Swaragini story starts again – episode 2

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Scene starts after swara fell in river during rajat track
Some time ago when sanskar holds swara’ s hand for saving her
Swara- sanskar i love u bt after me don’t be sad think about ur family and always smile u know na i love ur smile  plz don’t  saddy like devdas says smilingly

Sanskar= swara don’t say rubbish i will save u any how plz swara u know na u r reason for my smile how  can u say that ok i will die without u

Swara = no sanskar promise me if something happens to me u will not become devdas ok and after this swara hands slip away from snskar hand and she shouts i love u sanskar
Sanskar screams swara and he jump into the river to save swara  and when dp,ragini and laksh reaches there they saved sanskar and he got unconscious  when the team reach for searching swara they only got her ss locket now its night time but swara is not found  and laksh,dp and ragini takes sanskar to home and call the  dr

Dr = nothing to worry mr. Maheshwari he just got unconsious due to stress i have gave him injection he will soon get coscious ok now i should go ok see u later mr maheshwary

Dp=yes dr laksh plz drop dr till door
Laksk =yes papa,lets go dr

At  river edge
Swara is seen unconsious and floating n a man came in jogging track wih earlids in his ears and he saw that girl he jump into the river and scoop the girl in his arm and reach near his car and put her on passenger seat and drive towards hospital and put her on hospital after completing formalities and call doctor after some time dr came and check swara and said water got in stomach we have remove it and she have got hit at back head also we have subscribe some medicine plz brought them and we have given her injection and sleeping pills if she will get consious till tomarrow morning she will be fine if not she may skeep in coma ok now i should go to check other patients also so i should go and nurse plz give injection to the patient in evening.

Unknown person =ok doctor

At other side mm
All are gathered in hall including gadodia  family  and inspector is seen coming
Inspector= hello mr maheshwari sorry to say but we didnot get mrs swara maheswari body  i think with the water flow her
body also flow with water till other end

Ragini =how can u say that inspector i know my sister is alive so stop calling her body u have to find her at any cost 

Insp= sorry mrs ragini i know how u must be feeling now but i dont thik mrs swara maheswari would be alive bcz water flow was very high

Then a voice came from stairs
Stop right there inspector  says sanskar coming down fr om stairs
Sanskar= inspector dont u dare to say that my swara is dead my swara cant break her promise she promise me she will never leave me ok so dont dare to say that again

Dp=sanskar calm down beta u are weak inspector plz try to find swara as soon as possible u said u have not get any body from water so there are chances  that swara could be alive

Ram =inspector ya bhaishab is saying right we have chances that swara could be alive so try to find her as soon as possible

Sanskar= papa ,bade papa how can u say that there are few chances swara could be alive i have said na she is alive bcoz my heart is beating so how can her heart stopped beating

Ap =  sanskar beta calm down u r weak and pale  now u should do rest in ur room  u also have to take ur medicine  lets go i will give u medicine

Sanskar= badi mom i am perfectly allright  now i have to find my swara dont know where she will be now i should go to find her

Sujata=chora jiji na sahi kah rhi thare liye abhi itna jyada bat  krna thik na s or tu bahr jane ki bat kr rha h

Sanskar=(his head spins) mom i am alright i dont need any medicine then caught his head with his both hand

Sujata=sanskar tu kathe na ja skta dekh thara sir bhi chakra rha h chl tu jake kamre mein aram karle

Laksh =bhai chachi ji is saying right u should rest now see ur head is spinning also and inspector is finding swara na and me and adarsh bhea is also going to search swara

Adarsh =ya sanskar now u go to ur room for rest

Sanskar= okay bt first promise me u both will find my swara

Laksh=promise bhai

Ragini =sanskar police got these bangles mangalsutra ad locket from river  hands over all things to sanskar
After this ap and sujata take sanskar to his room

Inspector=mr maheswari i can understand ur son condition bt i am saying if we  couldnot find mrs swara maheshwary  in three days then we will close the case

Dp =ok inspector

Inspector= now i should take  leave now

At hospital unknown person comes after taking medicine prescription when he got out from swara ward all girls came near him and says samar sir plz one selfie  and he got out from the chipku girls  after so many attempts
Samar singhania= a singer by profession lives in kolkata have a huge girl follower and a naughty person ( role played by aamir ali) and always go lucky person

Back to story
After some time his pa anirudh come and said sir why u came without ur bodyguards all media people came to know about ur wherabouts sir u should leave from here as soon as possible

Samar = anirudh i cant that girl is my responsibility now we also donnt know who is she so i think we should wait till she got conscious now u have to handle this media and all and i know u can do it bcoz u r samar singhania friend .

Anirudh mehra =pa cum best friend of samar always stays by his side (role played by dhruv of thapki pyaar ki )

Anirudh =now no need to butter me i will handle this ok u take care of her

At mm in swasan room
After giving sanskar medicine sanskar sleep by effect of medicine tightly clutching swara belonging to his chest

Ap and sujata caress sanskar head 
Sujata =jiji m apne chore ko thadpta hua nahi dekh skti Aap to jano ho swara uski jaan thi jiji pta nhi swara jinda h ya nhi  pta nhi jiji mare ghar ko kiski najar lag gyi phle swara ab mhara sanskar

Ap=sant ho jao sujata  sb thik ho jayega bhagwan pr bharosa rakho
Uttara is seeing this all from outside and silently crying
After some time both ap and sujata came out from room and saw uttara and sujata immediately hugs her
Sujata=sant hoja uttar bacha rote nhi tu to mhari sherni beti h na

Uttara=mom this all happened bcoz of me na rajat came in our lives bvoz of me mom i cant forgive
myself this all happed bcoz of my love now i will never love anyone bcoz of my love my bhai condition is like this bcoz of my love my bhabhi is not with us bcoz of my love only all are sad and cried out

Ap=uttara beta sant hoja isme teri koi glti nhi h  jo ho gya so ho gya tu apne aap ko dosi mt tharah ye sb hmari kismat mein likha tha vo ab prarthna kre ki sb thik ho jaye chlo jake beta tum bhi kuch kha lo
Sujata=ha beta jiji thik kh rahi h aaja kuch khale
Trio get down into hall

Laksh = ragini me and aadrash bhaiya is going to search swara u take care of urself

Ragini= cries by hugging urself and said
laksh my sister u have to find her u will find her na

Laksh{hugging her back}=bacha stop crying u know na i cant see tear in ur eyes and u have to take care of all family member u only breakdown then who will take care of then and see maa(sharmishtha) condition how much she will be suffering u have to take care of her

Ragini =haa maa i will take care of now i will be strong
At another sofa both shekhar and sharmishta are crying ragini goes near them and says ma papa plz dont cry our swara will be perfect allright ok so stop crying

Then laksh and aadrash goes ap dp goes near family frame and touches it and cries

(Bgm chandariya jeeni re jeeni)

Sujata is in uttara room and crying uttara is sleeping in her lap
In sanskar room rp is caressing sanskar gead and crying in gadodia hous sekhar sharmistha and ragini are crying by remembering swara and tear are flowing down from sanskar eye.

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