Swaragini – Story of the sisters (Chap 4)

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Gadodiya mansion
Swara (impatiently): Dad did you get his info??
Shekhar (?) : Yes doll I got his all info but there is a bad news…..
Swara (shockingly): What bad news Dad??
Shekhar : Beta he’s going to marry in 4 days with the girl he loves……
Listening this Swara sat with a thud she can’t believe that the person she started loving is going to be someone else husband.
Here shobha and Parvati got angry listening it and asked Shekhar to tell the girl detail so they can do something but couldn’t ask as they found Shekhar angrily glaring Jhanki and found something fishy…….They thought to talk about it later as now their priority is their shona/laado who is crying like hell…….

Shekhar ask Jhanki to come in room and Jhanki have a little idea that who the boy is……..

Jhankar room

Shekhar : Where is ragini Jhanki??
Jhanki (?): Ragini died in front of you only na then why are you asking me??
Shekhar : Really do you think I am a fool that you will say me and I will believe it……When I myself saw her in the orphanage………??
Jhanki (??) : Shekhar you are mistaken ragini is dead…….Shobha aunty and Maa only killed ragini that to in front of us…….
Shekhar : Fine if she is dead then you have no problem if I kill that girl na……
Jhanki (??): Don’t kill my daughter plz what she did she’s innocent please…….
Shekhar : she was she is and always will be a hurdle in my daughter’s life……
Jhanki : Please don’t do anything
Shekhar : Fine than do what I say…….and he says something
Jhanki : Fine but I have a condition you have to bring Ragu in this house and you will treat her as your daughter……
Shekhar : Fine I will love her like Swara don’t worry about it ??
Jhanki became happy and went to orphanage to bring her daughter back……….

Ragini was shocked to know her parents came to take her back no doubt she was angry at them but after all they are parents……she decided to forgive them little did she knew that she’s going to face the hell……ragini told them about her marriage with sanskar to which they happily accepted now ragini was in cloud nine after years she’s getting the happiness she longed for family husband everything she wanted she felt that she’s the most happiest person in the world…….unaware of the upcoming storm…….

Precap : Jhanki telling the past to ragini……and preparation of swasan marriage in the name of ragsan marriage…….

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    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  1. i thought so u r fn of swasn thts y i ask u wl jst wanna sy give equl imp to ragini also dear becs rag side line hori h so thts wy i tel u ki give eql imp dear nd plzz dnt take me rong bcs ful sirf swara k bre me hi hota h 2/3 lines hi rag ki hoti thts y plzzzz dear dnt tk me rongggh

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya don’t worry I am not taking wrong and from next chapter I will give importance to both swaragini……

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  3. I can’t read swasan stories, I thought it’s ragsan

    1. SammieR

      It’s swasan ff

  4. Dear plz do focus on scenes of ragini because you are telling only story about swara plz make equal scenes for both

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and surely from next chapter you will find both swaragini scenes equally

  5. Shrilatha

    Yaar plz don’t separate lovers..yaar..if it was oneside it would be okay…but both ragsan love each other…plz don’t separate them

    1. SammieR

      It’s necessary for the story as it’s swasan ff ragsan have to be seperate

  6. Good but plz give equal importance to both pairs .

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and surely from next chapter I will give importance to both swaragini scenes equally

  7. Kakali

    SwaSan n RagLak will make ur FF more beautiful..!!,
    U can understand what i mean Sam..!! Continue soon dear..!!
    Thnk u.. 🙂

    1. SammieR

      Thank you di

  8. Asra

    awesome dear…

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  9. Fairy

    Awesomeeee storyyy…….waitng for rags scene…ohh its raglakk? wow. ??? …..waitng for dere love story???? uupdate sooon…keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety…n yeah m expectng dat u”ll gve equal importance to ragini? lotz of love…keeep rockng n stay blesssssed sweety???

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry ragini will get equal importance

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