swaragini.. struggle never ends .INTRODUCTION


Hi everyone…. i am not gonna introduce myself to you all . I can give you a clue that i write a swalak ff. And i am active on many ff pages. I will very soon introduce myself. I wanted to write an emotional story.

The story will have struggling life of both swaragini. Their hurdles in life. How will they overcome all such hurdles and live a peaceful life. How will they survive in such a condition where they are not respected???? With their kids,what problems will they face.?????
A woman’s life is not easy. Her journey from a daughter to mother,has many stages. She is the same who was the pearl of her family and soon after becoming a mother she forgets herself.. her children’s life become more important for her. She lives for them, and can even die for them.
All this will be stored in my ff. I have seen this women’s story by my eyes. I know 2 such women whose life r a full inspiration novel, in which whichever page you opwn,will teach you something great in life. They r my inspiration. They teach that life is struggle and u need to struggle till your last breathe.
This is just a introduction. In my story, males will not have a great role.. you can say in one women’s story negative. And in ones it will be very short. Still i will try adding many couples scene.

Couples will be decided by votes this time. You can vote for the pairs. I will start the story from wednesday.
1. Swalak and ragsan.
2. Swasan and raglak.
Guys both swaragini will have equal role. But sanlak will not be brothers in my story.
This was all i wanted to tell . Now let me give a characters decription.
Swara: bold, bubbly, she never gives up. Her dream is to become something for her parents. She loves her family a lot. Can do anything for them.
Ragini: cute, sweet a fun loving girl. She too is ambitious. Her life is in her sister swara.. she loves her most.
Niti: younger sister of swaragini. Loves them a lot. She is very close to her brother aryan.
Aryan: youngest of swaraginiti. Loves them a lot. But her favourite is her niti di.
Sanskar: he is ambitious, courageful and a fun loving boy.
Laksh: he loves his family, studious. Want to become a buisness tycoon…
Siddhart: a good , loving boy. Is very talented and is in search of job.
Shweta: cute. Simple girl.. she loves aryan.
That was all. Vote for your favourite pairs. So i could process asap.
Thanks for your valuable time. Do comment and tell me how was this????

Credit to: guess???

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