Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 23)

Hello friends. So this is the 23rd episode of my ff.
So lets start-

RECAP- Aditya jealous seeing Ragsan together. Laksh’s sudden proposal to Swara.

The episode starts with Laksh proposing Swara.

Laksh- Because I LOVE YOU SWARA.

Swara’s eyes widen in shock.

Laksh- Yes Swara I love you. Even I myself don’t know when I started loving you. I never thought that the person whom I hated the most will become such a special part of my life.
Swara- Laksh do you know what you are saying?
Laksh- Yes Swara, I know what I’m saying. I have no problem in confessing my love also. Trust me Swara I really love you. I can’t live without looking at you, without talking to you, without fighting with you. You are like a drug for me now. And I can’t tolerate you with someone else.

Swara is just listening to him without saying a word.

Laksh- And I know that you also feel the same for me.
Swara- Its nothing like that.
Laksh- It is Swara, otherwise why do you care for me so much. Now don’t say that the caring is because of humanity. Just tell me that do you love me?
Swara looks at him.
Laksh- Swara, I need an answer. Do you love me?
Swara- I don’t know.
Laksh smiles- Atleast its better than a no.
Swara- I…I need time Laksh.
Laksh- Ofcourse Swara, take as much time you want because I know the answer that you love me too.
Swara- I will tell you my decision after the competition.
Laksh- That is great, cause I felt you will take a long time. I am completely fine with it Swara. I love you.

He happily leaves from there and Swara is in a shock. She just can’t believe it that Laksh just proposed her. Somewhere in her heart, she felt happy but she was confused about her feelings for him.

On the other hand in cafeteria-

Ragini- Stop looking at me Sanskar.
Sanskar- I can’t.
Ragini- Do you know, that according to the law, if you stare a girl for more than 30 seconds, the girl can file a complaint against you.
Sanskar- Complaint is to be filed when the girl is not willing to be watched. But it feels like you want me to look at you.
Ragini- Its nothing like that.
Sanskar- Ok, so in that case you can file the complaint as I will not stop looking at you, ever.

Ragini blush listening to this.

Ragini- Ok now stop it Sanskar, I am scared for tomorrow’s competition.
Sanskar- What is the need to be scared, I know you will win.
Ragini- Still, I haven’t took part in any competition till now, but its fine, you will come there to see our performance, so I will be able to sing.
Sanskar- Umm….actually Ragini, I wanted to tell you this that I will not be able to come to see your competition.
Ragini- Why?
Sanskar- Actually, my football team have to attend a boring but compulsory meeting and that meeting will take place at the time of competition.

Ragini becomes upset listening that.

Ragini- I thought you will come. But its fine, you have to attend your meeting.
Sanskar- Angry with me?
Ragini nods her head in no.
Sanskar- Sad?
Ragini nods her head first in no and then in yes.
Sanskar- But don’t worry, I will come to pick you all up after the competiton, ok?
Ragini- OK.

They continue talking. Pooja sees them from the corner table and fumes in anger.

Pooja thinks- Everything gets away from me, first my mother, then my father, my money, my home, but I won’t let Sanskar get out of my hands. I also want happiness, I also want money, property and everything, and Sanskar can give me everything. I can’t lose him. I can’t let this Ragini get him. I will show her what I can do. Tomorrow is your competition right, and Sanskar is also not coming. I will work out my plan then only.

Later at night……Swara is lost in thoughts when Ragini enters the room. She sees Swara and comes and sits next to her.

Ragini- Swara, what happened, where are you lost?
Swara- Umm….I was just
Ragini- I got it, are you worried about the competiton.
Swara- No Ragini, I’m worried about something else?
Ragini- So then tell me na, what happened?
Swara- Today Laksh proposed me.

Ragini gets surprised and happy hearing that.

Ragini- Wow Swara, that is a great news. What did you say?
Swara- I said that I’m not sure about my feelings and I need time. I said that I will tell him my decision after the competition. But I am confused, I don’t know whether I like him or not.
Ragini- I think that you do love him, because when he got hurt by those goons, I saw the love and care in your eyes for him. Swara sometimes it happens that you love someone but you are not able to understand your own feelings. But trust me Swara, Laksh is the best choice for you. Its completely your decision but just think what I’ve said.

Ragini smiles at her and goes to sleep. Swara stares outside the window. Cool breeze was coming on her face. She shuts her eyes and feel the breeze. Suddenly some moments spent with Laksh flashes in her mind. She smiles reminiscing them. She opens her eyes and thinks.

Swara- What is happening to me. If I don’t love him then why is his proposal making me so restless. Why was I not able to say a complete no to him. Why am I even thinking about him. Do I love him?

On the other hand in Aditya’s mansion.

Aditya is sitting in his room thinking about Ragini.
Aditya- Finally the wait is over Ragini. As I said, tomorrow after the competition I will tell you my feelings. Tomorrow I will make you mine forever, no one will be able to separate us.

He laughs evily.

Next day in the competition.
Ragini was getting ready when Sanskar calls her. She gets happy seeing his name and picks up the phone.
Ragini- Hello.
Sanskar- All the best.
Ragini- Thanks…..you called me only to say this.
Sanskar- No, one more thing I wanted to say.
Ragini- What?
Sanskar- That the meeting is going to last long so I will not be able to come to pick you up.
Ragini gets upset hearing this.
Ragini- This is not fair, you said you will come atleast to pick me.
Sanskar- I’m sorry Ragini, but I seriously can’t come.
Ragini- Ok fine, cut the call, I am getting late and will talk to you later.
She was going to cut the call when Sanskar again speaks on phone.
Sanskar- Hey listen, just one thing more I wanted to say.
Ragini- What?
Sanskar- You are looking beautiful in this purple colour dress.

Ragini gets confused hearing this. She turns around and sees Sanskar standing behind her. She happily hugs him.

Ragini- That means you were lying that you have a meeting.
Sanskar- Yes, you still have doubt.
Ragini smiles- I’m so happy that you are here.
Sanskar- I just wanted to see you happy. Ok, you must be getting late for the competition, go out and all the best.

Ragini smiles and leaves. Sanskar also leaves.

Competition starts-

All performances happen and at last Laksh and his band comes. They start their song. Sanskar and Aditya get mesmerized listening to Ragini’s voice. Soon they finish their song and gets a standing ovation from everyone.

Time for declaration-

All bands come on the stage. Judges complements every band and at last announce the results in which Laksh and his band was declared the winners. Swalak gets super happy and hug each other. They then realize their act and break the hug. Laksh was looking at Swara and she was trying to avoid eye contact.
Laksh- Congracts.
Swara- Same to you.
Laksh- Competition is over Swara, I want to know your feelings for me.
Swara- Laksh, can I tell you my feelings tomorrow, I promise I won’t take more time than that.
Laksh smiles and nods. Swara leaves from there.

At the green room, waiter brings drink for everyone but it finishes till Ragini’s turn.
Swara- Ragini, you take my drink?
Waiter- No mam, we are bringing one for her.
Ragini- Yes Swara, you have it, he is bringing the other.
Swara- Ok fine.

Waiter leaves and brings the other drink for her. Ragini drinks it.

Soon Aditya enters there. Swara and Laksh were busy talking to others and so they didn’t noticed them. Aditya takes out a ring from his pocket and walks towards Ragini.

Sanskar also comes there and sees Swalak. He asks them about Ragini and they say that she must be around only.

Ragini feels something wrong in her throat but ignored it. Aditya comes to her.
Aditya- Hello Ragini.
Ragini looks at him and smiles a little.
Ragini- Hello Aditya, so did you liked our performance.
Aditya- Like? I loved it, especially your singing.
Ragini- Thanks.

She was continuously feeling pain in her throat now and started to cough.
Aditya- Are you fine Ragini?
Ragini- Yes I’m fine.
Aditya- I wanted to tell you something from a long time.
Ragini- What?
She puts her hand on her neck and winces in pain. Aditya didn’t noticed it and continued speaking.
Aditya- I wanted to say that I love…..

Before he could complete his sentence Ragini falls in his arms uncounsious. Aditya gets worried. Blood starts to come from her mouth. Sanskar also comes there and sees her in this condition. He runs towards her. Swalak also come there. Swara gets worried seeing Ragini in this state and she also runs towards her. Sanskar pats her cheek. Aditya was also trying to wake her.

Swara- What happened to her? You did something right? ( She said this while looking towards Aditya)
Aditya- Have you gone mad Swara, why will I do anything to her?
Sanskar- Laksh, take out the car fast, we need to take her to the hospital right now.

Laksh nods and runs out to his car. Sanskar and Swara takes Ragini towards the car. Aditya was just standing there in shock. He then calls one of his men and asks him to follow them and keep updating him about Ragini’s condition.

Later at the hospital-

Doctors take Ragini in. They come out after sometime.
Sanskar- Doctor, what happened to her, is she fine now.
Doctor- Don’t worry, she is out of danger. You brought her here on time otherwise the poison would have spread throughout her body.
Swalak and Sanskar gets shocked listening the word poison.
Swara- Are you sure, that she was given poison.
Doctor- Yes, but no need to worry, she is fine. You can take her with you all after one hour or so.

Aditya’s man heard this and calls him and tells him that Ragini was given poison.

Sanskar took a sigh of relief but the poison thing again made him worried.
Sanskar- Who could give her poison ?

On the other side-
Aditya- Who can give poison to Ragini?
One of his man said- After the competition, all of them were served drinks. Maybe someone mixed it on her drink.
Aditya tightens his fist- Call the waiter who served them, right now.


So this was the episode. Also you must be thinking that in the precap I wrote that Swara rejects Laksh, but here she asks him for some time. Actually she will reject him in the next episode, also there is another twist for the viewers. So keep reading and commenting to know the reason.

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    1. here i said riya sry actually that is pooja. now a days am reading -ve as riya so im confused.

      1. Yup poison to your angle was given by Pooja…..and let’s see why Swara rejects Laksh.

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