Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 1)


Hello Guys, I am elated with your response. I’d never expected such a response from my first ff. Thank you, you guys are the best.

So lets start-
A huge college is shown where some students are walking in their classes while some are gossiping. A girl is shown walking worriedly in the corridors and asking people about someone. That girl is Swara. Swara asking to some girls- Girls, have you seen Sanky anywhere?
The girls reply no and Swara searches for him everywhere. She then goes in the library and sees Sanskar reading a book. She screams his name.
Swara- Sanky, where were you I was searching for you everywhere.
Everyone look at her as it is library and she is screaming.
Sanskar- Shh.. Swara this is library, behave.
Swara.- I don’t care, Sheena is going to suicide.
Sanskar- I don’t care, let her suicide.
Swara- What the hell are you saying, she is going to suicide because of you. You rejected her proposal and so….
Sanskar- Offo Swara, how much do you speak, she is not going to suicide I know her. She did it last time with other boy also, no need to worry, as bad people don’t leave the world so easily.
Swara- Ya same case with your brother, Laksh.
Sanskar- Swara….
Swara- Ok sorry. But I cant understand that what is your problem. Sheena is beautiful and….
Sanskar- She may be beautiful but all the time beauty doesn’t count, What actually count is inner beauty which is nowhere to be found in her.
Swara- You say that for every girl, no one has inner beauty for you.
Sanskar- Nope, you have but you are reserved for my brother, isn’t it.
Swara punches him- Don’t even try to attach my name with that Langoor. He is nowhere compatible with me.
Just then a girl comes and tells Swara that Sheena is not going to suicide as she changed her mind.
Sanskar- See I told you.
Swara feels embarrassed.
Sanskar laughs.

On the other hand, two girls are shown entering college. They are both new to the college and are looking very nervous. A boy is shown talking to some of his friends. He is Laksh. He then looks at the two girl.
Laksh thinking to himself- Hmmm, new girls. Now its time for some fun Lucky. Even that Chudail(Swara) is also not here so no one is there to stop me.
He then walks towards the girls and his friends follow him.
Laksh- Hi, my name is Lucky, what is your name.
Girl 1- Umm…Pooja.
Girl 2- My name is Tanvi.
Laksh- Ok so Tooja and Panvi, welcome to our college. And as you must be knowing, that this is one of the best college in this city and we have all worked very hard to make this college gain this position. We have taken part in many competitions, like singing, dancing blah blah blah. And we don’t want to spoil our reputation this time also.
Pooja- What do you mean?
Laksh- What I mean is that I want to check that whether you are capable to take part in any field coz as a senior, it is my responsibility. So lets start with music, let me see whether you can sing or not as for your kind information I am the leader of our college band. So who will sing first?
“I will”, Swara says with attitude on her face. Laksh is shocked to see her there.
Laksh- What the hell are you doing here? Will you ever stop interfering in my business.
Swara- The day you will stop ragging, I will stop interfering.
Laksh- Haha, looks like you are very obsessed with me. No big deal, all girls are.
Swara- All girls can but I can never as I know that how big Idiot you are.
Tanvi and Pooja escape seeing them fight. Soon many people started gathering as they always used to do when Swalak fight.
Laksh- Stop calling me idiot, otherwise I will kill you.
Swara- That’s what you are, idiot, idiot, idiot.
Laksh- If I am that then you are no less, you are stupid, duffer and useless.
Swara- You called me useless, how dare you.
She starts hitting him when Sanskar came and stopped them.
Sanskar- What the hell are you doing guys, stop it now.
Swara- Tell your brother to stop as he started it first.
Laksh- You are such a liar. You started the fight.
Swara- Why were you teasing those girls, that is called ragging.
Sanskar- Swara I think you are getting late for your class, You go and I will go and handle him.
Swara leaves.
Sanskar- Lucky what was she saying, you again did ragging.
Laksh- No yaar Sanky, I was just auditioning those girls and checking whether they are suitable for our band.
Sanskar- Stop it Lucky, I know that Swara is right and you are lying.
Laksh- What yaar Sanky, you always think that she is right and I am wrong. You know what you should only stay with her and not with me and if you want you can even ask Swara if she have any sister as her sister must be perfect for you as well.
Laksh then leaves in anger.
Sanskar- What the hell Lucky, what do you mean by Swara’s sister. And even if she exist then she would also be better than you.
He also leaves.

On the other hand, a girl is shown singing in a concert. She is Ragini.
Screen freezes on her face.
NEXT EPISODE- The Orphanage lady telling Ragini to go to Kolkata.

So this was today’s episode guys. Sorry if it is bad, as I don’t have much idea of writing. And sorry for such a short scene of Ragini, but you will get enough of every member from my next update. Thanks for reading and plz do comment.

Credit to: DC

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