swaragini.. struggle never ends .Episode 1


Hello everyone. I gave the intro and asked you all to vote for pairs. I am giving you all one more day to decide the pairs .. if we go to the results according to intro . Congrats to swalak and ragsan fans as they are leading. Lets see if this continues.
So the very first episode.
A girl is shown . She is 10 yr old. She is doing all house hold work with her younger sister .
Swara: ragini u dont worry i will do all thia.
Ragini: no di . How can i leave u like this. They have told all of us to complete.
Niti: ok then i will also help.
Swara: no. Niti go and study.
Aryan: but di we too want to help.
Ragini: go niti and take aryan too.
Nityan: ok di.
They both leave.
Swara: ragini i am telling na i will complete all this.
Ragini: di i m just 11 months younger. Ok so plz let me work with u.
Swara: ok ok meri ma.
Ragini: good
They finish the work and go to study. Everyone is sleeping and swaragini r studying.
Swara: ragini do u need anything.
Ragini: di focus on ur studies always thinking about others.
Some days went and swaraginityan results come.
Aryan: di di di i got second position in class.
Mom: thats like my good boy. Keep it up.
She leaves.
Their father goes to swaraginiti.
Father: what about ur results.
Niti: i too grabbed 2nd position.
Ragini: papa di got first. And i got 3rd.
Father: is it so. Swara come to me. Take these choclates r for u.
Swara: thanks papa.
She takes and shares it with her siblings.
Swaraginityan have a hug.
Present day.
Swara is writing all this in her diary.
Swara: i love my sisters and my brothers a lot. Today all are settled in their lives.. we hardly meet once or twice in a year.
It has been 17 years of my marriage. I have 2 daughters .. whenever i see them fighting,playing .. i remeber the days of my childhood. I was not able to study properly. But i will make my daughters study . By gods grace they r very intelligent and are grabbing first position. I want to see my daughters fulfilling their wish. And in that my wishes will be completed.
Many people told me that u have 2 daughters . U should think for a boy. But i dont need. For me my daughters are more than boys. I always wanted daughters. And i dont care what world says. I love them and they love me.
She closes her diary and sleeps.
Ragini is sitting on terrace and looking at stars.
God has never been fair for me. I was not allowed to fulfill my wishes and made to marry. Everything was fine but god took my husband. I am a widow. But i know how to face the world and i have to make my children live with peace.
My son is naughty whereas my daughter is sincere. They r trying their best to make me proud. I am very lucky that god gave me such understanding kids.
I have always fighted . And my sisters have always supported me. I love my di more than anything. She has always stood for me. When my husband dies .. she made me to refuse all the stupid customs of shaving hairs,living in house without going out.. they told me to live a self made life. And today i am earning for my family . I am trying my best to keep them happy.
Niti is making her small child sleep and thinks.
I was very lucky to get a loving family. My sisters fulfilled all my wish. They made me study. I love them a lot.
I was made to marry only after completing my studies with my full permission. I got a good family too. Today i am happy with my 2 sons and my husband…
In my childhood i was the most cl ose with my brother. But today i am not so much connected with him.
Bhai i miss u and i love u..
Aryan is typing all this in his laptop.
My life was going very good. Everything was fine . But things changed when i was made to marry. My wife is a selfish woman. In my absence she tortured my mother. And due to this she lived 1 yr away from me. She never cared for my family. I lost my father. And all responsiblitirs were on me. I tried my best. But….
After 1 yr i got a baby daughter in my life. She became my life. She dont like her mother. She loves me and want to become like me. But i dont know what god has planned. When she was 2 yr old we came to know tht she has 2 hole in her heart. I was shaken. Iwas arranging for her operation .. when my mom left due to heart attack… i was having no one as support. But my sisters have not left me. They stood for me. And today my daughter is 3 yr old and her operation was successful……….
Friends this was my first episode. Hope u all like this. Vote for ur favourire pairs . Total votes will decide the pairs.
Hopr u all like this.
And yes can u guess who i am???????

Credit to: guess???

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  22. Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments let me make one thing clear guys. All pairs and all romantic scenes will be in past i.e. flashback.
    And ragini will only be a widow. The males will not have any important role. They are just supporting. I request you all to suggest accordingly. As i said in intro. Ragini’s husband will b dead and swara’s husband will turn a little negative and a little positive
    My story is about swaragini and their struggle. Hope u all like it
    And i request you all to read it irrespective of pairs. You will read a totally different story. It will include romance,struggle,and i will try adding comedy too.
    So plz read it . Its a request. And guys i hve written 2-3 swalak ff. So wanted to write swasan but i can see that swalak are winning.so ..
    I will only choose pairs according to vote if u all promise to read it…

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