Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 2)


Hello guys, Thanks for reading my ff. I am really surprised by such a good response.
So let’s Start-
RECAP- Swalak fight and Laksh talking about Swara’s non- existing sister with Sanskar. Ragini’s entry.

Ragini is shown singing in a concert. The audience is enjoying her voice. Little kids are also sitting and listening. Two ladies are talking to each other.
Lady 1- This girl has a beautiful voice. She is the star of this orphanage concert.
Lady 2- She always sings in this orphanage functions. We have completed 13 years of this orphanage. But the worst part is that Ragini was never able to go back to her family. We tried finding her parents a lot but nothing happened.
Lady 1- Where was she lost?
Lady 2- She was lost in Kolkata, the head of our orphanage bought her here but died after a year and so we shifted somewhere else as he had taken loan and we were not able to return them the loan. But Ragini is just like my daughter, and even she is not ready to leave us.
Ragini finish singing songs and everyone clap. She smiles. Later when the function is over, the children gather around her and praises her singing.
Kid1- Ragini di, you sang very good.
Ragini- Thank you.
Kid2- But we will not talk to you.
Ragini- Why?
Kid2- Because you didn’t gave us chocolates from many days.
Ragini- Oh, sorry I was busy with the functions work.
Kid2- No Di, I won’t talk to you.
The child then makes an angry pout face and the other children also follow her.
Ragini- Ok then, I thought that I will give you two chocolates each this time but you are not talking to me so what can I do.(She says this and takes out some chocolates from her bag)
Kids- No no, we are talking to you, how can we ignore our Ragini di, we were just joking.
Ragini laughs and give them chocolates, they all hug her.

On the other side, at Kolkata college Laksh and Swara are attending the same class. They both are sitting next to each other and passing each other death glares. The teacher then comes.
Teacher- Students, you all have been lately getting bad marks, so I’ve decided to do a surprise test to see that who is studying properly and who are just busy in singing and playing guitar.( he says that while looking towards Laksh and Swara)
All students get schocked, especially Swalak.
Swara- What test, I haven’t studied anything, I don’t want to get “D” again.
Laksh- Stupid teacher and stupid test. Today my luck is not working. Who’s face did I saw in the morning? Oh I remember I saw your face. (He says this while looking towards Swara).
Swara gets angry- Shut up, Mr Laksh or else I won’t spare you.
Laksh- And as if I am scared of you.
Swara stares at him and the test begin.
Swara is concentrating on the paper and trying to do it when she hears- Tick, tick, tick, tick….
She then sees Laksh making this sound by hitting his desk with the pen in his hand.
Swara- Laksh….
Laksh looks at her- What now?
Swara points towards his pen but he understand nothing and continue making those noises.
Swara- I am trying to do a test and you are diverting my attention by making those irritating sounds.
Laksh- Even I am tensed and I usually do make noises like this to feel good.
Swara- I don’t care, stop it now.
Laksh- I am not your servant, who will obey you, even your servant would also not obey you. I will not stop this. Got it.

They continue arguing and the teacher looks at them. He gets angry and asks them to go and stand outside. They both go out of the class.
Swara- See what you did idiot, you spoiled everything. Now I will get an F.
Laksh- Why are you screaming at me, I am also out and standing next to you which is the worst thing for me. And for your kind information, you would be getting F in both the cases, whether you give the test or not.
Swara- What do you want to say.
Laksh- I want to say what I always say that you are idiot, stupid useless and many more, I even don’t remember the names by which I call you.
Swara- I hate you Laksh.
Laksh smiles and says- I hate you too Chudail.
They continue arguing while Sanskar comes there. He sees them fighting.
Sanskar- What yaar guys, you always keep fighting, it feels like my only job in this college is to stop both of you from fighting.
Laksh who is still angry from him- Ask your Ms Perfect Swara. Becoz of her, I missed my test. The paper was so easy, I would be getting full marks.
Swara- Hahaha, you will get full marks only in your dream, becoz of you I missed my test. You are at fault not me.
Sanskar thinks to himself- God knows when they will stop fighting.

On the other hand at the orphanage.
Ragini- No I said that I won’t leave you all. I will not go to Kolkata and that is final.
Lady- Ragini beta, you are very good at studies and colleges here are not so good. There is one college in Kolkata which is one of the best college. I want you to go and study there.
Ragini- But I am fine over here. How will I live without you all.
Lady- Ragini I was never able to do anything for you but now I want you to go and study at a good place, I want you to secure your future. Don’t I have this much right on you.
Ragini gets upset. She hugs her and says- You have full right on me but…
Lady- No buts….you are going and that is final. Don’t worry about anything. I have a friend of mine in Kolkata. Her daughter also studies there and she is ready to keep you at her home. Please go there, they are very good people and will take care of you.
Ragini agrees.
So this was today’s episode, hope you liked it. If not then please don’t feel bad to tell me, I will stop this ff in no less time promise. But if you like it then plz comment.
Thanks for reading.

Credit to: DC

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