Swaragini – Story of the sisters (Chap 1)


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Here is the first Part

Gadodiya mansion
8:00 am

Om jai jagdish hare…….
A lady is singing aarti behind her two men and one old lady is seen standing and joining their hands in front of the idol of lord Krishna
After aarti
The lady revealed to be Jhanki Gadodiya gives Prasad to everyone and they disperse
After sometime
Parvati : Jhanki go and make black coffee and my laado’s favorite breakfast for her
Jhanki : Ji Maa
and she goes to kitchen
Parvati : Shekhar jaa aur Mari laado ko jagah 9:00 baj rhe hai itni der ladkiyon ka sona acchi baat nah hai
Shekhar : Ji Maa
Screen shift to another room
A girl was peacefully sleeping dreaming about her Prince Charming her room was Pink with so many pictures of her were hanging some with her friends some with her dad dadi and dadu
Shekhar enters the room and calls his princess who is surrounded with large teddies and many dolls
Shekhar : Doll wake up it’s already 9 wake up my princess today my doll has to do many works
Swara : Dad it’s just 9 don’t disturb me and let me sleep
Shekhar : Doll it’s dadi order
Swara : Fine give me 5 mins I am coming
Shekhar : OK doll
and he went down
After 5 mins downstairs
Parvati : Arey Jhanki bf taiyar hua ya nhi laado ka
Jhanki : Ji Maa aur table pe rakh diya hai
Swara : Gud morning everyone
All: Gud morning laado /doll
Swara : So aaj bf mein kya hai
Parvati : Mari laado ki saari fav hai
Swara : Wow thank you dadi you’re the best
Parvati : Ab Jyada bol mat aur khana kha le
Swara : ??
Dadu: Jhanki laado ko bhooka rhakne ka iraada hai kya??
Jhanki : Ji nhi. and she make Swara eat her breakfast
After finishing breakfast
Swara : Dad I want your credit card as I have to go for shopping today and ya dad plz tell your so called second wife if she’s not busy in her dead daughter’s memories then she has to come with me for handling my shopping bags.

Flash back
20 years ago

Jhanki was pampering Swara Suddenly ragini fell from bed and started crying Jhanki went to ragini leaving Swara and started dressing her wound.
That time Swara was 4 years old and ragini was 2
Seeing ragini getting attention from Jhanki Swara started crying loudly
Hearing her cry all were panicked (Swara knew Jhanki being her step mother)
Shekhar pacifying his princess : what happened to my doll why she’s crying??
Little Swara : Papa Maa don’t loves me she loves only ragini….
Jhanki : nhi beta see ragini fell down naa that’s why I came to her
Little Swara : but I am also crying naa then why you didn’t come to me…
Before Jhanki could say anything Parvati spoke
Arey beta you are her step daughter not real that she will love you
Flash back ends

Jhanki who was busy in her daughter memory became alert and looked down mouthing an apology seeing the glared faces of the family.

Shekhar : leave her doll she’s like this only and ya I have a surprise for you
Swara (excited) : What’s that dad??
Shekhar : Today your Nani and mama mami coming with your di
Swara was in cloud nine after listening this
But fear was clearly visible on Jhanki face thinking something

Other side
In orphanage
Ragini : sanlak jaldi bf khtm Karo aur sham ko shopping karni hai
Sanlak : ok
Ragini was thinking something
Sanskar : Ragini kya soch rahi ho
Ragini : kuch nhi bas yehi ki kya galti thi hamari ki hamaare maa papa hume is orphanage mein chod ke chle gye
Sanskar : Ragu forget the past you should think about our future together nothing else
Hearing it ragini blushed and went from there but someone was sad it was Laksh he was really upset about the matter of ragsan marriage one side he was happy for his Friend sanskar as he’s going to marry his love but on the other side he was upset as the girl who sanskar was marrying is ragini the only girl Laksh loved madly…….

Guys a note :
Jhanki was just married to Shekhar for giving motherly love to Swara and Swara in her side was right from childhood she was raised by a fear in her mind that Jhanki will be partial towards her by Swara’s Nani and family also by Parvati and dadu so she hates Jhanki and ragini
and thinks that they will snatch her happiness that’s why Swara hates Jhanki and ragini

Precap : Swaragini hit and miss and pehli nazar mein Kaisa jadoo kar diya…….

Good night Sweet Dreams to all swaragini family members

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  1. It’s awesome?
    But can you please write in English because I don’t know Hindi

    1. SammieR

      OK from next episode I will post in English

  2. nice..bt is swara negative in this ff?

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      Thank you and don’t worry Swara is not negative

  3. Nice one… Is it not swasan ff?

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      It is swasan ff Only

  4. Soujanya


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  5. Wow amazing it is raglak or ragsan I thought swara will fall in love with sanskar

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      It’s swasan and raglak but first few episodes will be of ragsan

  6. Suprbbbb lve it poor rago lve hr alottt

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      Thank you

  7. IQRA222

    awesome but i hate swara’s cold attitude towards janki waiting for hhe next episode

    1. SammieR

      Thank you will consider about it

  8. Maryam

    NYC dear..And Pehli Nazar ..wow seems interesting. ..And Plz Make SwaSan a couple soon and plz no Rag_______________________________San…plz..

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry swasan will be the pair only

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    awesome dear…

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