Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 22)

Hallo friends. Hope you are all good. I am back with the 22nd episode of my ff. Hope you will like it.
RECAP- Sanskar saving Ragini from goons. Ragsan love confessions.

The episode starts with Swalak coming out of the car seeing Ragsan. Swara runs towards Ragini.

Swara- Ragini are you fine, nothing happened to you na?
Ragini- Yes Swara, nothing happened, I’m fine.
Swara- Thank God, I was so scared for you.
Ragini smiles- Relax, everything is fine.

Laksh then notices Sanskar holding Ragini’s hand. He signals Swara. She also looks at it and smile.

Swara- Ragini, Sanskar, did something happened between you both?
Sanskar- What?
Swara- Actually you both are holding hands so I just asked.

Ragsan then realized and leave hands. They were looking here and there trying to avoid eye contact. Swalak laugh seeing this.

Ragini- Stop it Swara, and tell me why didn’t you told me about Sanskar’s feelings.
Swara- Sanskar, so that means you told Ragini everything about your feelings.
Sanskar nods.
Laksh- Sanskar you went there to save her to confess your feelings?
Swara- And Ragini, you also have feelings for Sanskar?
Laksh- Answer me Sanky.
Swara- Answer me Ragini.

Sanskar- Arre stop it you both. We will tell you everything but right can we go home. Swara, your parents must be worrying.
Swara- Oh….I actually forgot about them, Ragini we have to go home fast.
Laksh- Sanky, you and Ragini must be tired so you both sit at the backseat and I will drive.
Sanskar- OK.

The four of them sit in the car. Ragini who was very tired due to the incident, kept her head on Sanskar’s shoulder and doze off. Sanskar smiles seeing her.

Laksh also smiles seeing this from the mirror.
Laksh- Swara, see what we were not able to do, the goons did it.
Swara laughs.
Sanskar- Its not funny Laksh, and please be quiet, let her sleep.
Swara- Oho, see Laksh, not even one hour has passed since they are together and he is caring so much.
Sanskar- I used to care for her when we were not together also. So its good if you stop teasing now.

Laksh continues driving. He then notices a car coming towards them from a wrong direction with full speed. Laksh at the right time turned his car because of which they were saved from colliding with the other car. Laksh stops his car in anger.

Sanskar- Who is this idiot driving so rashly.
Laksh- I will go and see.

He then angrily storms out of the car towards that person. That person also stops his car and comes out. Laksh is surprised to see that he is none other than Aditya. Aditya also have the same reaction after seeing him.

Aditya- Was it not enough for you to collide with me in college. Here also, you don’t leave my way.
Laksh- Have you lost it Aditya. Can you, just for once accept your mistake. You were driving to rashly and that also in the wrong direction.

Before Aditya could answer him, he looks towards Laksh’s car and gets shocked seeing Swara.

Swara and Sansklar also notice him.
Swara- This guy can never leave us alone in peace.

She also tries to get out of the car when Sanskar stops her.
Sanskar- No Swara, just stay in. No need to create more mess by fighting with him now. Laksh is handling na, so just wait.

Aditya- Swara…..how come she is here?
Laksh- Then where should she be according to you?
Aditya- I mean to say that you are with Swara…..that also at night.
Laksh- Its none of your business. Also to clear your doubt, we both are not alone, Sanskar and Ragini are also present in the car.

Aditya then looks at the backseat and finds Ragini covered with a jacket sleeping keeping his head on Sanky’s shoulder. He gets angry.

Aditya- What happened to Ragini?
Laksh- I said na that its none of your business and because of you we were about to meet with an accident.
Aditya- But the accident didn’t happened right? So just let it go, ok.

He then sits in his car angrily and drove away. Laksh also angrily sits in his car.
Laksh- He is such a big idiot, I can’t understand his problem. Every time he is showing so much attitude.
Sanskar- OK Lucky, just calm down.
Swara- But Sanskar, this Aditya is really getting on our nerves. We have to stop him.

Ragini’s sleep also gets disturbed due to their argument.
Ragini- What happened, why are you all shouting.
Laksh- Nothing, a donkey was driving car.
Ragini- And who is that donkey?
Sanskar- Leave it Ragini, nothing happened. Laksh, why don’t you listen to music to lighten your mood.
Swalak scream in unison- No, no need for music.
Ragsan gets scared seeing them.
Ragini- Ok, fine, calm down. But happened?
Laksh- Actually Swara’s favourite Emraan Hashmi special is coming on every music station.
Swara- Cheeee…Laksh. How could you call it my favourite.
Laksh- Stop being innocent Swara……I was scared for my dignity being with you alone in the car and that also with your favourite music track going on.
Swara- Laksh, don’t force me to hit you while driving, stop your stupid talks.

Ragsan laugh seeing them.

On the other side Aditya was driving.
Aditya- How can this happen. How could Swara be here? And what happened to Ragini? And especially, why was she with that Sanskar.

He then calls one of those goons.
Aditya to them on phone- Where the hell are you all? I want to meet you all right now. Come fast to my place.
He cuts the call and drives to his place.

Sanlak then drops Swaragini home and went away. Swaragini enter their house and meet Sumi who was tensed.

Sumi- where were you both, I was so scared for you, your phone was also not working and Ragini what happened to you.
Shekhar also comes there. He also gets tensed seeing them like this.

Swara then tells everything to Sumi and Shekhar.
Shekhar- How could this happen. I will fire and fir against them.
Ragini- Papa….no need. Sanskar have beaten them very badly, I don’t think that they will do this again.
Shekhar- But….
Swara- Papa….trust me, everything is fine.
Sumi- Beta, you should have brought Sanlak home. We would have thanked them.
Swara- Maa….actually, they were getting late so they went away.
Sumi- Ok now you both go to your room and relax.

Swaragini nods and leaves for their room.

On the other hand, Aditya slaps one of those goons and hold his collar tightly.

Aditya- What the hell is all this? Can’t you do even one thing properly. I saw Swara perfectly fine, some time ago then whom did you molested?

Goon(In a scared tone)- Boss, we took the girl whom you only asked us to take. And her name was not Swara, her name was Ragini.

Aditya gets shocked and slaps him again, this time even more harder.

Aditya- Do you have the slightest idea that about whom you are talking? I told you to molest Swara, not Ragini. What did you do with her, tell me. Did you touched her?
Goon- No boss….one boy came and saved her before we could do anything. He only beat us.
Aditya- What was his name?
Goon- San….something like this.
Aditya- Sanskar?
Goon- Yes, his name was Sanskar.

Aditya then pushed him aside.
Aditya- Before, I kill you all, just go away from here.

They all get scared and leave. Aditya starts breaking things in anger.
Aditya- Why is this Sanskar always around my Ragini? I won’t let this happen. Ragini is just mine……she is just mine.

Next day in evening when Swaragini returned home after competition practice, Sanskar calls Ragini.
Ragini- Hello
Sanskar- Come out fast, I’m waiting for you.
Ragini- What? When did you came?
Sanskar- I came right now. By the way stop asking questions and come fast.

He cuts the call. Ragini informs Swara that she is going out with Sanskar and leaves. She comes out and sees Sanskar standing near his car.

Ragini- Now tell me, why you called me outside?
Sanskar then opens the car gate and asks her to sit inside.
Ragini- But Sanskar, where are we going?
Sanskar- Offo Ragini, you ask a lot of questions, I said na that sit inside.
Ragini- Ok fine.

She makes a puppy face and sits. Sanskar smiles and closes the door. He also sits and starts driving.

Ragini- Now will you tell me, where are we going.
Sanskar- I need to complete an important work and I want you to accompany me.
Ragini- which work?
Sanskar- You will know soon.

After some time they reach a temple.
Sanskar- Come out let’s go.
Ragini comes out.

Ragini- Now its too much, tell me what is your important work?
Sanskar- To thank God.
Ragini is surprised to hear this.
Ragini- You brought me here to thank God?
Sanskar- Yes.
Ragini- Since when did you started believing in all this?
Sanskar- Since yesterday.
Ragini- Matlab?
Sanskar- I mean to say that you only told me to ask for help from God when I’m in trouble right? So yesterday when I was not able to find you, I finally took help from God and see today I’m with you.
Ragini smiles- I’m so happy Sanskar. Finally you believed it.
Sanskar- yes and Thanks to you too.
Ragini- For what?
Sanskar- For changing me….and for coming in my life.
Ragini blush listening to this.

They then go to the temple and Ragsan seek blessing from God and priest.

Next day in college, in the practice room Swara comes and sees only Manthaj sitting there thinking something.
Swara- Manthaj, what happened? What are you thinking?
Manthaj- Actually Swara, there is something I need to tell you.
Swara- Yes say.
Manthaj- Actually, I love someone.
Swara- Whom?
Manthaj- Ishita.
Swara- What, you love her. That’s good.
Manthaj- Yes I love her since childhood, but her parents are fixing her marriage some where else.
Swara- So have you told her about your feelings.
Manthaj- No, I think that she will get angry listening to this.
Swara- But Manthaj, this is the time, tell her your feelings before her marriage happens. Maybe she also feels for you.
Manthaj- I don’t know how I will confess to her.

Swara thinks.
Swara- Its easy, first think me as Ishita and propose me. You will then be able to tell her your feelings.
Manthaj- I think that is a good idea.
Swara- So imagine as if Ishita is standing here and propose her.

He then bent on his knees and start proposing her imagining her as Ishita. Laksh also comes there and he thinks that Manthaj is proposing Swara. He gets super angry.

Laksh- Hey Manthaj, what the hell are you doing?
Manthaj- what?
Swara- Laksh he was just…..
Laksh- He was proposing you and you were smiling Swara. That is so bad.
Manthaj- I was not….
Laksh- Stop it and just leave. Swara will never like you, got it. Now leave.
Manthaj- Arre but listen to me Lucky, I was…….
Laksh- Manthaj, just leave.
Swara- Manthaj, its better if you leave now. I will handle him.

Manthaj then leaves.
Laksh- How did you say nothing to him. He was proposing you.
Swara- I asked him to propose me.
Laksh- what, I cant expect this from you Swara. Do you like him?
Swara- Stop it Laksh…..let me complete what I want to say. Manthaj loves Ishita. He was not able to propose her that is why I asked him to imagine me as her and then propose.
Laksh calms down a little- Really, he was not proposing you.
Swara- of course not. And can I know the reason why you were being so hyper .
Laksh- Because I cant see you with someone else.
Swara- But why.
Laksh- Because I LOVE YOU SWARA.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara rejecting Laksh.

This was the episode. Please do comment.

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  1. why swara rejecting laksh update soon ragsan scenes are superb

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  2. why swara rejecting laksh update soon ragsan scenes are superb

    1. U will know soon.

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    san went temple…..i said already na san surely belive in god when rag is in prob.
    swalak reaction is nyz..when san asked abt songs.
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