Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 16)


Hello my friends. This is my 16th episode . I am glad with your responses. Thanks for liking this ff so much. Silent reader, thanks a lot.
So lets start-

RECAP- Ragini hugs Sanskar. Swalak trying to convince Sanskar about their plan.

The episode starts with Sanskar rejecting Swalak’s idea and going away when Swara speaks.

Swara- Ok Sanskar, if you want to go then go. We were just trying to help you but you….I think that Aditya is a better choice for Ragini than you.

Sanskar stops at Aditya’s name.

Sanskar- What do you mean?
Laksh- Sanky, I didn’t told you before but Aditya also loves Ragini.
Swara- And that is the reason we were trying to unite you both because we know that Aditya is not a good guy for Ragini. But is seems like you are not interested, then why should we waste our time trying?

She acts to be angry and turn around and winks at Laksh. He understands her plan and joins her.

Laksh- Yes Swara, we should leave as he is not worried for anything then why should we be?
Swara- Yes right.

They both act to leave when Sanskar stops them. Swalak then look at each other and smile but still put on an angry face infront of him.

Sanskar- Ok fine, I am sorry…..I didn’t know that Aditya part.

Swara- Hmm….fine you are my friend that is why I am forgiving you but you have to help us.
Laksh- Yes especially when Aditya is around. We should keep Ragini away from him.
Sanskar nods.

Swara- So from now we three will together solve this problem.
Swasanlak then join hands.

On the other hand Ragini is at home still thinking about Akka when Sumi comes and notice this. She comes and sits next to her.

Sumi- Ragini, are you fine beta.
Ragini- Yes Aunty, I am fine.
Sumi- Ragini, your Akka was my good friend also. I know what you are feeling but nothing will happen if you will continue crying. You have to be brave na.
Ragini- I know aunty. But she was just like my mother. I am missing her a lot.
Sumi- Arre….why do you always call me aunty. You treat me as your mother so call me Maa.

Ragini looks at her. Sumi caresses her hair.
Sumi- You are just like my daughter Ragini. Even I will love to hear mother from your mouth.
Ragini gets emotional and hugs her.
Ragini- Maa….

Sumi also gets emotional hearing it from her mouth. She then notices a birth mark on Ragini’s neck.

Sumi to herself- My Ragini also had the same birth mark. How can this be possible, she has the same mark as her.

Screen then shifts again to college. College is over and everyone are going back to their home. Swalak are standing there discussing about their plan.

Swara- So what is the plan?
Laksh- Why don’t we just let Ragini and Sanky meet each other today.
Swara- What will be new in that? They meet each other every day.
Laksh- I know but they meet in college and the atmosphere here cannot blossom love.
Swara- I am still not getting it.
Laksh- Because you are an idiot.
Swara- Laksh.
Laksh- Ok sorry. Listen, why don’t we make them meet in a park in the evening today. They will talk they will know each other more and then maybe Ragini also starts feeling something for Sanky.
Swara- I still doubt on this plan but there is no harm in trying.
Laksh- So today at 7 pm we will make them meet at the park.
Swara- Ok.

She turns around and collides with none other than Aditya.

Aditya- Uff you both. Whenever I enter this college I have to collide either with you or with this idiot.
Swara- Excuse me Mr….I was…
Laksh- Swara leave it. No need to waste your time talking with him. By the way Aditya, I must say that you are very free right now. That is why you always end up coming here.
Aditya- I came here to discuss something with the principal, so it will be better if you stop taunting.
Laksh- What if I don’t.
Aditya closes his fist in anger- Listen Lucky, I am really not in a mood to talk right now. College is over so its better if you leave.
Laksh- I am leaving….I also have no interest in talking to you.

He then leaves. Swara also stares at Aditya and leaves.

Aditya to himself- Now I really need to do something about him.

In evening at Swaragini’s home:
Swara- Ragini come on lets go out.
Ragini- I don’t want to go anywhere.
Swara- Ragini, I know that you are sad because of what happened. That is why I want you to come out with me so that you will feel better. Please na Ragini….
Ragini- But Swara where are we going?
Swara- There is a beautiful park near our house. Lets go there.
Ragini- Ok fine.
Swara- That is good. Now go and change. We are getting late.
Ragini- Late for what?
Swara- Nothing….but just go and change na. You ask so many questions.
Ragini- Ok fine.

She then goes.
Swara to herself- I hope that Laksh and Sanskar are also ready.

At Maheshwari Mansion:
Sanskar- Lucky, again think about it. I don’t want anything to get messed up. I don’t want Ragini to love me because we are forcing her to do so.
Laksh- Sanskar- Why are you worrying so much. No one is forcing Ragini. And nothing will get messed up. We know that Ragini cannot get someone better than you.

Sanskar nods and they leave.

Later Swaragini reach the park. Sanlak also come. Swara was looking for Laksh. Ragini sees this and asks-
Ragini- Swara, whom are you searching for?
Swara- No one Ragini, come na, lets sit and talk.
Ragini- Ok.

They then sit on a bench. Swara is still looking for Sanlak. Laksh was also searching for them.
Sanskar- Lucky, you sure this plan will work.
Laksh- I am not sure but there is no harm in trying.
Sanskar- Whenever you try something bad happens.

Laksh then sees Swaragini sitting on a bench. Swara also notices them.
Laksh- Sanskar, see they are there.

Swara then starts her drama.
Swara- Arre Ragini, see Sanskar and Laksh are also here. Come lets meet them.

She then goes near Sanlak with Ragini. Everything starts to work according to their plan. All four of them were talking and having a good time together.

Swara thinks- If Laksh and I will sit here then they will not be able to talk freely. I have to do something.

Swara- Laksh, come on lets go and bring something to eat.
Ragini- swara wait, we will also come.
Swara- No Ragini, what is the need for you both to come. We will go and bring. You and Sanskar talk, we will return soon.
Ragini- Ok, as you say.

Swara then leaves with Laksh.
Laksh- Swara why did you bring me here, we were having a good time there.
Swara- Arre budhhu if we will sit there then how will Ragsan talk freely. Come one lets go out and eat something. I am feeling hungry.
Laksh- Bhukkad.
Swara- Did you say anything.
Laksh- Nothing. Come lets go.

They leave and Ragsan continue talking.
Sanskar- Ragini are you fine now?
Ragini- Yes Sanskar. I am better now.
Sanskar smiles- That’s good.
Ragini- Thank you Sanskar.
Sanskar- Thanks for what?
Ragini- For being with me. I am really very lucky to have friends like you, Swara and Laksh. Yesterday I really needed someone to console me and you were there.
Sanskar- Stop saying thanks Ragini. You know na that in friendship……
Ragini- No sorry and no thank you. I know but still. I will never forget what you did for me.
Sanskar- Come on Ragini. I did nothing. And I will always be with you. I will never leave you and that is a promise.
Ragini smiles listening that.
Sanskar- And one more thing.
Ragini- What?
Sanskar- Keep smiling like this, you look very beautiful.
Ragini shys listening that.
Sanskar- Yesterday when you were crying, I felt really bad. Promise me that you will not cry from now.
Ragini- Ok baba, promise. Now happy?
Sanskar- Yes.

They continue talking and Sanskar makes Ragini laugh by his talks. She laughs and Sanksar eyes her lovingly.

On the other hand Swalak were walking on road near that park. They see an ice cream stall.
Swara- Laksh, lets go and eat ice-cream.(She says this very childishly)
Laksh- Swara you are still a little kid.
Swara- I want to eat ice-cream so why are you calling me a kid.
Laksh- Because you are behaving like a kid. As if you never had ice cream.
Swara- You are very mean Laksh. Cant you even buy an ice cream. Do you have money or not?
Laksh- Stop it. I have money.
Swara- So buy me an ice cream right now.
Laksh- Ok fine….stop overacting. Come.

They goes towards the stall when some goons see them. One of those goons see his phone in which Laksh’s photo is there.
Goon- He is that boy whom our boss asked to fix. Lets go.
He goes towards Swalak with other goons following him holding hockey sticks in their hands.

NEXT EPISODE- Laksh badly being beaten up by the goons.

This was today’s episode. Sorry for less Ragsan and Swalak scenes. You can kill me if you want. I am moving the story forward so that is the reason for less scenes of them. Really sorry. Continue commenting.

Credit to: DC

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  1. Hmmmm ..DC I totally loved today’s part …I am actually looking forward for the next part …
    As always I found swalak scenes less but cute and sweet ….sorry for troubling u asking for swalak scenes every time ..as u know I am a swalak fan and this page has very few swalak ff’s
    So plz bear me ….
    I am becoming fond of ur story day by day ….love u loads dear
    Keep smiling …

  2. Nice.but sad for laksh

  3. Awesome
    Waiting for the next one…..

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  7. sry for the very late cmnt dear. i just hate this adi. im pity on lak. his goons beat him very harshly na. ragsan nice. waiting foe precap scene.

  8. Nice episode . but precap seems shocking. I thought that laksh beat goons. But nice one.

  9. Good epi dc want more swalak scenes

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