Swaragini- SWALAK and RAGSAN – Is This Love ?(Episode 13)

Hello guys. This is the 13th episode of my ff. Many amongst you have doubt related to Aditya and Ragini. I hope that your doubts will be cleared in this episode.
So lets start-
RECAP- Swalak surprised to know that Aditya is Ragini’s friend.

The episode starts with Ragini and Aditya talking.
Ragini- So now should we start our song?
Aditya- No. I don’t want to hear your singing right now. I will hear it in the competition itself.
Ragini- But…
Aditya- Arre….Ragini, I know that you sing very well. I know that till you are in this group no one needs to worry. Cause you are perfect in everything.

Swara- This guy is continuously appreciating Ragini. Something is wrong.
Laksh- I am still not getting it. He knows her, he know that she sings well, they are friends, I mean that they are good friends, he is appreciating her. Aditya can never appreciate anyone. Something is really wrong.

Ishita , Manthaj, Rishi, and Kartik were also damn confused. Aditya then gets a call.

Aditya- Sorry guys, I have to leave, something urgent. And all the best for the competition, practice hard. Bye Ragini.
Ragini- Bye.

Aditya then leaves with a smirk on his face.

Ishita- I cant believe it. Last time he came and he was criticizing our group and right now he wished us all the best.

Swara then goes near Ragini
Swara- Ragini, you know him?
Ragini- Yes, I met him many times when I used to live in the orphanage. Later we became friends.

Laksh also joins the conversation

Laksh- Ragini, I hope you know what kind of person he is.
Ragini- Yes Lucky, he is good. He was never rude with me. He even helped my orphanage by giving funds and donations.
Swara- Ok leave it, we should be happy that we are still in the competition. Come on guys lets start the practice.

They then again started their practice.

At the evening in Maheshwari Mansion.

Laksh was sitting at the edge of his bed when Sanskar enters.
Laksh- Sanky, thank God you are back. How was your football match?
Sanskar- Lost by one point…..again.
Laksh- Oh….dont worry, you will win next time.
Sanskar- You always say that.
Laksh- Arre…..I know you will surely win next time. Even next time I will also come to cheer you.

Sanskar smiles.

Laksh- Achcha do you know what happened today when Aditya came.
Sanskar- Ya sure he must have again told you to make changes and….
Laksh- No…..do you know Aditya and Ragini knew each other from before. And they are really good friends.
Sanskar- Really….( He felt little bad hearing that they are good friends)
Laksh- In my life, this is the first time I have seen Aditya talking nicely with someone. He was continuously appreciating her.
Sanskar- And what did Ragini say?
Laksh- She was also happy seeing him and she talked nicely to him too.

Sanskar felt bad. He was not much in his senses after hearing all this.

Sanskar- Come on yaar Lucky, she talks nicely with everyone, he is not the first one whom she talked nicely with and that doesn’t mean that she likes him.
Laksh- When did I say that she likes him. Wait……why are you so tensed. Are you jealous?

Sanskar then realized what he just said.

Sanskar- Why would I be jealous. There is nothing what you are thinking.
Laksh- No……I know that you are jealous. Tell me the truth. Just tell me Sanky or should I ask Ragini itself.
Sanskar- Are you made Laksh. She doesn’t know anything about it.
Laksh- She doesn’t know anything about what.
Sanskar- That I LOVE HER.(He blurted out)

Laksh is shocked to hear that but is happy too.

Laksh- I knew it. I knew that something was going between you and her. That is an amazing news.

Sanskar is looking here and there.

Laksh- What happened, why are you so tensed?
Sanskar- Nothing.
Laksh- I got it, you are thinking about Aditya right?
Sanskar nods.
Laksh- Offo Bhai, why are you worrying. Maybe Aditya is only her friend and nothing more. Just be positive.
Sanskar- Yes, I think so. Well now tell me what you are planning to do?
Laksh- About what?
Sanskar- About finding a girl for yourself.
Laksh- There is no girl compatible with Lucky.
Sanskar- There is a girl.
Laksh- Who?
Sanskar- Swara.
Laksh- Why do everyone joins my name with that chipkali. You know na Sanky that we hate each other. This is the truth. We can never be together.

Laksh then leaves from the room.
Sanskar to himself- You both will be together. I am sure that soon you both will realize your love for each other.

On the other hand a big mansion is shown. A black Mercedes stops in front of the mansion. Aditya gets out from the car. He goes inside. He then enters a big room. The room is full of Ragini’s pictures hanging on the walls. Aditya smiles seeing them. He then walk towards those pictures and start talking to them.

Aditya to Ragini’s picture- I searched for you so much. That orphanage lady wasn’t ready to tell me where you went. That idiot lady, she had to die. She was testing my patience. What is wrong if I killed her. She said that she wanted to save you from me. Am I that bad who can harm you, no never. I did so much for her orphanage by giving funds and donations and she couldn’t even tell me where you were. I know Ragini, that all those donations I did were to get you. I can’t live without you Ragini. I can’t explain you how happy I am to see you again. Now I won’t let you go anywhere, I promise. U are mine just mine. Now no one can separate us. Just wait a little more Ragini and I will tell you how much I love u. Yes Ragini I love you….I LOVE YOU.

At Swaragini’s house, late at night.

Sumi calls Swara.
Swara- Yes Maa.
Sumi- Shona, you remember that tomorrow is our Ragini’s birthday.
Swara- Ofcourse Maa, how can I forget. Every year at 12’o clock we used to cut her birthday cake. I wished that she was with here today.
Sumi- Swara, I have an Idea. Why don’t we make Ragini cut our Ragini’s cake this time. She is just like my Ragini, just like my daughter. What do you think.
Swara- Wow Maa, that is such a good idea. Ragini will be very happy. I think its perfect.
Sumi- Ok, you go and call Ragini as it is going to be midnight. I will set the table and call Shekhar.
Swara- Ok Maa.

Swara then goes and calls Ragini. Ragini comes out with her. She is surprised to see a decorated table with a small cake on it.

Ragini- Swara, what is all this?
Swara- Today is my sister’s birthday. Everytime we used to celebrate her birthday and I used to cut the cake. But this time as I have my Ragini with us so she will only cut the cake.

Ragini gets emotional and hugs her.

Shekhar- Yes Ragini beta, you are just like our daughter. We will be very happy if you will cut the cake.
Sumi- Haan beta, please cut the cake.

Ragini then cuts the cake. Everyone clap. Ragini then makes everyone eat the cake by her own hand. Thay then share a family hug.

Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Swalak join hands to unite Ragsan.

SO, this was today’s episode and twist. Please do comment and tell me what you have to say about the twist.

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  1. Wow……u r always making me speechless DC …..the twist was superb …..aditya is bad boy ….every bad ….hope sanskar saves ragini from that brat …
    But I found swalak scenes less ….its OK ….swalak always rock ….plz next episode I want more swalak scenes …its an humble request …..
    I must say I am really looking forward for the precap ….
    I think love will blossom between swalak during uniting ragsan ….yaayyyy ….I am so happy ….
    Plz update asap ….
    U r always giving a precao which tests my patience ….lol …no offence …..
    Love u loads dear …..keep doing this amazing …..
    Keep smiling ………

    1. Sorry for no Swalak scenes. There will be in the next update
      And keep smiling too

  2. Good epi….nice twist….but feeling bad for orphange lady….no need to kill her…sorry its just my view

    1. No need to say sorry dear….I just wanted to show what kind of obsessive lover he was.

  3. Obessive loverhmm inyeresting

    1. Yes Obsessive lover

  4. Superb…I knew that aditya wasn’t good news

    1. Hahaha….yes he wasnt a good news

  5. Sorry friends….this is the 13th episode of my ff and I wrote the same in the title but telly updates changed it to episode 1

  6. ragsan story is really interesting with Aditya,

    Aditya character in your story played by whom??

  7. ragsan story is really interesting with Aditya,

    whom gonna play Aditya role??? actor name plz

    1. I havent decided the person suitable for his character……will tell u when decided

  8. Oh cute n nyc epi…..and I think adi is a villain…..

  9. superb i thought he loves her but i didnt told u. soo nice. eagarly waiting for clash btw rag san adi. n also for swalak. they joins their hands but then also there will be small fights btw them. waiting for nxt part.

    1. Yes my intelligent friend

  10. its very interesting, loved Aditya’s friendship with ragu

  11. want swalak scens also make some one else entry so that laksh get jealous ..

    1. Not thought abt that line yet maybe later

  12. which actor is playing adtiya character?

    1. You will know in the n3xt update

  13. Awesome

  14. Superbly written .

    1. Thanks Akriti

  15. oh o aditya is an obsessive lover of ragini.

    1. Yes he is

  16. Wonderful superb episode & the twist is really awesome. Waiting for further………..

    1. Thanks a lot MM

  17. Wow!!!can jst say awesome gr8 plz do keep writing lik this !!! Waiting for the next ep

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