Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 14)


Hello guys, this is my 14th episode. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Also thanks to the silent readers, keep reading. Yesterday some of you asked me that who is playing the character of Aditya. I have decided to choose SHRESTH KUMAR for the role. He has played roles like Vivan in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Aditya in Na Anaa Iss Des Laddo, Yug in Ek Boond Ishq, and Vyum Sinha in Mere Angne Mein and many more.
So lets start-
RECAP- Aditya loves Ragini.

The episode starts in college. Swara is in her class with Laksh while Ragini is in the librabry. Ragini is a bit worried.
Ragini to herself- Its been many days and I haven’t talked to Akka( The orphanage lady killed by Aditya) and surprisingly she didn’t call me either. I hope everything is fine.

Sanskar also comes in the Library. He sees Ragini there and Ragini also notices him. She gives him a weak smile and Sanskar senses that something is wrong. He comes and sits next to her.

Sanskar- Hmmm…It feels like my friend is worried about something right?
Ragini nods.
Sanskar- So, if you want then you can tell me, otherwise its fine.
Ragini- Actually Sanskar, I haven’t talked to my Akka from many days and she also didn’t contacted me. I am worried, she never did this before.
Sanskar- Ragini, please don’t worry. Maybe she is busy with something very important or maybe she is handling with some issues regarding the orphanage. I know she must be also very eager to talk to you and she will soon. Don’t worry.
Ragini- I think you are right, otherwise Akka would never do that. Thank you Sanskar.
Sanskar- Wow you are amazing Ragini, first you call me your friend and then start this Thank you and sorry business.
Ragini- Ok sorry.
Sanskar- Again you started it.
Ragini laughs- Ok fine, leave it.

Librarian notice this and ask them to be quite. They both again look at each other and laugh.

On the other hand Swalak are in the class. Teacher comes.
Teacher- Students, I am giving you a project and I will be providing you a partner. No one will go against my decision. The names I will take will come and sit together and start discussing about the project. So the names are…..

He starts making partners and at the end he says- Swara and Laksh.

Swalak are shocked and starts passing each other death glares. Then as per the teacher’s order they come and sit together. Everyone starts discussing about their project and Swalak are just sitting there idle.

Swara- God knows what is the problem with this teacher. He is always after me.
Laksh- I have got the punishment of being your partner and you are cursing the teacher for no reason.
Swara- As if only you are punished. I hate sitting next to you. And that teacher….. idiot.
Laksh- No Swara you are lucky because you are sitting next to Lucky. Did you noticed the girls. They were so jealous of you when your name was announced with me.
Swara- Yes I noticed them but they were not jealous. They were actually happy that they don’t have to sit with you. Only I am the one who will face the music.

Teacher sees this and says- Excuse me Miss Swara and Mr. Laksh. I hope that you know that it’s a classroom, not a place to fight. Just get to work or else get out of the classroom and fight as much you want to. Got it?

Swalak together- Sorry Sir.
They then again start staring at each other.

Later on college ground Ragini is shown contacting to the orphanage, but gets no reply.

Ragini to herself- Why no one is replying from the orphanage. Something is really wrong. I am really getting worried. God please….please don’t let anything bad happen. Why is Akka not replying, doesn’t she know how worried I am. She never did this before. God….what is happening.

She again calls to the orphanage but in vain.

Aditya also enters the college. He was walking towards the ground when he collides with Laksh.

Aditya and Laksh both makes irritated face seeing each other.

Aditya- Lucky, why do I always see your face whenever I enter.
Laksh- Its not my fault Aditya. By the way we are the ones studying over here. You don’t belong to this college, so why do you come here.
Aditya- You study here because my father is the trusty of this college.
Laksh- All the time Aditya, all the time you are talking about your father’s money. What are you, nothing. Bade baap ka bigda hua beta, that’s what you really are.
Aditya in an angry tone- Shut up Lucky. You don’t know what I can do.
Laksh- I even don’t want to know what you can do, because you can do nothing.
Aditya- Leave it, I will see you later.

He then leaves. Laksh is still angry.
Laksh to himself- God know what he is doing here. And he was behaving nicely with us yesterday what happened today?

Laksh then remembers yesterday’s scenario and gets shocked.

Laksh- Wait, Aditya was behaving nicely with us only after Ragini’s arrival. He was talking to her like a gentleman which he actually is not. And I can’t even believe that he is nice to girls otherwise he would be nice to Swara also but he wasn’t . Then why only with Ragini?

Ragini is still on the ground and is still worried when Aditya comes there. He sees her and a big smile comes on his face. He then walks towards her.

Aditya- Hello Ragini.
Ragini- Aditya, Hi. So, you again want to judge our music.
Aditya laughs- No need to judge your music. I trust you.
Ragini smiles.

Laksh also hides near a pillar and sees them talking.
Laksh- Again, he changed his tone. This guy is unbelievable.

Ragini- Umm….Aditya I wanted to ask you something.
Aditya- Ya sure….ask .
Ragini- You remember Akka? I haven’t talked to her from many days and she also didn’t called me. I wanted to know whether you have seen or talked to her as you have many times helped us by giving funds and all.

Aditya gets nervous listening to all this. His smile suddenly fades.

Aditya- No Ragini, I haven’t talked or seen her from a long time. But you don’t worry, maybe she is busy with some work. I am sure she will call you later.
Ragini- Yes but I am worried for her.
Aditya- You leave that….tell me how is practice going?
Ragini gives him a weak smile- Nice.

Till then Ishita comes.
Ishita- Ragini, we are getting late for class. Come on.
Ragini- Yes coming….bye Aditya I need to go.
Aditya- Ok fine go…bye.

Ragini then turns to go and one of her earings fall on the ground. Aditya sees it and picks it up. He instead of giving it back to her, keeps it in his pocket and smiles. He then leaves leaving Laksh in shock as he saw everything.

Laksh- Oh No…..he picked up her earing and kept it with him. That means that he loves her. No no no….this can’t happen. He is not a good guy and is not fit for Ragini. I have to do something….but what?

He then sees Swara coming from the corridor.

Laksh- Yes….Swara can help. Although I hate asking for help especially from her but I have to do this for Sanskar and Ragini.

He then goes towards her.

Laksh- Swara I want to talk to you.

Swara who is still angry with Laksh because of the morning incident ignores him. She walks past him and Laksh again came infront of her blocking her way.

Laksh- Swara I said that I want to talk to you.
Swara- And I don’t want to talk to you. I know that again you have something useless in your mind and I don’t wanna listen to anything.

She then pushes him aside and starts to go when Laksh holds her hand. Swara is shocked. Every student passing by are noticing them like this.

Swara- Laksh leave my hand, everyone is watching.
Laksh- Let them watch, I don’t care. I want to talk to you and I will not leave your hand until you are not ready to listen to me.
Swara- Ok fine….I will listen to you but leave my hand first.

Laksh leaves her hand and Swara stares at him.

Swara- Now say what you want to say.
Laksh- We have to unite Sanskar and Ragini.
Swara- What?
Laksh- Yes, Sanskar loves Ragini and we should unite them.
Swara- I also know that Sanskar Loves her but I don’t know Ragini’s feelings.
Laksh- So we have to develop feelings in her heart before it is too late.
Swara- What do you mean.?
Laksh- Aditya also loves Ragini.

Swara is shocked.
Swara- What are you saying Laksh?

Laksh then tells her what he just saw.
Laksh- I don’t want Ragini’s life to get spoiled being with Aditya. Sanskar is only good for her.
Swara- I can also never see Ragini with Aditya.
Laksh- So we have to do something Swara. We have to unite Ragini and Sanskar.
Swara- Ok…I will help you. I will do anything for them.
Laksh- And for that we have to stop our fights for sometime so we have to take care about that. Especially you Swara as you are always fighting.
Swara- I never fight you are the one who always start the fight.
Laksh- See, again you are starting fight.

Swara realizes her mistake and says sorry.

Laksh- Good, but please no need to end this enmity otherwise I will get bored. This is just for the time they get united ok.
Swara- Ok fine.
They then join hands.
Screen freezes on their determined faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Ragini comes to know that Akka is dead. She cries and hugs Sanskar.

This was the episode. Hope you all liked it. If so then please continue commenting.
Thank You.

Credit to: DC

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