Swaragini – Story of the sisters (Chap 6)

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Shekhar told his plan to his family and his family being greedy accepted……Next day Shekhar went to shobha and told her…..First shobha didn’t accepted but then Jhanki convinced her…. As per plan Shekhar and Jhanki married secretly in temple without telling anyone….In the meantime sharmistha also went to America for her work…..Till then sharmistha came back Jhanki was pregnant with Shekhar child and gave birth to Swara……Here Shekhar trapped sharmistha in her love then marry her and after one year sharmistha gave birth to ragini…..The day ragini became 6 months Shekhar and Jhanki killed Sharmistha and Jhanki took sharmistha place and also the whole property… and started ill treating ragini……

Eva guessed it right

Swara is Jhanki daughter and Ragini is sharmistha daughter and shobha is Jhanki’s Maa
Flashback ends

Ragini is seeing sanskar dreams…..Same sanskar was seeing ragini dreams……unknown to their future…..

Next day
Ragsan marriage/Swasan marriage

Gadodiya mansion is looking like a castle after all today is our heavenly couple wedding

Sanskar is getting ready for marriage in his room gave by Gadodiyas whereas Jhanki Parvati and shobha are busy in making their laado/shona ready and ragini was getting ready by some parlour people…..
Ragini (to herself): Why no one came to see me?? What ragini don’t forget they will be in Swara’s room tonight only Swara is going to shimla…….I wish someone would love me also like this……?? Leave it ragini concentrate on your marriage and be happy ?? (Poor ragini)

Pandit Ji stating Call both grooms and brides
As Pandit Ji said both bridegrooms were bought in the Mandap……
As the Marriage proceeded ragini started getting negative vibes but she ignored it…..(guys I don’t know this marriage rituals so much so I am ending it) Now panditji told to put vermilion and mangalsutra in bride’s forehead and neck respectively……(Guys ragsan don’t knows who are married with whom because of gunghat and shehra)
Now both the bride’s took out their gunghat and groom their shehra to find out that swasan are married to each other and ragini married??

Screen freezes

Sorry guys for short update but I was frustrated on my manager and also this was just a outline the real story will start from tomorrow till then take care of yourself and plzzzz do tell you liked the flashback or not and guess who is ragini married to??Will ragini come to know the truth of her past??If Jhanki hates ragini why she saved ragini years back??Will ragini fight against Gadodiya family or not??Will sanskar accept Swara??Will swasan first night happen??

for this stay tuned and guys please answer the question its a request so i can understand that what you accept from further chapters

bashing shekhar and gadodiya will not change the storyline so please answer so i can understand that what you want me to write next
and good night

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  1. Hi,I think Janaki saved ragini for property only. Sanky accepted swara as a wife and first night not now and ragini married to laksh. They were plan the marriage in different place for swaragini ,because they were allotted a room for sanskar so they married couple is swasan and raglak.

  2. Feel bad for Ragini. Hopefully she is married to Laksh

  3. Shrilatha

    U story is hard to imagine as what will happen next….it’s too good…poor ragu…and I hate swara

  4. Srusti

    I don’t know about this ff just only i read it was vry interesting n feeling bad for ragini i think she is married to laksh thank god u made swasan & raglak as pair

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  5. Asra

    awesome dear….i think ragu married to laksh….feeling bad for ragini…..soo sad hope laksh save her from thz devil family…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  6. Fairy

    Superbbbb update…feeelng reallly bad for ragsan???
    I think shez married to laksh!!!
    Hopefully rags comes to know about her past soon
    Janki saved rags,maybe bcoz of some greed???
    Hope rags wl f8 back?
    I don’t wanna say nythng about swasan…
    …plz post nxt part soon dr???…keep rockng n stay blessssed?
    N plz dnt stresss yourself,b calm n happy???

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  7. Jazzy

    awesome dear and i think she married laksh and the story i will tell u when u will update heehhe

  8. IQRA222

    awesome shekhar’s family is so greedy
    feeling bad for ragu

  9. Poor ragu

  10. Aasthu

    Nice update……I don’t like Janki too……I don’t want Sanskar to accept Swara. Maybe when she feels how it is to be not loved by anyone she would understand the pain Ragini has been going through…..I want Ragini to react against Gogodia’s. I’m curious to know about Janki.

    If you don’t mind,can you give me the summary of all the chapters till now??? I don’t have enough time to read all the chapters as my exams will start soon.Plz?????

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry I will give the summary

  11. A.xx

    Amazing and ragini married lakshya,,, so the property is actually supposed to be Ragini’s ?? xx post soon

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

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