Swaragini – Suriley Rishtey (Swara and Ragini) Chapter 1

What if Laksh was not attracted to Swara and vice versa? What if Ragini did not turn negative? What if Sanskar was not come with a revenge motive but was actually mentally retarded person? What if he had met Swara before he met Ragini?
Main important what if is
What if Swaragini was not Rashmi Sharma serial but a Sooraj Barjatiya serial? Wanna know? Join me in this journey of two half-sisters Swara and Ragini. Journey of arrange marriage of Ragini and Lakshya . Journey of innocent love of Swara and Sanskar.

Gadodia House:

“Shona…. Shona….. Get up fast” says a girl who is wearing a salwar kameez and is rubbing her wet hair to dry it standing in front of the mirror. As she turns her hair to the other side her face is revealed. It’s Ragini. She looks through the mirror at the person who was still sleeping under the bed sheet and huffs. She turns and walks to her. “Shona get up na. Every day I have to wake you up like this. I’m really tired of your antics” says she shaking the person. Suddenly she realizes something is fishy and removes the bedsheet and finds the legs. She hears giggling sound and turns. Swara sits laughing looking at Ragini. “Shona” says Ragini and Swara jumps down from the bed and starts running inside the room. “Shona stop” says Ragini as she runs behind Swara outside the room.

“Dadi… Dadi save me” says Swara hiding behind Parvati. “Hey Bhagvan… Shona you haven’t taken bath. You spoiled my puja. Now I have to take bath again” says Parvati glaring Swara. “Sorry Dadi” she screams and runs from there. “Where did she go?” says Ragini coming there. “Hey Bhagvan Lado. She is immature but at least you behave like a grown up” says Parvati. Ragini stops and stands in front of her Dadi staring ground and pouting. “You both will not listen to me ever” says she nodding her head. “Haa Marvaran because they are my Nathins” says Dida who was standing behind her. “Aagayi bangalan. Aaj ka tho din hi kharab hai” says Parvati and walks from there muttering. “Didu you are the best” says Ragini hugging her.

Dida caresses her cheek smiling. “See na this Shona always play prank on me” says Ragini pouting. “I know where she is. Come we both will catch her” says Dida and takes Ragini with her. They enter Shekar and Sumi’s room with slow steps and Swara chuckles hiding behind the curtains. Dida observes the curtain moving and signs Ragini. They both nod their head and walk to the curtain slowly and open the curtain and shout “Tadaang” Swara jerks and turns to them. “Pakad liya pakad liya” says Ragini clapping her hands. Swara pouts and stands.

“Dida this is not fair” says Swara. “Tho I have pampered you so many years. Let me pamper her now” says Dida caressing Ragini’s hair and Ragini hugs her and shows her tongue to Swara. Swara pouts and walks out. “Parvati” they hear Deendayal’s voice and Swara’s face lightens up. She runs out of the room and hugs him. “That’s okay I have my Dadu in my side” says Swara showing her tongue to Ragini and Dida who comes out of the room. “Alele my shona bacha” says Dadaji caressing her hair. “Lado… Shona…. Come for breakfast” calls Sumi from the dining table. “Oops I forgot to brush my teeth” says Swara biting her tongue. “Today I will eat the first Rasgulla” says Ragini showing her tongue to Swara. “Rapenzul first comb your hair. By the time you comb it and come I will be there on the dining table and like always first rasgulla will be mine” says Swara and runs from there smirking. Ragini stamps her foot like a small kid and walks to her room pouting. Dadaji and Dida nod their head smiling looking at them and turn to walk to the dining table.

“Namaste Bauji” says Shekar who was present at dining table as he spots his dad walking to the dining table. “Jeete Raho” says he smiling and blesses Shekar and sits down. “Yippie I’m the first” screeches Swara as she comes down to the dining table.

“Again I’m late” says Ragini who comes down running but stops seeing Swara already sitting on the dining table. She pouts and walks to the dining table.

Swara eats the first Rasgulla and smirks looking at Ragini with Swollen cheeks.

Ragini twists her lips sitting on the chair.

“Swara Gadodia never comes second” says Swara proudly. “Maa” screams Ragini complaining. “Shona… She took bath and came not like you without taking bath having breakfast. Yuck” says Sumi and stands beside Ragini who hugs her and shows her tongue. “Papa” screams Swara crying fake. “So what first is first always” says Shekar proudly.

“Hey Bhagvan yeh ladkiya bhi na” says Parvati coming out of her room after taking bath for the second time. “Aagayi sherni” says Dadaji and chuckles. “Ji apne kuch kaha?” asks Parvati glaring him. “Paru meri ithni himmat hoti tho mai Pradhan mantra na banta?” asks he and everyone bursts out laughing. And Parvati glares him with more intensity.
“Acha Sumi I’m leaving” says Shekar coming out to the hall. He looks around and kisses her cheek. She widens her eyes and hits him playfully on his chest . “Shame shame puppy shame” says Swara and Ragini who were standing at the stair with closed eyes. Sumi and Shekar jerk and look around to avoid the embarrassment. “Bye” says Shekar and runs out of the house. Sumi also runs to kitchen. Swara and Ragini look at each other and chuckle giving hifi to each other.
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