Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 15)


Hello friends. I am back with the 15th episode of my ff. Thanks for all your lovely comments.
Those who were not able to read my last episode can go to this link-
http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-swalak-ragsan-love-episode-14/So lets start
RECAP- Ragini getting worried for Akka. Swalak join hands to unite Ragsan.

The episode starts with Ragini walking on the road. She is coming back from a temple. Its evening and Swara didn’t accompany her as she had some work and so Ragini asked her to stay at home. The road is nearly empty. She is worried and is still trying to contact to someone from the orphanage to know about their well being but no one answered the phone.

Ragini to herself- Now it is too much no one is picking the phone. I am getting restless now. What is wrong with everyone? Something is not right. Oh God…..why is Akka not picking her phone. What happened?

She then again calls to the orphanage and this time someone picks her phone.

Ragini- Hello….Akka, is that you?
On the other side a old man spoke-

Man- Ragini beta this is me Romi Kaka.
Ragini- Kaka…..why wasn’t anyone picking my phone, I called everyone so many times. And where is Akka, why isn’t she replying to my calls…..and……

She then hears kaka crying on phone. She gets tensed.

Ragini- Kaka, why are you crying? What happened? You are scaring me now. What happened to Akka…..tell me na Kaka.
Kaka(crying)- Your Akka is no more with us beta.

Ragini is shocked to hear that.
Ragini- What do you mean? What are you saying what happened to her?
Kaka- She is no more. Your Akka is dead. She left us……She left us forever.(he continued crying)
Ragini- How could this happen? How did she die? Tell me.
Kaka- Someone murdered her. We found a knife stuck in her stomach.

Ragini is hell shocked. She becomes numb. She remembers her Akka asking her to go to Kolkata for further studies. She reminisces her care. Romi Kaka is still on the phone but she didn’t notice it. She collapses on road still numb. Soon it starts raining. She becomes completely wet but still doesn’t react and is just sitting on the road idle. She is staring straight at her direction with a blank expression on her face.

Just then Sanskar’s car passes from there. He notices someone on the road. His car can’t pass as she is just sitting at the centre of the road. He then comes out of his car to ask the person to move away but is shocked to see that it is Ragini.

Sanskar- Ragini, what happened…why are you sitting here?
No response.
Sanskar- Ragini, are you listening me?
Again no response.

Sanskar then holds her by her shoulder and makes her stand.

Sanskar- What happened Ragini. Just tell me?

Ragini is still numb and doesn’t responds. Sanskar then shakes her.
Sanskar- Ragini, listen to me( He again shakes her)

Ragini then starts coming into senses. She then looks at Sanskar who is looking at her with concerned eyes. A tear escapes her eye. She then finally utters a word.

Ragini- Akka….she…
Sanskar- Yes Ragini, tell me what happened to her.

She then starts crying and hugs him. Sanskar was surprised by her sudden reaction but reciprocates later.

Ragini- akka is dead. Someone killed her.( She was crying and sulking)
Sanskar – What….But why?
Ragini- I don’t know…..I wont leave that person. Because of that person Akka left me.
Sanskar- Ragini just calm down. I know that you were very close to her but please calm down.


( Sanskar was consoling her and was gently rubbing her back to calm her. Ragini shuts her eyes and hugs him even more tighter as she got solace in his arms)


(They then break the hug and Sanskar wipe her tears.
Sanskar- Now stop crying. Everything will be fine. Ok
Ragini nods and again hugs him. Again some tears escape her eyes)


(Sanskar – Ragini let me drop you home. Come now.
Sanskar then helps her sit in the car as she was feeling weak and her legs were trembling)
They then leave.)

Ragini did not spoke a word in the car. Sanskar was still consoling her.
He accompany her to her home. Swara opens the door and get worried seeing Ragini in this state.

Swara- Ragini…..what happened?
Sanskar- Swara, right now just take her in and let her rest. She will herself tell you everything later.

Swara nods and takes her to the room. Sanskar then also leaves.

Scene then shifts to college next day.

Swara was walking out of her class when Sanskar sees her and stops her.
Sanskar- Swara, how is Ragini?
Swara- She is fine but she said that she didn’t wanted to come to college today.

Sanskar nods and Swara notices concern on his face. Swara then remembers joining hands with Laksh to unite Ragsan.

Swara to herself- I know that Laksh is an idiot. He would have not even dared to tell Sanskar about our plan. Now I should tell him about this. But for that Laksh should also be here with us.

Swara- Sanskar, I want to tell you something.
Sanskar- Yes say.
Swara- Not here, meet me after this class in college ground I will tell you there only.
Sanskar is a bit confused but agrees.

Swara then leaves. She sees Laksh standing in the corridor. She walks towards him but slips. Laksh hold her before she can fall. They both have an eyelock. Soon Swara gets in senses.

Swara- Laksh leave me.
Laksh- Are you sure?
Swara- ofcourse I am sure, just leave me.
Laksh- Ok as you say.

He then leaves her and she falls on floor. Laksh laughs seeing this.

Swara- Ouch….idiot.
Laksh- Not my fault, you asked me to leave you.
Swara- I hate you Laksh.
Laksh smiles- I hate you too Swara.

Swara then gets up. Laksh was going to leave when she stops him.
Swara- Wait, I want to talk to you about Ragsan.
Laksh- Yes, say.
Swara- I think we should tell Sanskar about our plan.
Laksh- Are you a complete idiot Swara. He will never allow us for this plan and he will also kill me for giving such an idea.
Swara- But I have told him that I want to talk about something important and so he will meet us after this period on the ground.
Laksh- What? What was the need to become oversmart.
Swara- Why are you so scared Laksh. He is just your brother. And just think that if he is involved in our plan then we can easily unite them as he will also help us.
Laksh- If you think so then go alone and tell him and don’t even dare to say my name.
Swara-No you will come with me. No need to be scared I will handle everything.
Laksh- You will handle?
Swara- Yes.
Laksh- Ok lets see what happens.

Later on the college ground.
Sanskar- What? Who gave this stupid idea.?

Laksh then points towards Swara and Swara points towards him.

Laksh- O Chipkali, listen it was your idea.
Swara- What a big liar. You were the one who asked me to unite them. How could you blame me then.
Laksh- Haan so what. Instead of agreeing with me you could have stopped me also but you didn’t.
Swara- Leave it Laksh, you are at fault not me.
Laksh- Excuse me. I told you not to tell this plan to Sanky but you said that you will handle. Is this how you handle things?
Swara- Yes…..I am the one responsible for everything. If I said that I will handle, that doesn’t mean that you will not help me at all. You….

Sanskar- I am also here guys.

Swalak then look at him and stop fighting.

Sanskar- What a wonderful team. You both are yourself fighting, how will you ever help me.

Swara- We can help you. In fact we will help you.
Laksh- Yes Sanky just listen to our plan once.
Sanskar- Have you all gone mad. She had lost her Akka yesterday and you want to unite us. Have you both lost it.
Swalak together- But Sanky just…..
Sanskar- Forget it. This plan will not work.

Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Sanskar agrees for their plan. Swalak start their plan no. 1.

So this was today’s episode. Please do comment. Thank you

Credit to: DC

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  1. nice episode sad hope ragini get to know about aditya being real culprit and ragsan unite soon……… Update asap……..

    1. Dont worry Ragsan will unite soon

  2. it was awesome dear

    1. I am glad that you liked it

  3. sanskar care for ragini is amazing, want to see more scenes

    1. I will provide more ragsan scenes. Glad u liked Sanskar’s care

  4. Sorry DC couldn’t comment on the last episode …..wow ..dear I just love for u the update u gave today….but again I found swalak scenes less …plz make sure to give more plz ..
    By the way I love the care that sanskar shows for ragini…..
    Even I loved swalak scene …..thanks for the that but next episode I want more swalak scenes …it’s an request …
    Love u loads update next asap
    Keep smiling

    1. I actually missed your comment yesterday but thanx for commenting today. Also I will try my best to give Swalak scenes as much as possible.

  5. Awesome dear loved ragsan part eventhough it was painful…. That’s nyc….

    1. Thanks a lot for liking it

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  8. super epi dear. i was almost abt to cry for ragini’s state but just then swalak scene came n i burst into laugh when lak leaves swa n when they both pointing each other. u r a amazing writer. keep smiling how u makes smile on others face. love u loads.

    1. Awww…..that is so sweet of you. Thank you for such a lovely comment.

  9. DC its awesome…..such a wonderful writer u are….want more ragsan scenes

    1. Thank you so so much.

  10. Hey dear I’m new to your ff… Even though I’m swasan fan I too love swalak… And it was awesome more swalak plzzzz

    1. Welcome to my ff dear and thanx for liking it

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    Plzz include more swalak scenes

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