Swaragini : (SWALAK) Jo tu mera hamdard h ( chapter 1)

Hii guys. Actually I am on this page after 8 months. Please read and support me and plz comment.This is ff is only for swalak fans. Pairs are already decided. I will give a short introduction of characters.

Swara khanna : A modern girl who is a book worm. She wants to live her life independently. She has no interest in boys. 1st year student.
Ragini khanna : A modern girl who is very stylish. She wants to become a actor. She is the most popular girl in collage. She loves her sister a lot. 1st year student.
Laksh malhotra : A charming boy. He is crush of almost every girl. Most wanted boy in his college. 2nd year student.
Sanskar malhotra : Returned from america. Don’t like girls. Loves his brother a lot. 2nd year student.

So, Let’s proceed. Other characters will be introduced as the story proceed.
A girl is seen reading books. Another girl comes with coffee. She is wearing a knee length white dress. She is Ragini. She is looking very pretty.
Ragini : Swara , how much you will study . Now take this coffee and get ready for college, you remember na its our first day of college. I am very excited.
The girl turns with a sweet smile. She is swara.
Swara : Thanks for coffee. By the way Ragini , I am ready.
Ragini : oooo what ? Ready ? Swara , its our first day and you will go college like this, I mean you’re looking so simple. Boys will not give u attention.
Swara : Ragini, I don’t care how I am looking. And I have no interest in boys.
Ragini : OK baba . but plz get changed. Plz plz . for me.
Swara : ok, I am going.
Swara comes after five minutes . she is dressed in pink color jumpsuit.
Ragini runs to her and hugs her.

Ragini : you’re looking very beautiful. Now, let’s go we are getting late. Mom and Dad are in office they had a meeting.
Swara : OK . let’s go.
The sit in a red car. Ragini is driving.
Scene shifts .
A boy is seen riding bike at a very high speed with his friend. He is looking very cool. He is lakshya.
Lakshya : So guys . I won the race.

Rocky( his friend ) : Lucky, this time also u won.
Lucky : Lucky never looses. Let’s go to our college. Girls will be waiting for me.

So guys. Are u excited to see the cute love story of our swalak. Plz plz comment. And guess what will happen when they meet . plz comment. The story will get very interesting as it proceeds.

Precap : swara falls and Lucky holds her.


  1. xavia

    Sems intrstng….most of d writers dun write abt swalak……der r only swasaan ragsan n raglak ff’s….so thanks fo writing abt dez 2…

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