Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 18)

Hello guys. Here I am again with the 18th episode of my ff. Hope you will like it. Also the character of Pooja in this will be played by Hiba Nawab.
So lets start-
RECAP- Goons beat Laksh badly. Ragsan come for Swalak’s help. Goons run away seeing Ragini and Swalak’s care for each other.

The episode starts at night in Gadodia house. Swara went to the kitchen to drink water. When she was going back to her room she saw Sumi sitting in Living room lost in some deep thoughts. She came near her and asked.

Swara- Maa, what happened is everything fine?
Sumi- Yes Swara everything is fine, don’t worry.
Swara- But Maa you look tensed what happened?
Sumi- Today, I noticed a birth mark on Ragini’s neck. Even our Ragini had the same mark. I was just thinking about that.

Swara also starts to develop a doubt about it.

Sumi- Even whenever I touch her, I feel like I’m touching my Ragini. I don’t know why but the day Ragini came here to live with us, I feel as if my Ragini is back.

She starts crying and Swara consoles her.
Swara- Maa……please stop crying. You should be happy that Ragini is with us. You should thank God that he sent Ragini to us.

Sumi nods and Swara hugs her.
Sumi- Ok……now you go and sleep. Its already too late and you have your college tomorrow.
Swara- Ok Maa….gud night.

She then leaves but Ragini’s birth mark thing was still echoing in her mind.

On the Other hand goons came to Aditya’s place.
Aditya- Is the work done?
Goon1- Yes, we beat that guy. A girl was also with him. Her name was Swara. She was protesting so we have to hit her too.
Aditya smirks- I have no problem with that. She is always trying to be oversmart. I’m happy that they got a lesson.
Goon1- Yes but when we were beating them your girl also came there so we……

Before he could complete his sentence, Aditya angrily held his collar.
Aditya- Don’t you dare say that you did something to her otherwise I’ll kill you.
Goon1- No…no boss, we left when she came, trust us.
Aditya- Ok fine. Your work is done so leave now.

He then handed them a bag full of money and they left.

Aditya thinks- Just some more days Ragini, let the comepetition end and I will tell you about my feeling and will make you mine forever.
He then laughs evily.

Next day morning in Maheshwari Mansion-
Sanskar- Have you lost it Lucky? Just look at your condition. Yesterday, you were not able to move and today you want to go to college.
Laksh- Sanky, I am absolutely fine. Yesterday I had some aching but today everything is fine and I will come to college.
Sanskar- Just look at your face, its nearly swollen with marks.

Laksh then looks at himself in the mirror and smiles.
Laksh-Are you jealous Sanky, that in this state also I’m looking more handsome than you.

Sanskar then slaps him on his back.
Laksh- Ouch, are you crazy, I’ve got hurt and you are hitting me.
Sanskar- Because you deserved the slap.
Laksh- That’s not fair, I deserved the slap because I am more handsome than you?
Sanskar- Stop it Yaar Lucky. I am already tensed about my match today.
Laksh- Yes I remember, today is again your football match.
Sanskar- And this time if we lose, we will be disqualified.

Laksh then gets and idea and smiles.
Laksh- Don’t worry Sanky, this time you wont lose.
Sanskar- How are you so sure?
Laksh- You just wait and watch.

Sanskar is confused by his words but doesn’t pay much heed to it. They both leave for the college. Later at college, Swara sees Laksh and she angrily walks towards him.

Swara- Laksh are you mad? Why did you came to college today? Just look at your condition, you should have rested at home and…….
Laksh- Shh…relax madam. I’m fine. And from when did you started to care so much for me.

Swara was quiet for a moment as she herself didn’t know the answer.

Swara- Excuse me, why will I be worried for you. I was just asking to show humanity.
Laksh- Thanks for your humanity. By the way if you remember, we have our competition after 9 days and so we have to practice and for that I need to be present with you all.
Swara- Ok fine?
Laksh- Swara, I want to hear something.
Swara- What?
Laksh- Arre….I have saved you yesterday from goons so you should at least say a thanks to me.
Swara- Don’t even think that I will say thanks to you.
Laksh- That is so mean. I saved you and….
Swara- I didn’t asked you to save me. I would have handled it all myself.
Laksh- Yes, I saw how you were handling yesterday by screaming and crying for help.

Swara gets angry and was about to leave when Laksh blocks her way.

Laksh- First say thanks and then leave.
Swara- Ok thanks.( She said this in a irritated tone)
Laksh- Say it with some politeness Swara.
Swara then plasters a fake smile on her face and says- Thanks Laksh, Thanks for saving me.
Laksh- Aww Swara…..you look so cute when you say thanks to me.
Swara then makes faces and leaves.

Later Ragini was passing from the corridor when Pooja notices her.
Pooja thinks- This girl is always after my Sanskar and I cant let this happen. Sanskar is only mine and no other girl could snatch him from me.

Ragini then passes from where Pooja was standing. Pooja intentionally put her leg in front causing Ragini to slip. Unfortunately for Pooja she didn’t notices that Sanskar was coming from the other side. Ragini falls on him making him fall as well.


(Ragini’s hair fall on his face causing him to shut his eyes. He then slowly remove her hair and then look at her angelic face. Pooja was fuming in anger seeing all this.)


(Ragini’s and Sanskar’s locket get stuck with each other because of which when Ragini tried to get up, the locket forced her to come more close to him. They both have an eyelock. Sanskar then helps her to free their lockets and both get up)

Ragini- I’m sorry, actually I was just…..
Pooja- Now stop your drama Ragini. I know that you slipped intentionally.
Sanskar- What the hell are you saying Pooja. Just control your tongue.
Ragini- No Pooja, it wasn’t intentional….
Pooja- Oh please Ragini. I know your type of girls very well. You do these kind of drama to get boys. blo*dy cheap….
Sanskar shouts- Pooja…..dont you dare. I respect girls that is why I’m leaving you but don’t you dare say anything against her. And about whom are you talking, have you ever looked at yourself. You are always after…..
Ragini- Sanskar leave it, let it go.

Pooja then walks away stamping her foot in anger.

Sanskar- Ragini, just don’t believe what she say. She is always saying nonsense.
Ragini- Its ok Sanskar, don’t worry. I am fine. Ok I need to go as we have our competition practice.
Sanskar- Ok go.
Ragini leaves. Sanskar also smiles and leaves.

In the practice room everyone asked Laksh about his injuries and he made false story to convince them.
Later when the practice was over, everyone leaves and Swara notices Laksh touching the place near his mouth and wincing in pain as that part was injured. She then walks towards him.


(Swara- is it paining?
Laksh- No not much. Actually after singing, it is paining a bit.
Swara then takes out an antiseptic cream from her bag.)


( Swara-Let me apply this cream, you will feel better.
Laksh- No, there is no need….
Swara- Just be quiet and let me do it.
Laksh then doesn’t say anything and Swara applies cream on his injured place near his mouth. While she was doing this Laksh was continuously looking at her.)

Swara- Done, now you will be fine after sometime.
Laksh- Swara, is everything fine?
Swara- Yes, why?
Laksh- Because you never behave so nicely with me.

Swara again tries to hide her care.
Swara- Haan…haan. Everything is fine. I told you that I was just doing this to show some humanity.
Laksh- Yes yes, you and your humanity.

Swara then starts to leave when Laksh stops her.
Laksh- Swara, today is Sanky’s match and I want you and Ragini to also come for the match because if Ragini will be there then I am sure Sanky will win.
Swara smiles- Ok, I will bring her.
She then leaves.

Later at football stadium, Laksh and Swaragini come. Sanskar also came there before the match started. He was surprised to see Ragini also there.

Sanskar then whispers to Laksh- What was the need to bring Ragini here? I don’t want to lose in front of her.
Laksh- so then win.
Sanskar- What?
Laksh- I brought Ragini here because I knew that you cant lose in front of her so you have to win this time.
Sanskar nods- Maybe you are right.

Swaragini also come there and wish Sanskar all the best for the match. Sanskar smiles and thanks them. Anouncement then happens for the players to come. Sanskar then starts to leave when Ragini stops him.

Ragini- Sanskar, wait?

Ragini then takes out a locket of Lord Krishna from her neck and hands it to him.

Sanskar- Why are you giving me this locket?
Ragini- Actually Akka gave me this locket when I was small. Since that day, I consider this as my lucky charm. I never give this locket to anyone but thought to give it to you. Maybe its Lucky for you as well.
Sanskar- Thanks Ragini but actually I don’t believe in God and their lockets.
Ragini- But I believe and I also believe that if you will wear it then you will surely win. So please take it.

Sanskar couldn’t say anymore no to her and took that locket from her. He thanked her and left.

Everything worked as Laksh thought. Sanskar won this match. Maybe because of his lucky charm Ragini or maybe because of Ragini’s lucky charm, her locket. But whatever it was, Sanskar had won the match. Swaragini and Sanlak were all very happy.

Screen freezes on their happy faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara comes to know that Ragini is her sister.

Sorry guys, as I didn’t show Swara knowing the truth in this episode. I promise to show it in the next update. If you liked it then please comment. Thank you.

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