Swaragini strength of a girl episode 2


Recap – recently sanskar and laksh both have given 1st year examination in which sanskar topped and laksh flunked. After 3 months laksh is still in college and sanskar is handelling the business , he wants to do MBA from iim but dp is in no mood to allow him to waste his 1 year in preparation and ask him to take adm in haward .(no objection with university but he wants to do something on his own) both sanlak leave for college in car as sanskar has to collect some documents from college. On their way a bike overtake them when sanskar come out to talk to him . she put off her heet it is swara .

Today’s episode
Biker put off her helmet it’s swara .
Sanskar looking at swara with broad eyes and open mouth.
Sanskar : I haven’t seen her before in college . is she fresher
Laksh: no bhai 3rd year me hai Banglore se transfer hokar aayi hai
There is a group of students which are rich spoil brats
Sanskar:do these idiots still tease juniors
Laksh :yes bhai they even tease girls of our class
At that moment Ragini comes out of auto in traditional clothes as she used to wear earlier
Those boys tease her (oye hoe kaha jaa rahi ho meri jaan kabhi hamari taraf bhi to dekh liya karo meri chocolate ice cream another say nahi yaar ye to sar se pairo tak tuti fruity hai)
Sanskar take a step to stop them
At that time swara comes and spray her pepper in their eyes
Swara : Don’t you dare touch her. If you even raise your eyes at her I’ll snatch them and sell them at the price of marbels to children to play
He hold swara’s hand roll it and bring her close and say
Even you are pataka but no wory I’ll make you flower
Swara kick her knee and hit on his main point and even use her elbow and foot to hit them
Swara:don’t you dare do this again otherwise I’llmake your life hell for you and yes I am black belt in taekwondo
I have learnt it for 3rd class guys like you
And yes if you repeat it again I won’t left you well to do anything with your wife
Sanskar see all this and smile
Precap: swara and sanskar sitting on bridge and talking
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Credit to: Parnika

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