Swaragini – Story of the sisters (Chap 7)

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Now both the bride’s took out their gunghat and groom their shehra to find out that swasan are married to each other and ragini married laksh…

Seeing this ragsan are shocked to core…..Whereas swara and Gadodiya were happy….
Ragini (shocked) : This can’t happen….No no its not done….Swara married my sanskar but how?? Swara was in shimla Right?? Then how can she be here and how laksh came in groom’s place??
Jhanki (to Gadodiyas) : How can you do this?? Haan how can you betray Ragu…..(went to Shekhar) you promised me na that you’ll make Swara understand that ragsan love each other and ragini will marry sanskar than why??
Shekhar : What to say Jhanki it’s not my fault that doll loves sanskar……From childhood I have fulfilled my daughter’s wish so why not now also….
Ragini (teary-eyed): Dad I am also your daughter right??
Shekhar : No you’re just an illegitimate child of mine….Don’t you know that being married already if we marry another person that relationship is known as illegal relationship and your my daughter from that illegal relationship….then how can I consider you as my daughter……
Sanskar who just came out of the shock gets angry seeing ragini crying and also Shekhar talks…. He shouted
Sanskar : Mr Gadodiya how dare you to shout on ragini??
Shekhar (calmly) : Beta now you shouldn’t be take ragini side……you should forget her and move on with doll…..You don’t know beta how much my daughter loves you…..She will keep you happy….Moreover now you don’t need to stay in orphanage you will stay here with us after all you are my doll’s husband…..
Sanskar : I don’t accept this marriage….It’s known as cheating not marriage……You have made joke of this holy marriage……
Parvati : See boy!! This marriage has happened whether you wanted it or not….but now the truth is you’re laado husband and also SIL of this house……So you have to accept this relationship…
Suddenly shobha got an idea and went to dining hall and came after sometime…..
Here ragini was not understanding anything and cried aloud seeing her crying Jhanki act like she’s tensed and went towards ragini and hugged her tightly and started to console her
Jhanki : Ragu don’t cry baby MA is here only I will make sure you get what you deserve…..
Ragini cryingly went towards room
Swara was happy seeing ragini crying and sanskar as her husband……she now also remember how Shekhar manipulated Jhanki since her mother died…..and how Shekhar instigated Jhanki against ragini……Today Swara got everything……mom dad dadi dadu Nani and her Prince Charming……Here shobha smirked at Swara indicating she has done which Swara told her to do…..
Laksh was upset as now he have to bear ragsan hatredness but he did it for saving ragini life from Gadodiya……
Sanskar was angry on Swara but now he has no way to do anything so he thought to ask Swara for sometime to accept this relationship…..
Sanskar : Swara I know you have many expectations from me but I need sometime to accept you and this relationship….
Swara : OK sanskar as you say…..
Saying this all went to dining hall and started eating when shobha gave sanskar sweet dish to eat…..after eating when all were going to their respective rooms sanskar started to feeling uneasy and Swara smirked seeing it and took him to Swara room and placed him on bed…..

Ragini room
Ragini was crying like hell she didn’t even ate anything
Ragini : MA why Swara did that why she snatched my love and dad he said that I am not her daughter…..
What’s my fault MA what’s my fault……I don’t want to live MA I don’t want to live
Jhanki (in flow) : If you want to live so die who told you to live…..
Ragini looks at Jhanki shockingly when Jhanki realized what she said and cover up…..
Jhanki (covering) : Whatever I am saying is correct Ragu I got you after so much time and you want to die…..I thought you are brave enough to fight but no you being coward want to accept the defeat…..
Ragini : Then maa say na what to do
Jhanki (???) : Sign on this paper Ragu and then after talking with lawyer… I will file divorce case on swasan….
Ragini : OK MA!! And signed on that paper……unaware of what was written on the papers….

Swara room
Swara made lie sanskar and tell something to drugged sanskar and lights went off………

Precap : Ragini knowing the truth……Sanskar waking up in morning and finding what happened last night…..ragini breaking down….Four years leap

So guys think what was in the paper in which ragini signed?? What did shobha did in dining hall?? Why laksh married ragini??

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  1. Feeling bad for ragini
    Hope Swara realise her mistake
    Plz update soon can’t wait to read more?

  2. kya yar agr tmhe ragini se itni hi sympathy h to i hv no problem bt swara ko itna negative to mt dikhao

    1. SammieR

      Don’t worry Swara will be positive after next episode…

  3. Shrilatha

    Why does Ragini have to Sign for swasan divorce

    1. SammieR

      You will come to know in next chapter

  4. A.xx

    Fab and I thi k they were property papers hope rags gets her revenge xx

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya you guessed it right

  5. Follybraverl

    Nice episode poor ragu we are always there keep going

  6. Aasthu

    I really wish Ragini would come back strong and defeat Gogodias….or at least show something bad happening to Swara and that stupid family…..I always believe that truth prevails in the end and that those who did bad would be punished………….

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya don’t worry Gadodiya will pay back

  7. I hope soon RAGSAN will reunite

    1. SammieR

      Sorry but it’s swasan and raglak

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….

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    Awesome sorry for the. Late comment

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    superbb yaar post next part soon yaar

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  11. Nice but plz give sone lines to bechara laksh it seems he was not there at all why leap so soon swara shekhar betray sanskar and sanskar forget all things very soon

    1. SammieR

      Thank dear and don’t worry laksh will also get some lines and who said sanskar forget everything it may be something ahem ahem also na……and about leap so wait for it dear you will see it…..and I am also thinking to end this story in few parts

  12. Awesome dear

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