Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 19)

Hello friends. Sorry sorry sorry that I didn’t updated it yesterday as I was busy with some work. I am back with the 19th episode of my ff. Hope you will like it.
So lets start-
RECAP- Swara’s care for Laksh. Pooja tries to hurt Ragini but Sanskar saves her. Laksh takes Swaragini for Sanskar’s match. Sanskar wins the match.

The episode starts with Sanskar receiving the trophy and coming back to Swaragini and Laksh.

Ragini- Congratulations Sanskar I knew that you will win.
Sanskar- Thanks Ragini it all happened because of your trust.
Laksh (sarcastically)- Accha Beta only thanks to Ragini not to me.
Sanskar- Ok baba thanks to you too.
Swara- So you have to say thanks to me too I also wished for your victory.
Sanskar- Offo you all are……ok Thank you everyone. Thanks a lot. Now happy.

All four of them starts laughing. Sanskar then hand’s Ragini back her locket.

Ragini- Now you believe in God?
Sanskar- Its not so easy to believe so easily but thanks for the locket.
Ragini- I’m sure that one day you will start believing in God and these lucky charms.
Sanskar smiles and nods.
Sanskar to himself- Whatever you say Ragini but for me my lucky charm is not this locket or God. You are lucky for me and that is what really matters to me.

Swaragini and Sanlak kwwp talking and laughing when Swara’s phone rings. She sees that it’s a call from Sumi and picks it up.

Swara- Haan Maa…..what happened?
Sumi- Swara, where are you and Ragini?
Swara- Maa me and Ragini are here with Sanskar and Laksh. What happened?
Sumi in a crying tone- Come fast to the city hospital.
Swara senses her crying voice and gets tensed.
Swara- Maa….but who is in the hospital, is everything fine?
Sumi- Your papa…..

Swara gets shocked.
Swara- Maa please tell na what happened to him.
Sumi- Shekhar is admitted in the hospital. He met with an accident…….doctor is saying that his condition is very critical. Please come fast.

Sumi continues crying and ends the call. Swara is hell shocked. Ragini and Sanlak also get worried seeing her like this. Swara was not able to utter a word. Her legs strted to tremble, she was about to loose her balance and fall when Laksh tightly holds her by her arms.

Laksh- Swara, what happened?
Ragini- Haan Swara…..why are you so tensed. What did Maa say on the phone please tell na.
Swara- Papa…..he met with an accident.
Ragini- What!!!

Ragini is also very shocked.
Swara- he is admitted in the hospital. I have to go there.
Laksh- Swara….wait. Sanskar and I will also come with you and Ragini.
Sanskar- Yes Swara, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Now come fast lets go.

Saying this they both run to the hospital where Sumi was crying badly.

Swara- Maa….where is Papa. I need to see him right now.
Ragini- Haan Maa…how is he. Please tell us where he is.
Sumi- He is in the ICU. I don’t know what to do. I am very scared.
Ragini- Maa….please calm down. Everything will be fine.

All of them then move towards the ICU. Swaragini are crying badly and Sanlak are consoling them. Doctor comes out and says that Shekhar’s condition is getting worse. Swara becomes numb for a moment after hearing this. Laksh comes towards her.

Laksh- Swara just calm down.
Swara again starts crying badly.
Swara- How can I calm down Laksh. Papa is in the ICU, Even doctor is saying that his condition is getting worse. If something happens to him then I will…..
Laksh holds her hand tightly.
Laksh- Swara, nothing will happen. Just believe me. I’m sure that uncle will be fine.

Swara was still continuously crying. Laksh takes out a handkerchief and wipes her tears.

Laksh- Swara please stop crying. You know what, you look very bad when you cry. You have to be brave, I said na that nothing will happen to him. Just trust me.

Swara looks at him and calms down a little.

On the other hand Ragini was also crying. Sanskar came and gives her water.

Sanskar- Drink it, you will feel better.
Ragini- I don’t want to drink Sanskar.
Sanskar- Ragini please trust me, nothing will happen. You first drink water.

He then makes her drink but she continues crying.

Ragini- I don’t know why but the day I came in their house, I felt a strange connection towards everyone. It feels as if they are my family. I don’t want to lose them.
Sanskar- You wont lose anyone Ragini. You said you believe in God. So trust him, have faith in him. I’m sure that everything will be fine very soon.

Ragini nods. Later Doctor comes out. Everyone ask him about Shekhar.

Doctor- The patient had met with a terrible accident and have lost blood. We need blood asap to save him.
Swara- I’m his daughter. I’m ready to give my blood.
Doctor- But his blood group is O negative. Is your blood group the same?
Swara- No, my blood group is not the same.
Doctor- Then we have to wait till we get the same blood group.
Ragini- No need to waiy Doctor. My blood group is the same. I am ready to give my blood.
Doctor- That is great. Are you also his daughter. Because this blood group is very rare and is usually found in a blood relation only.

Swara looks at Ragini with a doubt after hearing doctor’s words.

Ragini- No, I am just like his daughter, Please take my blood and save him.
Doctor- Ya sure……we have got the blood and so now we will be able to save him on time.

Everyone gets happy but Swara is still thinking about Ragini. She reminisces Sumi telling her about Ragini’s birth mark, she reminisces how she always felt a strange connection towards her.

Swara thinks- Ragini’s blood group is the same as Papa’s. The day she came in my house, I felt as if I got my sister back. Not only me but Maa and Papa also felt the same thing. Maa also told me about the birth mark Ragini have matches with our Ragini. This all cannot be just a coincidence. I remember how Ragini told me that she was found near a temple and was taken to the orphanage when she was five. Our Ragini was also five when she got kidnapped. Maybe the kidnapper only before being caught left her near the temple. Maybe she is only our Ragini. I have only one way to figure it out.

She then sees doctor taking Ragini inside for giving the blood. Ragini went inside when Swara stops the doctor.

Swara- Doctor, I want you to do a DNA test of Mr. Shekhar Gadodia and Ragini and I want this work to be done secretly.
Doctor- But, we cant do this. We need permission…..

Swara then joins her hand infront of the doctor.
Swara- Doctor please, I’ve got this only hope to know the truth. Please help me, I’m ready to do all the formalities but please don’t say no.

After much request the doctor finally agreed. Some minutes later Ragini came back after giving her blood. Sumi thanked her.

Sumi- Thank you Ragini. Because of you Shekhar will be cured.
Ragini- Maa what are you saying. It was my duty. That is not fair you call me as your daughter and then you thank me.

Sumi smiles and hugs her. Swara and Sanlak also get happy seeing this.

One hour later, doctor comes out and says to everyone.
Doctor- Congratulations. The patient is out danger. He is now recovering very fast, Everything is fine.

Everyone gets happy and takes a sigh of relief. Doctor was going when Swara stops him.

Swara- Doctor what about the DNA test?
Doctor- You will get the results after sometime so just wait.
Swara- Ok.

Swara starts praying- God please let Ragini be only my sister. I always knew that my sister is alive and I will soon find her. You have given me this hope, please don’t take it away.

After sometime Doctor calls Swara without the attention of others and hands her the result file.

Swara- Thanks you doctor. Thanks a lot. By the way, what are the results?
Doctor- Well…..you can look at the file yourself and find out.
Swara- Ok fine.

Doctor wents inside, Swara was about to open the file when she saw Ragini and Sanskar talking.

Swara thinks- I don’t think that I should open the file here. Ragini, Maa everyone is here. I don’t want to give them a false hope, I don’t want to hurt them. I will open it at somewhere else.

Swara then takes the file and moves to the other side of the hospital.

Here Ragini and Sanskar are talking.
Sanskar- Now you are fine?
Ragini- Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.
Sanskar- Offo Ragini, you again started this Thank you business.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini- But seriously Sanskar whenever I need someone, I always find you with me.
Sanskar- I will always be with you, no matter what happens.

Ragini smiles and they both continue talking. Sumi then searches around for Swara and asks Ragini about this too.

Ragini- Maa….Swara was here only, I will go and call her.

She was going when Laksh stops her.

Laksh- Ragini, you stay here, I will go and look for her. She maybe around only.

Ragini nods and Laksh leaves.

Swara goes to the other side of the hospital. She then takes out the cover of the file. Her heart beat was increasing every second. She was continuously praying to God for positive reports. She had removed the cover but was not able to get the courage to look at it. Finally she sighs deeply and takes a glance on the reports. Laksh was also looking for her.

She looked at the report and her heart stopped beating for a moment. Her mouth opened wide in shock. She couldn’t move, she just stood there numb. Tears were flowing down from her eyes. All her moments with Ragini flashed on her mind. Her eyes were stuck on the paper. Laksh also saw her and came towards her.

Laksh- Swara, what are you doing over here. Everyone was searching for you.

Swara then turns around and he noticed tears in her eyes.

Laksh- Swara, why are you crying now. Uncle if fine. No need to worry just listen……

Before he could complete his sentence Swara hugged him tightly. He was surprised by her sudden reaction. A big smile came on Swara’s face. Slowly and slowly Laksh also responded by hugging her back.

Laksh- Swara is everything fine?
Swara- Ra…Ragini….she is my sister.
Laksh also becomes shocked after hearing this.
Laksh- What are you saying Swara, are you sure?

Swara then breaks the hug and shows him the DNA result.
Swara- Haan Laksh, just look at them. Ragini is my sister. I knew it that nothing can happen to my Ragini. See I was right. I was right Laksh….my sister is alive.

Saying this she again hugs him tightly. Laksh sees the result and he also gets happy.

Laksh- That’s a great news Swara. But please stop crying now. Just go and tell everyone this good news.
Swara- You are right…..I have to tell everyone. Maa will be super happy, and Ragini, she will not believe me for some time. Even I can’t believe this. Its all like a dream.
Laksh- Its not a dream Swara…..its the reality. Now let’s go and tell everyone the truth.

Swara nods and runs towards where the others are. Laksh also smiles and follows her.

NEXT EPISODE- Everyone comes to know the truth. Laksh realizes his Love for Swara. Swalak’s next plan to unite Ragsan.

So this was today’s episode+. Hope you all liked it. If so then please comment. Thank you.

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