Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 17)


Hallo Guys. I am here with the 17th episode of my ff. Hope you will like it too. Also sorry for not replying on your previose comments.
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Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 16)

So lets start-
RECAP- Swalak’s plan no. 1 to unite Ragsan. Ragsan sweet talk. Some goons after Laksh.

The episode starts with Swalak going to the ice cream stall when some goons follow them. Laksh was about to order for ice cream when one of the goons turn him around and punch him on his face. Laksh is shocked and so is Swara.

Laksh- What the hell. Why did you hit me.

He was about to hit him back when the other goon hit him on his leg by the hockey stick.

Swara screams- Laksh
Goon 1- Just keep your mouth shut otherwise you will also face the same consequences as him.
Swara- No I won’t. Just stop this now otherwise I will call the police.

Goon 1 gets angry and slaps her hard. She falls on the ground. Laksh’s anger starts boiling seeing this. He gets up and punches that goon hard on his face.

Laksh- How dare you hit her. Just stay away from her. Even if she get a little scratch I will kill you all.
Goon2- If that is so then show us what you can do.

He was about to hit him with the hockey stick when Laksh snatches it from his and starts beating him instead. He beats him so hard that the stick also broke. Other goons were being also beaten up by him when the first goon thought something. He then held Swara from her hair and took out a gun.

Goon1- If you hit my men anymore she will be dead.
Swara- No please leave me.

Swara is wincing in pain. Laksh sees this and stops beating others.
Laksh- Listen, do whatever you want to do with me. What is the need to put a girl in this matter. Just leave her.

He was moving towards them when one of the goons punch him on his stomach. Others also join and starts beating him badly.

Swara- No please leave him. What have he done. Please leave him please.
Goon1- You just shut up (He said while pulling Swara’s hair even more)

Swara screams in pain. She starts crying seeing Laksh being beaten up and starts screaming for help.

Swara- Please someone please help. Sanskar, Ragini please help.

She starts to scream even more louder. Thankfully her scream reached to Ragsan.

Ragini- Sanskar, this voice is of Swara. I think she is in trouble. Lets go.

Sanskar hurriedly nods and they both run to see what is happening. Sanskar is damn shocked seeing his brother in this condition. Ragini also gets worried. They run towards them. Swara sees them coming and screams.

Swara- Sanskar please save Laksh. Please do something fast.
Goon1 who was holding Swara, only saw Sanskar but didn’t saw Ragini.

Sanskar came for Laksh’s rescue and helped him by beating some of the goons. Laksh was not in a condition to move. His head was spinning, his nose and mouth was bleeding and his whole body was aching.

Swara was still trying to get free from his hold. She then kicked hard on his feet. She was wearing heels due to which he felt pain and left her. She ran towards Laksh who was about to faint.

Swara- Laksh, are you fine.( she herself didn’t know as to why she felt like crying seeing him in this state).
Laksh didn’t reply. He was just holding her hand and fainted.
Swara- Laksh are you listening to me….Laksh.
Ragini- Swara, I think he had fainted. Don’t worry everything will be right.

There Sanskar was fighting with those goons when he got hurt in his hand. His hand started to bleed a lot. Ragini saw this and got worried. She ran towards him and held his hand.

Ragini- Sanskar are you fine. Your hand is bleeding heavily.
Sanskar- Ragini you please stay aside, let me handle this.
Ragini- No I am not leaving you. Please end this fight. Let us all go.
Sanskar- Ragini, they wont leave us. We have to fight please be aside. Please.
Ragini- Sanskar I said that I wont leave you.
Sanskar- Ragini if something happens to you then what will I do.

Ragini is shocked and confused to hear that.

Sanskar- I mean that I cant let anything happen to my friends. Please Ragini this is the last time I am asking you to leave. Please go.

Goon 1 then sees Ragini and gets shocked. Another goon was going to hit Ragini when Goon1 stops his hand. He then whispers in his ear-

Goon1- Have you gone mad. She is the girl whom our boss loves. If something happen to her then he wont leave us.
Goon2- Then what should we do?
Goon1- I think we should leave now. That guy must have got enough. ( He said it while looking towards Laksh who had fainted holding Swara’s hand.)

The goons then leave. Sanskar is still confused as to what happened that they left. He gets up, his hand was still bleeding. Ragini takes out a handkerchief and ties it on his hand.

Ragini- Is it fine now?
Sanskar didn’t reply as he was just looking at her.
Ragini- Sanskar….
Sanskar- Yes
Ragini- Is your hand fine now?
Sanskar- Yes you don’t worry. I am fine.

Sanskar then sees Swalak and runs towards them. He then helps Laksh to get in the car. Laksh was still holding her hand tightly and Swara also didn’t wanted to leave him so she sat next to him in the car. His head was resting on her shoulder. Ragini sat next to Sanskar.

Sanskar- First I will leave you both to your home.
Ragini- No Sanskar, just see Laksh’s situation.
Sanskar- Ragini don’t worry, he will be fine. I have called the doctor and he must be coming to our house. You both relax. He will be fine soon.

Sanskar then looks at his car mirror where he could see Swalak together. A little smile came on his face.

Sanskar- Swara, do you know who they were?
Swara- No Sanskar, even Laksh didn’t know why they were hitting him. Something is really wrong. I noticed them when they were about to hit Ragini but then they back off. I don’t know what all is happening.

Ragini and Sanskar looked at each other. They were both as confused as Swara.

Sanskar then drops Swaragini home and then leave for his home too.

Everyone were shocked to see Laksh in this state.

Dp- Sanskar what happened to Laksh.
Ap also got worried.
Sanskar- Nothing Papa, he just met with an accident.
Ap- What? Sanskar why weren’t you with him at that time.
Sanskar- Sorry Maa but I have called a doctor and he must be coming.

Till then the doctor also arrives and Sanskar carries Laksh upstairs for the check up.

Here Sumi and Shekhar were also worried for Swara.
Sumi- Swara what happened? Why are you looking so dull. Ragini what happened to her?
Ragini- Nothing Maa. Everything is fine. She is just tired. Nothing more.
Shekhar- Are you sure beta?
Swara- Yes Papa, I am sure nothing has happened. Just relax.

She puts on a fake smile and then Swaragini both go to their room.

Ragini- Are you fine Swara?
Swara- Yes Ragini, I am fine. I am just worried for Laksh. I wish that he is fine.
Ragini smiles- Its good to see your care for Laksh.

Swara then tries to hide her care and calmly says- I am not caring for him. I am just worried because he had been beaten up because of me otherwise he would have handled the situation.
Ragini knew that Swara was lying and was worried for Laksh but didn’t show it. She just smiled at her.

At the other side Laksh started to gain consciousness. Sanskar was also in the same room. He saw him gaining consciousness and came and sat next to him.

Sanskar- Lucky are you fine?
Laksh- Yes, I am fine. But where is Swara. Is she ok?
Sanskar was glad to hear the concern in his voice for Swara.
Sanskar- Yes she is ok. I am happy to see your care for him.

Laksh also tried to hide the concern in his voice and again being normal he said- Why will I care for her. She was just with those goons that is why I was asking otherwise the goons had to worry being with that Swara Gadodia.

Sanskar laughs listening to this and asks him to relax. He then gets a call from Ragini.

Sanskar- Hello.
Ragini- Hello Sanskar, is everything fine there? I mean Laksh is fine.
Sanskar- Yes Ragini, he had gained consciousness. He is fine.
Ragini- what about your hand?
Sanskar- Its fine too. Thanks for care.
Ragini- Ok, now you are saying Thank you. In the park you were giving me so many lectures and now you are only saying thank you.
Sanskar laughs- Ok sorry sorry. My fault. By the way, how is Swara.
Ragini- She is fine too. Actually she was getting worried for Laksh.
Sanskar- Here also Laksh was getting worried for her.
Ragini smiles- I told you that their care hides in their fights.
Sanskar- Yes Ragini. You were right.
Ragini- Ok bye Sanskar, take care.
Sanskar- Ok bye. See you tomorrow.

Both smile and cut the phone. Sanskar then looks at his hand on which Ragini had tied her handkerchief. He smiles seeing this.
Screen freezes on his face.

NEXT EPISODE- Swara to know soon that Ragini is her sister.

Hope you all liked this episode too. Please continue commenting. Thank you.

Credit to: DC

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  1. Superb. …waiting for next epi

    1. Thanks….I will update soon

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    I couldn’t express what to say …I just ….I just loved it like hell ….u have fulfiied my wish dear …thanks a lot …..thank u so much …..
    Laksh care for Swara ….aww ! I never thought that ….u just nailed it today ….love u loads …. love u …love u ….I want to give a bone crushing hug to u now …..
    Super DC !!! Outstanding …..
    Is there any word to describe u ……let me to know I will add that also ..ha ha ha …..
    Such a fabulous writer ….
    Keep smiling always !

    1. Aww…..thank you so so much. Even I cant explain in word how happy I am after reading your comment. Love you loads

  3. Awesome sanky ka ek dialogue to kamal tha yar.. If anything happened to u wt l I do…aww sanky….

    1. I am happy that you liked it. Thanx a lot

  4. Looking forward to knw hw swara ill react aft knwng ragini s truth

    1. Yes she will know it soon

  5. Very nice.loved swalak scene.they were awesome today.hope swara gets to know about ragini soon.waiting for the next episode.

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  8. DC its awesome…swalak and ragsan rockzzz

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  10. dear i have no words to explain. ur epi is awsm. hope yesterday cmnt also u saw. bcos i cmnted lately. haan today’s epi ……i’m feeling sad 4 ragsan but feeling veryy sad for swalak.
    when goons punch lak in his stomach then i felt pain n when goon pulled swa’s hair then i felt smone pulling my hair. u r amazing…….
    and abt precap i’m very excited. when swalak hide their care for each other thats also cute dear. keep it up. keep smiling …. love u loads

    1. Thanks a lot Aastha. And yes I saw ur comment on my previous update. I am glad u liked todays episode.

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