Swaragini – Story of the sisters (Chap 3)

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So here is the third part

Gadodiya mansion

Shobha and Parvati were cherishing their old moments when suddenly they heard some one shouting and some crying sounds…….When they turned towards the voice they were shocked to see Swara crying and screaming of Shekhar…….

Parvati : Shekhar what happened?? Why are you shouting???? and laado you went for shopping naa then what happened why are you crying ??
Shekhar : Maa ask this women who left doll in the shopping mall…….pointing towards Jhanki
Shobha ?: Aye chori what you did with my shona Haan?? Are you planning to snatch my shona also like you snatch my shomi??
Jhanki : No Maa….. interrupted by shobha
Shobha : Don’t dare to say me Maa

Jhanki : Sorry aunty Actually I saw Swara’s fav dress so I thought to give her as a gift but sorry next time this mistake will not happen…..(in mind) What can I do aunty I saw my daughter I was emotional as I have saw her after many months and I forgot that Swara was also there….
Shobha : Now go you useless women make something for us and don’t show up…….
Jhanki : Yes aunty…….
Swara (happy and hugged) : Nani when you came you know I missed you so much…..
Shobha : I missed you too baby but baby you’re happy here naa Jhanki doesn’t trouble you naa……
Swara : No Nani she doesn’t trouble me and she loves me also…..
Shobha : Thats good for her only…….

Swara : Dad I want to tell you something
Shekhar : Ya doll say naa
Swara : Dad I love a boy and want to marry him…..
Shekhar : Don’t worry doll if you want something you will surely get it…..
Swara : Wow dad I love you you’re the best…….but dad how will you find him??
Shekhar : don’t worry about that
Saying this he called mall manager and asked him to check the CCTV footage and find the boy….

Swara’s happiness knew no boundaries but someone was fearing listening to it she was none other than Jhanki she just prayed to god that it shouldn’t be the boy whom ragini is going to marry…….

Here shobha and Parvati were happy and excited to know about the boy whom shona / laado chose as her better half

Other side

Ragini was thinking about her past
Swara was 6 and ragini was 4
As Usual Jhanki was pampering Swara and family members were seeing their laado lovingly and adoring her happiness……Suddenly ragini came seeing her coming Shobha Parvati and dadu Shekhar were angry but when Jhanki assured them through eyes they became quiet……

Little ragini : Mumma why don’t you love me?? love me also like Di……
Jhanki : Ragini she’s elder than you that’s why I love her more than you but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you I love you too…..
L R : But Mumma…..interrupted by Jhanki
Jhanki : Go ragini and don’t disturb me…..
Little ragini cryingly went towards her room actually store room seeing her sad Jhanki was also sad but two people were happy they were Swara and shobha
Flashback ends
Thinking her past she was crying suddenly she felt one hand on her shoulder when she turned she saw sanskar…..ragini hugged him tightly and started crying sanskar assured her that he will be with her always and will give her all the love she was deprived of……

Screen freezes on swaragini happy and crying faces respectively……

Suddenly an idea popped in my mind when watching swaragini episode when sanskar filled Swara’s maang before molestation of ragini (fake)…..you want me to start that ff with this or after finishing this……..please do tell

Precap : Jhanki fear coming true and sanskar support ragini. Ragsan standing against Gadodiya family……

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  1. Nice
    Please start new raglak or ragsan ff

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  2. nice… keep going

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  3. Hi episode is good and emotional, but can i request you onething plz dont make ragini to forgive her family very easily each and every member of her family have to suffer a lot to regain her trust and love on them plzz.
    They have to give answer for her every sleepless nigths and every drop of tear of hers, mainly shekar gadodia who is worst father and lover who fell in love after marriage and cheated shomi and married and indirectly reason for shomis death and directly reason raginis pain.
    If love swara that much means y he cant keep shekar and shomi marriage alive and y he need to marry janki stupid fellow.
    If he married janki for only swara’s caretaker means y he make love with janki idiot fellow, y he bring innocent ragini to earth idiot stupid.
    Y he did partiality in upbringing in two one is princess and one is maid and y he send ragini to ophange and not think about her for once also wheather she is alive or not and how she surviveing her life and how she looks, atleast he dont remember that he have another daugther. Idiot stupid he not father he worst than any cruel animal.
    Plz after raglak marriage dont make them to live them selfish gadodias plz as you already planned it is an swasan marriage wantedly or unwantedly or forcefully plz make ragini and laksh make there own name fame respect with out any help of cunning gadodias plz if neccesary against of sanskar because after marriage he become ladla sil of gadodias know as he his there princess hubby.
    Plz make raglak not to forgive them very easily.
    Remaining story you can mold according to your wish how you create love between swasan and raglak.
    Plzzzzzz it is request dont make raglak unite and forgiving that cunning family members very easily plzzzzzz.And make there own paichan and this egoistic family have to suffer a lot to gain there love trust care from there daugther granddaughter and sil plzzzzz.

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry Gadodiya will pay for their deeds…

  4. nice..yes for new ff..

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  5. Ragsan plzzzz he is the only support for her don’t separate him from Ragini or make her alone…Just my wish choice is yours

    1. SammieR

      Thank you but last will be swasan only…….

  6. Nice but is ragini shekhar real daughter how can a father be so heartless towards one daughter I think you should also justice with other character don’t show janki and ragini so much bechari plz janki should take stand for her daughter

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry ragini will stand against them……

  7. Asra

    awesome dear…i hate thz shekher…how can one father do thz injustice to his own daughter….if he love his daughter and wife thz much means y he affair with janaki….and y he give birth to ragini…Everyone r doing wrong but ragini only suffer….hate thz man like a hell….don’t forgive them ragini….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry ragini will stand against them

  8. IQRA222

    Awesome epi?
    But feeling sad for ragu ??
    Swara is so selfish in your ffff??

    1. SammieR

      Thank you but Swara is not selfish yaar she doesn’t know that ragini is alive nor she knows about ragsan relationship so it’s not her fault that she fell in love with sanskar…….Do read my second ff prologue it is posted in tu and please tell me how’s it??

      1. IQRA222

        thanks for clearing my doubt. But why is she rude to janki pls tell me
        no problem about swara being a little stubborn as i am a swasan fan too
        pls post the link of the second ff prolougue

    2. SammieR

      It’s common yaar……I mean what you mean by step….not related to your blood step mother means A woman who is married to one’s father after the divorce of one’s parents or the death of one’s mother. From childhood her grandparents filled her mind with the same that Jhanki is not her mother she will be partial towards Swara when Jhanki children will born……Whenever Jhanki gave importance ragini she felt insecure and she was jealous that ragini was getting her “own mother” love not she and this insecurities and jealousy made her hate Jhanki and ragini……She loves Jhanki but still hates her because of this reason only……

      1. IQRA222

        thanks a ton

    3. SammieR

      Ur welcome ??

  9. R u swasn fn or raglak othrws lvly chpy poor rago hp janki shuld tak stnd fr hr daughtr nd both will stnd againt gadodia

    1. SammieR

      Thank you…….Am a swasan fan and Jhanki will take stand against Gadodiya family after swasan marriage

  10. A.xx

    fab and sorry for late comment xx

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

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