Swaragini – Story of the sisters (Chap 5)

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Gadodiya mansion
Shekhar and Jhanki came back with ragini……
Dadu : Shekhar who is this girl and what she’s doing here??
Shekhar : Papa she’s ragini….
Hearing ragini name all were shocked as she died in front of them only
Parvati : What nonsense are you talking about?? Ragini died in front of us….. Then how can she be alive……
Shekhar : No Maa she never died Jhanki saved her that day and hided her in orphanage……
All were angry at Jhanki when shobha asked
Shobha : But why she’s here now?? You could let her rot in their….
Shekhar asked Jhanki to take ragini in her room then told
Shekhar : Because she is sanskar would be wife that sanskar whom doll loves…..
Hearing it all were shocked again and started cursing ragini when Shekhar said
Shekhar : Don’t worry doll sanskar will marry you only……
Swara : But how??
Shekhar told them something and they all agreed
Swara : Thank you dad now I will get my love back……??
Shekhar : Of course princess ??

Ragini room
Jhanki : What happened Ragu?? What are you thinking??
Ragini : Maa why everyone loves Swara and hates me??
Jhanki (sadly) : Because you are my child not sharmistha’s……
Ragini : But dad is also my dad naa
Jhanki : Yes beta
Ragini : Then…..
Jhanki : Beta it started 28 years ago
Shekhar sharmistha Jhanki trio were best friends…… Shekhar and sharmistha belonged to middle class and Shekhar was money minded like his family whereas Jhanki was quiet rich……Shekhar loved sharmistha truly and wanted to marry her but shobha wanted a rich man for sharmistha that’s why Shobha was against shemish marriage……
One day Shekhar came to know about Jhanki’s father will that Jhanki’s father’s property will transfer to Jhanki’s child and that’s when Shekhar plan to snatch Jhanki’s property and become rich man and marry sharmistha…..
Flashback ends

Ragini : Maa did sharmistha aunty was also included in that……
Jhanki : No beta sharmistha was a diamond when she came to know about Shekhar deeds she hanged herself….leaving 1.6 years Swara behind
Ragini : But Maa will now everyone accept me….
Jhanki (in mind) : No beta never but what to do I am helpless…..(to ragini) Yes beta but it will take some time…..


Gadodiyas were preparing their mansion like a fairy castle after all Swara’s marriage was this
Shekhar : Jhanki Jhanki
Jhanki : Yes what happened
Shekhar :Go and make my princess ready
Jhanki : Yes Swara come beta we have to go to parlour na
Swara : Ya coming
Ragini : Maa but it’s my marriage na
Jhanki (lied) : Yes Ragu actually today Swara is going to shimla for attending her friend’s marriage that’s why we are going
Ragini : oh OK bye

Precap : Full flashback part

So guys what you think if after ragini birth Shekhar will get property than how Swara is two years elder than ragini?? How shobha agreed and shemish married before Shekhar become rich?? What did Shekhar told to Jhanki?? What plan did Shekhar and family made for swasan marriage?? Will swasan marriage happen??

Whoever will say the correct answer chap 7 will be dedicated to them and also they can give their idea for chap 7 changes will be according to it……..
And next part on Monday as I am hell tired and will be busy till Sunday……

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  1. Swara is Janki’s daughter and Rags is Shomi’s?

    1. What happen ur not writing ff.miss ur ff lot

    2. Eva why u did not write ff

    3. SammieR

      ?Exactly di your guess is absolutely correct

  2. Tumne kha ki swara ni janti thi ki ragini alive h isliye isme uski koi falt ni h pr ab to vo janti h n ki ragsn ek dusre ko lve krte h fir b vo san se mreg krn chahti h so ye to glt h n nd fir se dear mko glt mt lna mne jst apna poit rakha

    1. SammieR

      I can understand your point but you only think your every wish is fulfilled till now so you became stubborn and it’s just Swara’s stubbornness that she wants to marry him I hope you understand

  3. How rude the family is….Poor ragu..Plz make ragsan together why always lie wins… Anyway awesome epi

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  4. Shekhar is a jerk after swasan wedding want raglak story to be started soon what will sanskar do after his marriage to swara because he loves ragini

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and wait for next part

  5. You said swara dont know that ragini is her sister and she love sankar but now she know everything after knowing also how she can ready to marry sankar how can be she become selfish sperating to lovers who love deeply.this shekar is cunning fellow for giving one daughter happiness how can he give pain to another daughter hate him to the core and this swara and her family members are do selfish they see only there happiness by giving other pain cunning fellows cruel minded people.
    Note: if in the place of swara if ragini is there then also use comment just like this only.
    I hate this kind of people who sperate two people whether it is boy or girl.
    I hope ragini will go away from this selfish people and live her life peacefully and laksh will bring happiness back in her life and live together very happily.

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya I agree with you

  6. IQRA222


    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  7. Fairy

    Oh god!!!m reallly feelng bad for ragini….hate shekher n all d family members????poor rags….she is unknown to d fact dat wts gonna happen!!ahh!!!shekher i”ll kill u…n wt to say about swara???hope she”ll realise her mistake sooon….waitng sooo eagerly for raglak love storyy???love u ragz?…update ws sooper dooper interestng n amazngggg!!!!!ur story is realllly superbb..keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety????

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  8. Aasthu

    Feeling bad for Ragini…..hate the whole family….plz make it difficult for Swara to get Sanskar’s and his family’s love after marriage…….

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  9. Asra

    awesome dear….feeling bad for ragini….

  10. A.xx

    Fab and feel so bad for Rags xx

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

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