Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 21) MAHAEPISODE PART 1


Hello friends I am here again with the 21st episode of my ff. Hope you will like it.
RECAP- Everyone comes to know about Ragini’s truth. Swara’s warning to Aditya to stay away from Ragini.

The episode starts with the band practice ending as its finally 6pm. Sanskar’s football meeting also ends. Swaragini then starts to leave for home when Ishita stops Ragini.

Ishita- Ragini can you give me your Bio notes.
Ragini- Yes sure, just wait.

She then starts to check her bag when Swara says.
Swara- Ragini, I am waiting outside, you come fast.
Ragini- Ok

Swara then comes out of the college and starts waiting for Ragini. Just then at some distance, Aditya stops his car. Swara didn’t noticed him. Aditya then calls someone.

Aditya to the caller- You said that you wanted to have fun right? I have one girl, the one standing infront of the college gate, have as much fun you want with her.

He then gets another call from his Dad who calls him for an urgent work. He then cuts the call.

Aditya thinks- Sorry Swara, I wanted to see you screaming for help, I wanted to see you in pain, but I have to go. No problem, I will be glad to see your condition after this incident.

He then smirks and leaves. Just as he leaves, Ragini came there.
Ragini- Come on Swara, lets go.
Swara- Ok

They were about to go when Swara realized something.

Swara- Oh shit….I forgot my bag in the practice room only, Ragini you just wait here, I will go and bring it fast.
Ragini- Ok fine.

Swara leaves and Ragini was just standing there waiting for her. The goons then arrive. They look at Ragini and misunderstands her as Swara.

Goon1- What an item yaar. Boss have selected a great girl for us.
All the other laugh listening to this.

They drive and stop their jeep in front of Ragini. Two of them get out from the jeep and starts whistling seeing her. Ragini notice this but tries to ignore.

Goon1- Madam, should we drop you home?
Goon2- He means to say our home.

Ragini tries to leave from there but one of them holds her hand tightly.
Ragini- Just leave my hand.
Goon2- What if I don’t?

Ragini then slaps that guy hard on his face. He looks at her with shock and anger. Ragini then somehow frees her hand and tries to run when the other one hold her tightly.

Goon1- It is impossible for you to escape from us.

Ragini tries to free herself but all in vain. They start dragging her to the jeep. She started screaming for help. Swara also comes and sees this.

Swara- Ragini….
Ragini- Swara…please help…

Swara runs to save her when the goons see her.

Goon1- Hey, drive fast…..let’s take her to the restricted area.

Till Swara could reach there, they drove away.

Swara screams her name and starts crying. She then thinks.
Swara to herself- Sans…Sanskar and Laksh are still in the college, I should…..ca.. call them.

She then runs inside the college where Sanlak were talking. They notice her coming towards them and get worried.

Laksh- Swara….what happened? Is everything fine?
Swara- Ra..Ragini……( She was getting out of breath due to crying and running)
Sanskar- what happened to her….Swara tell me?
Swara- Some goons were troubling her and when I was about to come near them….they drove away with her.
Sanskar- Swara, what the hell. I told you that this fake goon Idea will not work on me….why don’t you both get it. ( He still thinks that its Swalak’s new plan)
Laksh- But bhai, I didn’t called any fake goons trust me.
Sanskar- I’ve seen enough of your plans Laksh, don’t try to fool me. Just ask those goons to leave.

Swara then gets angry and slaps him on his face.
Swara(in an angry and crying tone)- Have you gone mad Sanskar, my sister is with those goons and you think that its our plan. Do you think that its all fake tears in my eyes. Ragini is in trouble. Please help me…please.

Sanskar becomes serious after listening this. He closes his fist in anger.

Sanskar- Do you know where they are?
Swara- No…..they just went away and till now they must have reached very far.

Swara then remembers one of the goon saying to take her to the restricted area.

Swara- Sanskar….they were talking to take here to the restricted area….I don’t know which place they were talking about.
Sanskar- Come fast…..

He then rushes outside, Swalak also follow him. They sit in his car.

Laksh- Sanskar, do you know which that place is.
Sanskar- I’m not sure whether I’m right or not but at some distance….some buildings are under construction and due to some problem worked stopped there and that place is now restricted zone. Maybe they took Ragini there only.

On the other hand, the goons stop their jeep in front of the buildings under construction( The place Sanskar mentioned). They continue dragging Ragini. She was still screaming for help and crying. Her hands were tied from back.

Goon2- In which building should we take her?
Goon 1 searches around and says- Lets take her to the building at the side as no one will get a doubt on us if we take her there. They start dragging her to the last building.

Ragini- Please leave me please….
All of them were laughing on her condition.

Goon1- Let us enjoy with you tonight, we will surely leave you tomorrow.

Ragini starts crying listening to this. They then took her to the building, during this dragging, Ragini’s locket falls on the ground. No one notice this and they take her to the top floor.

When they were gone a poor old man came and saw that locket.
Old man- God knows, who left it here. The person must be worrying for this locket.

He then took it with him.

After few minutes Sanskar and Swalak also arrive there. They got out of the car. Swara recognized the jeep in which the goons were.

Swara- Sanskar, Laksh, this is the jeep in which they took Ragini.
Laksh- That means we have reached the right place.
Sanskar- But there are so many buildings, where could have they taken Ragini.

Sanskar then looks around towards the buildings.
Sanskar- We have to divide ourselves. I will go to the right and Laksh you and Swara will go to the left.

Swalak nods and leaves. Sanksar also runs towards the right side.

Swalak were screaming Ragini’s name and were searching for her but no response. Swara starts to cry.
Laksh sees this and puts his hand on her shoulder.
Laksh- Swara, please stop crying, nothing will happen to her.
Swara- I don’t know why but my heart is continuously sinking. Its all my fault, I shouldn’t have asked her to stay outside the college when I went to bring my back. If something happens to her then I will never be able to forgive myself.
Laksh- Swara, I said na nothing will happen to her. Please don’t lose hope. See we have reached here, she must be here only, we will find her just relax.

Swara then cries and hugs him tightly. Laksh also responds to her hug. It starts raining.


(Swara- I don’t want to lose my sister again.
Laksh- You won’t lose her just trust me….everything will be fine.

He then wipes her tears.)

On the other side Sanskar is running everywhere searching for her but in vain. He is breathing heavily and is tired of running, also he is completely wet due to rain. He then sits on his knees and with full strength screams her name.
Sanskar- RAGINIII…….


(Ragini and the goons hear his scream. Ragini recognized the voice as Sanskar’s, a little smile comes on her face. She was also about to scream his name when one of the goon covered her mouth)


(Sanskar again screams- Ragini where are you? Please answer me.
Ragini who was listening all this couldn’t say anything. Tears escaped her eyes.)

Goon1- Do you think he will come here?
Goon2- No, he must be roaming here and there but he would not even think that we are on the last building.
Ragini cries listening to all this.

Sanskar was just sitting there helpless. He was reminiscing his moments with her.

He remembers the flashback-
Sanskar- I don’t believe in all this Ragini.
Ragini- You will believe one day in God.
Sanskar- We will see.
Ragini- But seriously Sanskar, whenever you are in trouble, you should just ask for help from God at least once. You will get help.
Flash back ends.

He closed his eyes and joins his hands for praying.
Sanskar- I said that I don’t believe in you, but she does. Its because of her I climbed the stairs of your temple, and what are you doing with her. Can’t you just see that she is in trouble. Whatever she said, I always believed, she even said to ask you for help when I’m in trouble…….I am asking for help, I will believe in you….I will believe in everything but please save my Ragini. I don’t want to lose her….Please. I promise, I will believe in you……I promise I will come in temple I will do everything but please show me a way to find her. I don’t know where she is, you always show way to others, please God…..please show me some way…..please.

A tear escaped his eye as he finished praying. He opened his eyes and saw the same old man coming towards him. He stands up.

Old man- are you searching for something beta?
Sanskar- Yes…..

The old man then took out the locket and stretched his hand towards him.

Old man- Is this the thing you were searching for?

Sanskar looks at the locket and is shocked to see that it’s the same Lord Krishna’s locket that Ragini have. He remembers Ragini giving it to him when he had his match saying that its lucky for her.

Sanskar took it from his hand.
Sanskar- Where did you find this locket?

The old man then points towards the last building.
Old man- I found it lying over there.

Sanskar thinks- I got it…..they must have taken her there thinking that no one will come to the last building.

Sanskar- Thank you, thank you so much for finding this locket.
Old man smiles- Beta, you should thank God, we all are just puppets of them.

Saying this, he left. Sanskar then remembers Ragini telling him that God never come to help himself, he always send someone to help you.

He then looks at the old man going away and smiles. He then calls Laksh.

Laksh- Hello….Sanskar did you find her?
Sanskar- You just come near our car with Swara, I will come after sometime with Ragini.
Laksh- OK.

Saying this he cuts the call. Laksh was looking confused when Swara asks.
Swara- Laksh, what happened, what did he say.
Laksh- He said us to come near our car and he said that he will come after sometime with Ragini.
Swara- That means, he got our Ragini.
Laksh- Yes.

Swara then took a sigh of relief and they both left towards the car.

On the other hand Sanskar also ran towards the last building.

NEXT EPISODE- Sanskar confessing his love to Ragini.

So guys this was the episode, what do you think, will Ragini reciprocate to his feelings, what will happen when Aditya will come to know that instead of Swara, Ragini became the victim and will Laksh be able to confess his feelings for Swara, keep reading to know more.
Thank you

Credit to: DC

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