Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 11)

hello guy. thanks for your wonderful response on my ff. i am here today with the 11th episode of my ff. hope you will enjoy it.
so lets start-
recap- swalak and ragsan cute moment in mall.

the episode starts with swalak reaching the second floor. swara takes a sign of relief.
laksh- see i told you that is was easy.
swara smiles- thanks.
laksh- its okay.
swara is still looking at him.
laksh- swara….

swara- haan.
laksh- now we are on second floor, out of the escalator and you are safe.
swara- yes, so….
laksh- so, if you want you can leave my hand now.
she then notices that she was still holding his hand. she quickly leaves his hand. she feels shy and laksh again laughs. swara then speaks.
swara- listen laksh, its over. i said thank you and you are now again laughing on me. i swear that if you will laugh one more time i will kill you.
laksh- that’s what i wanted. look i already hate you and when you acts to be shy and all then i start hating you more so just be the way you are swara.
swara- you are mean.

inside the western clothes section ragini finals a dress and sanskar also. they then walk together out of the section and find swalak arguing.
sanskar- they can never change.
ragini- they will change.

they then go towards them.
laksh- sanskar do you know that your friend swara is scared of…..
swara hits him on his leg.
swara- shut up laksh.
ragini- ok now stop it you both. if the shopping is over then can we go home.
swara- ok fine, i have selected a dress, i will take that and then we will leave.
ragini- fine.

at the evening on college ground.
everyone have dressed beautifully. sanlak are looking stunning and handsome. laksh is busy talking to his friends while sanskar is waiting for ragini.
soon swaragini enters. everyone is shocked to see them. ragini is wearing a gorgeous purple gown and swara is wearing knee length black colour dress.their hair are left open. both are looking damn beautiful. sanskar is surprised to see ragini. he is just looking at her, lost in her beauty. ragini also sees him and smiles.

laksh talking to rishi.
laksh- in our college, all the girls are so beautiful.
rishi then looks towards swara who is at some distance behind laksh talking to her friends.
rishi- swara…
laksh- yaar, i was talking about beautiful girls, why did you took her name.
rishi- lucky just look at her, she is looking…….
laksh- she is a chudail and i don’t need to look at her.
rishi then forcefully turns him and laksh is shocked to see swara.
laksh’s mouth drops open and he is continuously looking at her.
rishi- i told you to look.

later, dance starts. everybody is dancing with their partners. swaragini are sitting and enjoying. swara then notices sanskar looking at ragini many times.

swara to herself- achcha ji, so this is happening.
she then goes towards sanskar and starts staring at him in disbelief.

sanskar- what happened swara, do you need anything.
swara- why didn’t you told me before?
sanskar- about what?
swara- don’t act smart mr, i caught you.
sanskar- swara i can’t understand what you are saying?
swara- you like ragini, right?
sanskar is shocked by her question.
sanskar- umm..actually….
swara- i hate you sanskar. i am your best friend and you never told me that you like her. is this is your friendship?
sanskar- sorry swara…..i was going to tell you.
swara- ok leave it and go to her.
sanskar- what?
swara- you go to her and ask her for dance.(she said this while pushing him towards her).

sanskar then goes near ragini. he turns back and sees swara wishing him good luck. ragini also sees him.
ragini- hello sanskar.
sanskar- hi ragini, you are looking beautiful today. actually you look beautiful every day.
ragini shys and smiles.
sanskar then forwards his hand and asks- will you like to have a dance with me.
ragini looks at him.
sanskar in his mind- please don’t say no ragini.
ragini- yes.

sanskar’s face light up. ragini hold his hand and sanskar takes her to the dance floor. swara sees this and smiles.

hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
tere bina kya wajood mera
( spotlight fixes on them. sanskar slides his hand on her waist and she puts her hands on his shoulder.)

tujhse juda agar ho jaayenge
toh khud se hi ho jaayenge juda
(they have an eyelock and are slowly moving. everyone is looking at them. girls are getting jealous but ragsan don’t care. they are completely lost in each other.)

kyonki tum hi ho
( sanskar twirls her in a leaning manner. )

ab tum hi ho
zindagi ab tum hi ho
( he slides his hand on her bare arm. ragini shuts her eyes. she turns so that her back is now facing sankar.)

chain bhi
mera dard bhi
meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
( sanskar hold her from her waist and lift her up. he then slowly spins her. everyone are amazed seeing them)

kyonki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho
zindagi ab tum hi ho
(he then puts her down on the ground)

tera mera rishta hai kaisa
ek pal door gawara nahi
tere liye har roz hai jeete
tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi
(ragini spins around him and sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him. he caresses her face.)

koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
har saans pe naam tera
kyonki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho
zindagi ab tum hi ho
( they match their every step. sanskar leans her a bit and then pulls her up.)

chain bhi
mera dard bhi
meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
( sanskar then twirls her continuously and when they stop they are very close to each other. they could hear each other’s heart beating very fast. )

they were completely lost in each other when the crowd’s clapping broke their silence. ragini was feeling shy. she then looked at sanskar and smiled. sanskar also did the same. all this looking and smiling went on like forever. pooja was getting very jealous seeing sanskar with someone else.

swara was happy seeing them together. laksh also came and stood near her.
laksh- dance was good.
swara- yes, cause everyone does not dance like you and everyone is not a bad dance partner.
laksh- excuse me, what do you mean. i can’t dance or am i a bad dance partner?
swara- aww….laksh, there is no harm in excepting the fact that you can’t dance.
laksh- o swara, i dance really well. at least better than you.
swara- yes, in your dreams.
laksh- you don’t believe me right?
swara- yes, i don’t believe you.
laksh- ok then, dance with me and i will show you that i am the best dance partner.
swara- ok fine, i will also show you my dance.

laksh then extends his hand and swara holds his hand. they walk at the dance floor.
spotlight fixes on them.

saanson ko jeene ka ishara mil gaya
dooba main tujhme toh kinara mil gaya
(laksh puts his hand on swara’s waist and pulls her closer towards him. both have an eyelock)

tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
( he leans her down and pulls her up causing her hair to come on his face. he gently removes her hair from his face and tuck it behind her ear.)

ghamsada ghamsada dil yeh tha gamsada
bin tere bin tere dil yeh tha ghamsada
(he twirls swara. she places her hand on laksh’s chest. she than spins around.)

aaram de tu mujhe
barso ka hoon main thaka
palko pe raatein liye
tere waaste main jaga
(laksh then holds her hand and places his other hand on her waist. they then start matching steps. they were going in rhythm and were moving beautifully.)

mere har dard ki gehrai ko mehsoos karta hai tu
tere aankhon se gham tera mujhe maloom hone laga
( he then twirls her in a leaning manner. he caresses her face and spins her around.)

tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
ghamsada ghamsada dil yeh tha ghamsada
bin tere bin tere dil yeh tha ghamsada.
(every one clap on their spin and laksh puts her down. they again have an eyelock .)

ragsan are shocked but happy seeing their dance.

laksh- so, now what do you have to say about my dance.
swara- it was fine.
laksh- you are such a liar swara i know that you liked my dance.
swara- i said na that it was fine.

ragini laugh seeing them- that is the problem with them. they are not ready to accept the good qualities about each other.
sanskar- but i do accept your good qualities.
ragini- what.
sanskar- nothing.

screen freezes on swalak and ragsan faces.

next episode- aditya asks the group members about the female lead when ragini enters. aditya and ragini are shocked to see each other.

guys please do comment.

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  1. Superb…loved it

    1. thanx lila

  2. Wow ….this episode was superb …I loved swalak scenes …thanks for that …
    That precap is shocking …I guess there is a love story of Aditya and ragini…..
    Anyways u just nailed the episode today …the dance was wonderfully described …keep writing because u r an amazing …
    As always I expect more swalak scenes ….
    Thanks for the episode …post next one soon
    Keep smiling

    1. Thanx dolly…..your comments always make me smile

  3. wow ragsan scenes are too cute, waiting for next part

    1. Yes the next part is interesting….keep reading

  4. So cute… Ragsan was adorable..

    1. Yes priya Ragsan are always adorable and Swalak too

  5. Awesome

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  6. wow adi n rag already know each other. superb ya. dance is awsm. no word to ecplain my happyness today. u r waiting for my cmnt. im vry hpy now a days am getting many many frnds. epi superb dear waiting 4 nxt parr

    1. Thank you Aastha…..yes there is a twist abt Adi and Rag and u will know it soon….keep reading and keep smiling

  7. ur sweet name is diya? really ur recap is awsm i think adi will torture rag but i dont know. soon post the nxt part

    1. Yes my name is Diya.

  8. awesome loved swalak scens

    1. Thanx Alia

  9. wow superb. Please upload daily. Please give more swalak scene.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.l love swalak

  10. Nice episode.

  11. Well done mind blowing but one thing is short is that pls make it long that is my only request to you and I hope you listen to my request but everything else was perfecttttt

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