditya- Don’t even dare to tell her anything. And you have to do as I say if you want Laksh to stay alive.
Swara- Why are you doing this with us?
Aditya- That is your punishment for coming between me and Ragini. So now be a good girl and reject Laksh. And just listen, don’t try to act smart by telling anyone about this otherwise you know what will happen.

The two people then took her back to the car and dropped her near the park. She then went and rejected Laksh.

FB ends.

Swara reaches home. Ragini gets happy seeing her.
Ragini- Swara, you came early, I thought that you will be late. Well leave it, tell me, what happened? Did you told him everything.
Swara- No.
Ragini- What? But you went there to…..
Swara- I don’t love him.

Ragini gets shocked hearing this.
Ragini- What are you saying? You said that you love him.
Swara- I realized that I was wrong. I don’t love him so please stop talking about it.
Ragini- Is love a game for you? First you said that you love him and now what is this. Laksh will be so hurt right now.
Swara- I said na Ragini, that I don’t love him so end this topic. And don’t talk to me if you want to talk about him. Just leave me alone for some time.

She locks herself in the room while Ragini stands there still looking confused.

On the other hand.

Laksh also reaches home angrily and Sanskar stops him.

Sanskar- So Lucky, how was it?
Laksh- She rejected me.
Sanskar- You are joking right? You said that she loves you.
Laksh- I am not joking Sanky. She really rejected me.
Sanskar- But why?
Laksh- I don’t know. But I’m sure that there is something behind this. I know she loves me but there is something wrong.
Sanskar- Now what?
Laksh- Don’t worry. I will handle it myself.

He also goes to his room.

2 days later in the college canteen.

Ragini- Are you sure that Laksh is fine?
Sanskar- Yes, he said that he will handle it. You don’t worry.
Ragini- But why did Swara rejected him?
Sanskar- There must be some reason Ragini, just give both of them some time. Everything will be fine.
Ragini- Still.
Sanskar- Offo….you only care about them. I’m sitting next to you. Sometime talk about us also na.
Ragini smiles a little.
Ragini- Ok, then what do you want to talk about us?
Sanskar- I have a surprise for you.

Ragini gets excited.
Ragini- What is it?

Sanskar takes out a gift from his packet and forwards it towards her.
Ragini- What is this?
Sanskar- It’s a dress. Today in the evening, my driver will come to pick you. So I want you to wear this dress in the evening.
Ragini- But where are we going?
Sanskar- I said it’s a surprise na. So just get ready on time.
Ragini smiles and nods.

On the other side Swara was returning from her class when Laksh comes in front of her. She tries to ignore him and go away but he blocks her way.

Laksh- Till how long are you planning to ignore me?
Swara- Forever.
Laksh- What is wrong with you Swara? Can’t you just see how much I love you?
Swara- I don’t care. Just leave my way.
Laksh- Swara please tell me what happened? I know that you love me so please don’t lie to me. You can’t hide your love for me.
Swara- How many times should I tell you that I don’t love you. Don’t you just get it.
Laksh- No, because I know that you are lying.

He holds her hands and looks in her eyes.
Laksh- Tell me what is the problem Swara. We will handle it together. Trust me, I’m always there with you.
Swara- Laksh I’m getting late for my class. Just leave my hand and let me go.
Laksh- Think again Swara. Don’t continue hiding it from me before it is too late.

She doesn’t answer. Just continue looking down trying to avoid eye contact.

Ishita and Manthaj also come there.
Ishita- Hello guys.
Laksh- Hello.
Swara- Hi Ishita.
Manthaj- Actually we wanted to tell you something.
Laksh- Yes, what?
Ishita- Umm…we are…
Swara- You both are what?

“Married”, they both say at the same time. Swalak gets surprised hearing that.
Swara- Really?
Manthaj- Yes, actually Ishita’s parents were not ready for our marriage and was making her marry someone else so we did court marriage.
Ishita- Yes and after that our after many tries our parents finally agreed to accept us. They said that they want to do a grand reception of ours so we wanted to invite you both, Ragini, Sanskar and all. We want you all to be there in our reception.
Laksh- We will surely come and Congratulations.
Manthaj- Thanks and a big thanks to you Swara. Because of you only I was able to propose her.
Swara smiles- You are welcome.
Ishita- So please tell this to Sanskar and Ragini also that tomorrow you all have to come.
Swara- Ok.

They both then walk away.
Laksh- How lucky they are. They got their love. Don’t you think so Swara?
Swara looks at him feeling sad and leaves. Laksh continues watching her go.

In the evening, Ragini got dressed. She wore the same dress which Sanskar gave her. It was s sleeveless gown with a combination of blue and white. She left her hair open, straight from the top and wavy at the bottom. She wore diamond earings and a light makeup. She was looking beautiful( She always do).

She was looking at herself in the mirror. Swara was seeing her and smiling.

Swara thinks- I wish that Aditya never come between you both Ragini. I hope that you will get your love.

Ragini sees her and goes towards her.
Ragini- Swara, are you fine?
Swara- Yes Ragini. I am absolutely fine.
Ragini- Swara, have you thought something about Laksh.
Swara- Ragini please, you go and enjoy. I don’t want to talk about him at all.

They both then hear horn of the car.
Ragini- I think that the driver is here.
Swara- Ok, then go fast. What are you waiting for.
Ragini- Bye.
Swara- Bye.

Ragini goes and sits in the car. She then asks the driver.
Ragini- Where is Sanskar?
Driver- He asked me to drop you at a place. He said that he will be there only.
Ragini- Ok.

Later the driver stops his car in front of a place near a lake. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. Ragini was surprised to see all this. She comes out of the car and looks around. She then sees Sanskar waiting for her. He didn’t noticed her as he was looking towards the lake. Ragini goes and hugs him from behind. A smiles comes on Sanskar’s face felling her touch. He turns around and looks at her mesmerized by her beauty.

Sanskar- You…you look beautiful Ragini.
Ragini (blushing)- Thanks.
Sanskar- Did you liked this dress?
Ragini- Like? I loved it. Thanks Sanskar.
Sanskar- You are welcome.
Ragini- So, now will you tell me that why did you called me here?
Sanskar- To say something.
Ragini- Say what?

Sanskar starts singing-


(Sanskar forwards his hand for a dance. Ragini smiles and holds his hand. They both start dancing slowly, completely lost in each other)


(He twirls her around and pulls her closer towards him, both share an intense eyelock. Sanskar then takes out a ring)

Ragini gets super happy seeing the ring. She looks at Sanskar lovingly.

Sanskar- The day I met you, only you are on my mind. I never thought that someone will take such a special place in my heart but you took that place Ragini. I feel like the happiest person in this world when you are around. You mean everything to me Ragini, you are my life. I love you so much.

Ragini- I love you too Sanskar. I also never thought to love someone this much but I can never explain in words about my feelings for you. You also mean my world to me.

Sanskar- So, will you like to spend your life with me? Will you marry me Ragini?
A big smile comes on her face. She felt as if she was on cloud nine.
Ragini- Yes, I will.

Sanskar then puts the ring in her finger and she happily hugs him.
Ragini- I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar- I love you too.

They both continue talking and enjoying each others company.
On the other side-

Laksh calls Swara. Swara didn’t noticed the caller and picks it.
Laksh- Hello

She then realizes his voice and starts to cut the phone when he stops her.

Laksh- Please don’t cut the phone. I just wanted to ask you something?
Swara- What?
Laksh- What are you planning to wear tomorrow in the reception party?
Swara- Why are you asking this?
Laksh- Because I wanted to know that which colour you will be wearing so that I can also wear the same colour because Maa says that if a couple wear same colour in the wedding type occasions then it stronger their relationship.
Swara- We are not a couple.
Laksh- Not for you, but for me, we are.
Swara- I don’t know what I will wear so bye.

She cuts the call.
Laksh smiles.

NEXT EPISODE- Swalak’s love confession. Ragsan’s serious fight.

So friends, this story will end in 3-4 chappys. Thanks for all your love and support you gave to this story. Please continue commenting.

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