Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 20)

Hello friends. I am now finally back. Sorry for such a long gap but you all know the reason. Thanks for all your love and care. I was discharged from the hospital yesterday but cant wait to continue writing so here I am back with the 20th episode of my ff. Hope you will like it-
So lets start-
RECAP- Swara comes to know that Ragini is her sister.

The episode starts with Swara running where everyone are present. Laksh also follows her. Swara reaches and looks at Ragini. This time she was looking at her with more love and shine in her eyes. She then walks towards Ragini and hugs her tightly. Ragini is a bit confused by her action. Sumi and Sanskar were also unable to understand anything. Laksh also comes and stands near Sanskar.

Sanskar- Lucky what happened to Swara suddenly?
Laksh- You will know soon.

Swara then breaks the hug and looks at Ragini with tears in her eyes.

Ragini- Swara, is everything fine?
Swara- Yes Ragini…..now everything is fine. I’ve got you, now everything will be fine.
Sumi- Shona, what do you mean?
Swara- Maa….I’ve got my sister back, I’ve got my Ragini back.

Sumi and Ragsan are shocked to hear this while Laksh smiles.

Ragini- Swara, I’m not understanding anything, say it clearly na.
Swara- I mean to say that you are my sister. You are my sister whom I lost many years ago. You are our Ragini.

Sumi gets happy listening this and tears of joy starts to flow from her eyes. Ragini is still in a utter shock as she is still not getting whatever Swara is saying.

Sumi- Shona, is it true?
Swara- Haan Maa…..remember the birth mark you saw on Ragini’s neck. You said that it matches with our Ragini. Also, today her blood group matched with papa so I asked doctor to take a DNA test of Ragini and the results are positive. She is only our Ragini.

Ragini- Swara….you are sure.
Swara- Haan Ragini, we are sisters. You are not an orphan. You have your family, we are your family.

Swara then shows her the DNA results. Tears escape Ragini’s eyes and she hugs Swara tightly. Swara also responds. ( Swaragini plays in the bg)

Sanskar also gets damn happy listening to this. Ragini then hugs Sumi.

Sumi- I knew it. I always felt a connection with you, see you are my daughter.

Nurse then comes and tells everyone that Shekhar is gaining consciousness. All of them feel relieved after hearing this. They went inside and gave the great news to Shekhar also. After hearing this he forgot all his pain. Tears started to escape his eyes and he kissed her on forehead. Ragini also got emotional and hugs him. Doctor said that he will be discharged by tomorrow.

Later when everything was solved, Swaragini thanked Sanlak and they left.

Later at night in Maheshwari Mansion:
Laksh was lying on his bed facing towards the ceiling. He was thinking about his moments spent with Swara and was smiling unknowingly. Sanskar also enters the room and notice Laksh lost in thoughts.

Sanskar- About whom are you thinking Lucky?
Laksh- Swara
Sanskar- What?
Laksh then realized what he just said.
Laksh- I mean nothing….I was thinking about that how many days are left in the competition and that Swara is still making mistakes.
Sanskar- Don’t try to act smart infront of me. I know you better. You were just thinking about Swara, right?
Laksh slowly nods and Sanskar smiles.
Laksh- No need to smile, there is nothing serious going on. Even I don’t know why I was thinking about her, it just happens sometimes. You know na that I hate her.
Sanskar- No Lucky, you used to hate her but now you have started liking her.
Laksh- Have you gone mad Sanky, I can never like her. We are enemies right.
Sanskar- So who said that enemies can’t be lover? Even you both look so adorable together.

Laksh then hits him with a pillow.
Laksh- Me with that chipkali looks adorable, you are mad Sanky.

Sanskar laughs and then goes to sleep. Before going to sleep he says to Laksh.

Sanskar- If you don’t believe me, then its fine. But if you actually want to know that you like Swara then just close your eyes and put your hand near your heart, if you see her that means you feel for her.
Laksh- I am not going to try this stupid thing.
Sanskar- Ok as you wish.
Sanskar in his mind- I am sure he will try to do this.

He then goes to sleep. Laksh looks at him to confirm if he is sleeping. He then puts his hand near his heart and closed his eyes. He then saw a girl who’s back was facing him. She was wearing a beautiful white colour gown. He then goes near that girl and put his hand on her shoulder to turn her around. The girl turns around and Laksh is shocked to see that the girl is none other than Swara who was smiling at him.

Laksh then opens his eyes and is in a utter shock.
Laksh- Swara…..how can this be possible. I hate her but now…..

Next day. It is a Sunday morning in Maheshwari Mansion. Sanskar was coming down to the living room when he heard Ap talking with Pari.
Ap- Pari, please send Adarsh to bring prasad from the temple as today again special prasad will be distributed.
Pari- Ok maa.

Sanskar thinks- Special prasad. Last time Ragini came to the temple, maybe this time also she comes.

Pari was going when Sanskar stops her-
Sanskar- Bhabhi, no need to call Adarsh bhai, I will go and bring the prasad.

Ap is surprised to see Sanskar talking like this.
Ap- Sanskar, you will go and bring the prasad, you are fine na.
Sanskar- Haan Maa….last time also I went to bring it so now also I will go and bring.

Saying this he leaves while Pari and Ap are surprised.

After sometime he reaches to the temple. He then starts climbing the stairs of the temple. A flashback comes in his mind when Swara told him on phone that according to his horoscope someone will come in his life who will change his way of living. He smiles remembering that.

Sanskar to himself- Your horoscope was right Swara, Ragini has really changed me. The boy who never went to a temple is climbing the stairs willingly to meet her. I wish she is here only.

His eyes were scanning the temple and then he looked at her.
Sanskar to himself- Yes, yes I knew it that she will be here.

He sees Ragini who gave her Aarti thali to the priest.
Ragini to God- Thank you Bhagwan Ji, you finally listened to my prayers and returned my family to me. I will always be grateful to you.

She then took the prasad from the priest and started distributing it to the people present there. Sanskar also extends his hand to her to take the prasad. Ragini sees him and gets happy.

Ragini- Sanskar, you also came here.
Sanskar- Only for prasad, my mother asked me to go and bring it otherwise you know I don’t believe in all this, by the way, I didn’t knew that you also come here every time.
Ragini- Yes, I always come here but today I came to thank God for returning my family.
Sanskar- What did God do in this. You should thank Swara as she asked the doctor to have a DNA test.
Ragini- God does not come to help us himself. They always send someone to help us, like he sent Swara.
Sanskar- Offo Ragini, why do you believe in all this.
Ragini- Offo Sanskar, why don’t you believe in all this.

Both started to laugh listening this.

Ragini- But seriously Sanskar, whenever you are in trouble, you should just ask for help from God atleast once. You will get help.
Sanskar- Ok ok fine. Now lets go.

They both talk some more and then leave.

Next day in college.

Swalak and Sanskar were sitting and talking.
Swara- So Laksh, do you have any other plan to unite Ragini and Sanskar.
Sanskar- Listen guys, I am ok like this only, no need for more plans.
Laksh- I have a brilliant plan. Why don’t we bring some fake goons to trouble Ragini and then Sanskar will take a heroic entry and will save her.
Sanskar- I think that you watch many serials nowadays.
Swara laughs listening to this.
Laksh- But what have I done, it is a good plan.
Sanskar- I don’t want to create a place in her heart by doing all this fake drama.
Swara- So should I tell Ragini about your feeling?
Sanskar- That is even worse, I will tell her on my own.
Swara- And when will that day come?
Sanskar- I don’t know.
Laksh- I am still saying that my fake goon plan will work the best.
Sanskar- Shut up Lucky. I am getting late for my class so I am going.

He then leaves.
Swara- Come on Laksh, let us also go.
Laksh- No, sit na….we will talk for some time.
Swara- You want to talk to me, since when that happened?

Laksh then tries to change the topic.
Laksh-Nothing happened, I was just getting bored so thought to talk. Ok I am also going.

He then leaves making Swara confused by his sudden reaction.

Later Aditya comes in the college. He was searching for Ragini. Suddenly he collides with a girl. That girl is none other than Ragini only.

Aditya smiles- This time I have collided with someone special.
Ragini- Did you say something?
Aditya- No actually I was just……
Ragini then smiles widely- Do you know Aditya, if I will tell you, you won’t believe.
Aditya- But what happened?
Ragini- I’ve got my family back. The family with whom I got separated many years ago, I have got them back.
Aditya- What? Really that is amazing.
Ragini- Yes now I have my parent and my sister with me. My sister studies with me only, I knew her from so long but never thought that I have relation with her.
Aditya- Who is your sister?
Ragini- Come, I will show you.

She then holds his hand and starts searching for Swara. Aditya is surprised to see this. He smirks looking at Ragini which is unnoticed by her. Sanskar who was passing from there only saw Ragini with Aditya. He felt jealous. Ragini then sees Swara who was talking with her friends.

Ragini and Aditya reached there. Ragini left his hand and said.
Ragini- This is my sister Swara.
Aditya is shocked to know that. Swara also turns and angrily stares towards him. Sanskar also comes.
Sanskar to Aditya- Hello, my name is Sanskar.
Aditya- Hello, I’m Aditya.
Sanskar- I know you. Very well.

Sanskar then looks at Ragini and says- Ragini, we are getting late for our class, come fast.
Sanskar then hold Ragini’s hand and goes away with her. Ragini was too happy because of her family reunion that she didn’t noticed anything.

Aditya was looking at Sanskar who was holding her hand. He closed his fist in anger. Swara also noticed this.
Swara- First I didn’t had any right to say something, but now because Ragini is my sister I’m warning you.
Aditya- What warning?
Swara- Don’t try to act innocent Aditya. I know that you like Ragini. But listen one thing very carefully, you are not good for her.
Aditya stares at her angrily- What do you mean?
Swara- I mean that just stay away from her. You will never get her.
Aditya smirks- Aditya gets everything he wishes for. Yes I love her and I will get her at any cost. Don’t you dare try to stop me.
Swara- I will stop you. I will never let you come near her. Did you get that.
Aditya- Listen Swara, just don’t mess with me….
Swara- I am not scared of your blackmailing. This is the last time I’m warning you, just stay away from her.

She angrily leaves while he continues staring at her.
Aditya thinks- Sorry Ragini…..but your sister is out of control. I cant bear it if someone tries to keep you away from me. First your Akka and now your sister. But don’t worry, I won’t kill herlike your Akka, I have something more dreadful for her.

At the band practice-
Laksh….as you all know that only three days are left in the competition, so we will to stay here till 6 pm for practice today and the other two days.

Everyone nods. They then start with the practice.

On the other hand, the football team coach announce that they also have to stay till 6pm for practice and some important announcement. Everyone nods.

NEXT EPISODE- Will Sanskar be able to Save Ragini…….or will something terrible happen with her?

So this was the episode, hope you all liked it. Please do comment.

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