Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 24)


Hello friends, here I am with the special episode of my ff.
So lets start-

RECAP- Laksh proposing Swara and she asking for some time. Ragini telling Swara that Laksh is a good choice for her. Ragsan romantic talk. Pooja vows to trouble Ragini. Laksh and his band winning the competiton. Aditya goes to propose Ragini when she faints. Doctor tells everyone that she was given poison.

The episode starts with Aditya’s men bringing the waiter in front of him. Aditya hold his collar tightly.

Aditya- What has she done to you? Why did you gave her poison. Her drink was brought after everyone else, did you mixed poison her drink, tell me.
Waiter- Yes, I mixed poison in her drink, but I was given money for this work.
Aditya- Who gave you money, tell me his/her name.
Waiter- Umm…her na…her name was Pooja.
Aditya gets shocked hearing her name.
Waiter- Her name was Pooja Meh…..
Aditya- Pooja Mehra, right?
Waiter- Yes…..sir please leave me, I did this just for money, please leave me.

Aditya left his collar. His blood was boiling in anger.
Aditya thinks- How could you do that Pooja? I won’t leave you for this.

He angrily leaves from there.

On the other hand in hospital-

Ragini starts to gain her conscious back. Nurse comes out and tells this news to Swalak and Sanskar. They feel relieved after hearing this.
Sanskar- Can we meet her?
Nurse- Only one of you can go and meet her and please don’t make her talk much as there is still some infection in her throat.
Sanskar- I will go and meet her.

Swara nods. Sanskar goes inside. She sees her sleeping. He goes and sits next to her. He holds her hand and kisses it. Ragini slowly opens her eyes.
Ragini- Sanskar….
Sanskar- Shh…don’t speak, just relax ok.
Ragini- What…what happened to me?
Sanskar caresses her hair.
Sanskar- Nothing happened, I said na relax. We will tell you everything later. Just tell me are you fine?
Ragini nods.
Ragini- Can I ask you something?
Sanskar- Ask.
Ragini- When I fainted, were you scared?
Sanskar- You are my life Ragini. If something happens to you, I will not be able to live and you are asking me that was I scared.
Ragini smiles hearing this.

Nurse comes and asks Sanskar to let her rest now. Sanskar nods.

Sanskar- You will be discharged after some hours, so just relax ok.
Ragini nods.
Sanskar smiles at her and leaves.

On the other hand Aditya reaches a house. He starts knocking on the door harshly. One person opens the door and is shocked to see him. That person is Pooja.

Pooja- Aditya, what are you doing here?

Aditya forcefully enters her house and close the door behind him.

Pooja- What the hell is you doing Aditya?
Aditya- I should ask you the same question that what the hell is you doing? You asked the waiter to mix poison in Ragini’s drink right?
Pooja gets scared hearing that. She gulps and looks down.
Pooja- Its nothing like that, you must have misunderstood.
Aditya- Shut up Pooja. You very well know what I can do so just say the truth.
Pooja- Yes, I asked him to mix poison in her drink and why are you so worried about her.
Aditya- Because she is only the one whom I love. Remember me telling you about her some years ago and still you did this to her.
Pooja gets shocked- Aditya, I really didn’t knew that she is the same Ragini about whom you told me.
Aditya- I don’t want to hear any excuse. You tried to kill my Ragini and you will get the punishment.
Pooja- You can’t give me punishment Aditya.
Aditya- Why can’t I?
Pooja- Because don’t forget that I AM YOUR SISTER.

Aditya laughs a little.
Aditya- Don’t forget Pooja that you are my step sister. And I have no emotional feelings attached with you so I can do anything with you.
Pooja- Neither do I have feelings attached with you. Your father married my mother when your mother died. Later your father left her after using her for money. She commited suicide. I was alone with nothing left with me. You had your father, you had his property, you have all the luxuries and I have nothing. I also want something, I also want money.
Aditya- But what was the need to hurt Ragini…..what was the need to put her in this matter.
Pooja- Just like you can kill anyone for your love, I can also kill anyone for my love and profit. Ragini was coming in my way.
Aditya- What do you mean?
Pooja- Wow Aditya, you say that you love Ragini but can’t you see that whom she is in love with. She loves Sanskar and Sanskar also does.

Aditya is shocked and angry hearing this.

Aditya- Do you know what you are saying?
Pooja- I know what I’m saying. I love Sanskar but Ragini is snatching him from me and I can’t let that happen.
Aditya- How can this happen. How can Ragini love someone else. I will not let this happen, she is just mine.
Pooja- And Sanskar is just mine. I want him, I want his property, I want happiness in my life.
Aditya- I will not leave this Sanskar.
He angrily starts to leave when Pooja stops him.
Pooja- Aditya please don’t take such a step in a hurry. And don’t you dare do anything with Sanskar otherwise I will tell Ragini everything about you.
Aditya- You won’t open your mouth in front of her, did you get that.
Pooja- Why don’t we do a deal. You want Ragini and I want Sanskar, I can help you to separate them.
Aditya- Why should I trust you?
Pooja- My mother got betrayal from your father still I’m doing this deal with you. And you are asking me about trust.

Aditya then thinks for some time and agrees.

Aditya- How will you separate them.
Pooja- I haven’t decided yet but I promise that I will. You also have to promise me that you won’t do anything to Sanskar. Got it.
Aditya nods and leaves from there angrily banging the door behind.

Again at the hospital-

Ragini gets discharged, Swara hugs her tightly and asks her about her well being. Ragini confirms that she is fine. They all leave for home.

Later at night in Swaragini’s house-
Swara- Ragini are you fine now?
Ragini- Swara this is the 47th time you are asking the same question. I said na that I’m fine.
Swara- I don’t know who can give you poison. After dropping you home, Sanlak went back to the competiton place and asked the waiters and other about this incident but they didn’t got any clue.
Ragini- Swara, leave thinking about that, first tell me what have you thought about Laksh.

Swara starts smiling and blushing.
Ragini- Swara, tell me na, what happened? Do you also love him.
Swara- Yes Ragini. I have thought a lot and I have realized that I love him. You were right, I loved him but was confused about my feelings but now I am not, I love him.
Ragini gets happy and hugs her.
Ragini- Finally my sister realized her feelings. I am proud of you.

Swara’s phone starts ringing. She sees the call is from Laksh. She picks the call.
Swara- Hello
Laksh- How is Ragini?
Swara- She is fine.
Laksh- That’s good. I called you to tell you that tomorrow at evening we will meet at the park.
Swara- For what?
Laksh- To know your decision. Actually I know your decision but still I’m dying to hear it from you.
Swara smiles.
Laksh- So tomorrow at 7pm in the park, ok?
Swara- Ok.

He then cuts the call. Swara smiles.
Ragini- Can I ask the reason behind your smile?
Swara- Laksh have asked me to meet him at the park tomorrow to tell him my decision.
Ragini- All the best.
Swara- Thanks.

On the other hand Aditya entered his mansion full drunk. He went to his room and looked at Ragini’s picture. He came near her pic.

Aditya to her pic- Do you know how beautiful you are Ragini. I fell for you when I first saw you. I have been loving you from years, how could that Sanskar take you away from me.

He then runs his fingers on her lips.
Aditya- Your lips are just made to touch me. Your eyes are just made to look at me. You are just made for me Ragini. You are just made for me( He said while increasing his voice).

His eyes were full red due to anger.
Aditya- No Sanskar can take you away from me. You can’t love him, you can only love me Ragini, did you get that. That Sanskar, I will not leave him at any cost, I will destroy him.

He then starts breaking things in anger and falls on bed and doze off.

Next day in evening, Swara is getting ready. She is looking damn pretty. On the other side Laksh is also getting ready and looking handsome like always. But this time, they both have more charm present in them due to their happiness.

Sanskar wishes him all the best and he leaves happily.
Ragini also wishes Swara and she also leaves.

Swara was walking on the road lost in Laksh’s thought when a car comes and stops with a sudden jerk infront of her. Swara gets scared for a moment.

Later Laksh is shown waiting for her in the park. He is continuously looking at his watch and scanning the park.

Laksh- Where are you Swara, its 7;30 now. When will you come?

Swara then enters the park looking lost and dull. The charm was not at all visible on her face now.
Laksh sees her and gets happy.

Laksh- Where were you Swara, you took such a long time, but I knew that you will come…..I knew it.

Swara wasn’t paying attention to whatever he was saying, he was just lost. Laksh notice this and puts his hand on her shoulder and gives her a little shake.

Laksh- Swara are you listening to me?
Swara then come in senses.
Swara- Ye…yes.
Laksh- Swara, I am so happy that you came. I know that you also feel the same for me. I love you Swara…..I really love you.

Swara shuts her eyes trying to stop herself from crying. She closes her fist and with determination in her eyes, she finally spoke.

Swara- I don’t love you Laksh, I don’t love you.

Laksh’s smile fades hearing this. He gets heart broken.

Laksh- Swara, please don’t joke, I’m serious. I know you love me.
Swara- I said na that I don’t love you, I never did and I’ll never will. And I am not joking Laksh, I am saying the truth.

Her voice was cracking in between. She started to leave when Laksh holds her hand.
Laksh- Swara, I know you are lying, your eyes are saying something else only, tell me na what happened, did someone said something to you?

Swara leaves his hand and pushes him away.

Swara- I said na nothing happened and I don’t love you so why are you not understanding it. Just leave me alone and don’t touch me.

Laksh again tries to stop her but she went away. He was deeply hurt. He just sat on a bench expressionless.

On the otherside Swara was running on the road crying.


( She was running and crying. Then when she was not able to control, she collapsed on floor and starts crying harder. She reminisces all her moments spent with him)


( Screen then moves towards Laksh who was crying there silently. He reminisces their dance and continues crying.)


(Screen again moves to Swara who reminisces Laksh proposing her and then to Laksh who reminisces Swara rejecting him. Both continue crying)

Swara to herself- I am sorry Laksh…..I am so sorry. I really love you but I can’t tell you. I’m sorry Laksh, please forgive me.

She again breaks into tears.
Screen freezes on her face.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara’s rejection reason revealed.

I have one question to ask- Is it fine if I show kissing scenes between the couples or do you want it to be simple? Please comment and let me know.
Thank you

Credit to: DC

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