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It was time for Ragini to finally go to her new(old) school. She wasn’t really sure about the choice she had made. She was at orientation with her dad and she looked around nervously. She saw few of her old classmates there.She was happy that she was able to recognise them after all these years. They recognised her too. Her father was leaving when he met an old colleague there. His child was studying there as well. They were in the same class. Ragini got into her class and looked around.She saw one of her classmates from 4th grade and recognised her-Riya Banarjee. Riya and Ragini were never really best friends or anything but they immediately recognised each other. But Ragini failed to recognise her classmate in kindergarten(Duh ! Obviously ! They were very young). But Ragini didn’t know that SHE was her father’s colleague’s daughter.( Everyone be like – what the hell Mittu !

Where is Sanskaar ? And to that I say -*Evil Laugh*). Now their first impression of each other was just -uhh ! This girl looks like some obedient, studios kid, I don’t think we will ever be friends. So they never really clicked instantly or anything. But they clicked because of Riya and well Karan. So, Karan is in this school and Riya had been in love with him for sooo long. She basically hated all the girls whom Karan dated.Ragini being Ragini did not want to hurt Riya and she knew that she needed to tell someone what happened between her and Karan. She knew that the only one she could talk to was Twinkle. (You guys should have seen this coming?) Twinkle and Ragini became close because of Riya.

During this time, Lakshya still texted Ragini and had decided to surprise her by visiting her at school. His surprise failed as Twinkle and Ragini went the other way. But he didn’t let his effort go in vain and they met up at a bakery. He was with his friend and Ragini was there alone. She looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and they started talking. Ragini finally told him that Karan was at school too. He freaking lost it. He told his friend that Karan was her ‘part time husband’. She was so annoyed and simply asked him why he even cared. He said -” You are my half girlfriend ! You always say na that I’m your jeeju !! So you are my aadi gharwali ! You can’t be talking to other guys !! Dating other guys!!” Ragini just got up and stormed off. Lakshya never ceased to confuse her. Later he texted her asking her why she didn’t hug him . They met after long time and she didn’t even Hug him.

Ragini was going crazy with this daily dose of messages. She had to talk to someone. That someone was obviously Twinkle. Twinkle never judged her or said anything offensive. She understood Ragini and protected her. Twinkle protected her from Karan who constantly blamed Ragini for breaking his heart. As the year passed, Lakshya and Ragini constantly fought but reconciled.Lakshya’s temper only kept getting worse. Why you ask ? Well Swara and he broke up of course . Why ? Aahh !!

It’s all Ragini’s fault !! Obviously ! It’s always her fault right ? I mean she was the one who went and told Swara that she loved both Ragini and Swara ? Right ! Wrong !! That idiot went and told Swara this and Swara later on broke up with him stating that her family didn’t want her to be in a relationship. Ragini tried her best to make Lakshya feel better, but he kept hurting her repeatedly until one day he proposed to her during the holidays at midnight but then immediately became his mean self again the next day. All this while Ragini had been looking for an appropriate coaching and as fate must have it, she and Swara had joined the same coaching. They reconciled and everything , but deep down Ragini could never accept Swara as her best friend again. And of course Swara couldn’t either.

Twinkle and Ragini were like soul sisters. Or rather song-sisters. They loved singing and had good voices, but together their voice sounded Ah- Mazing ! They even had their own telepathy thing ! They could instantly make out what the other was thinking,or even sense if the other was sad or in trouble.Their friendship was just something else. But one obstacle in their friendship was that they never fought. Yup ! That’s an obstacle because you are not considered real friends unless you fight.But the day came when the finally had their first fight. There was a fest in Ragini’s old school and because Twinkle and Ragini were teacher’s pets they had to decide who would participate in what competition. Twinkle thought that it would be fun for both of them to team up and participate in the salad making competition. Ragini on the other hand stated that it would end in disaster. And there the two best friends stood in front of the principal’s office fighting. They were now pouting when they suddenly realised something.

This was their first fight. They started jumping this time still in front of the principal’s office. Then they shared a chocolate and celebrated their first fight. *sigh* This is friendship guys. Weird, Cute, stupid, lovely friendship. Now on the day of the competition, Ragini and Twinkle met Lakshya. Twinkle was super annoyed to meet him but being the nice and cute person she is, spoke to him normally. Lakshya kept following Ragini around and clicking pictures of her. As expected, their salad decorating competition ended in disaster, but hey ! these were memories.
Soon, Lakshya and Ragini started fighting again, this time because Swara and Lakshya started dating again. As if to rub it in Ragini’s face, Swara told Ragini about their first kiss. But somehow Ragini wasn’t as affected as she should have been.

Twinkle was there for her. She was her friend, her sister,her shield. For the first time, Ragini got back all the love she gave. Twinkle loved Ragini, protected her, wiped her tears and every time Ragini kept spiralling downward, she was the one who brought her out of the spiral. She put up with all of Ragini’s crazy obsessions. Her love for The Flash, her sudden but undying love for Korean dramas, her singing, her constant nagging about Lakshya. Ragini didn’t have to put up with a lot because Twinkle was basically an amazing soul. But the rest of the world had to put up with their love for animated movies, their singing, their stupid cute fights because Twinkle loved to tease Ragini, and their undying, crazy love or rather obsession with Minions. Twinkle had other friends too and as she became closer them,

Ragini would have a constant fear of losing her. But, she realised that these two were meant to be. No matter how many people called them ‘lesbians’ or whatever, they still stood by each other’s side. Twinkle made Ragini’s birthday memorable and gave her amazing gifts. Ragini tried, because to her the thought counted more than what she did. As their schooling was coming to an end, her dadi had decided to send her to an all girls college next. Twinkle would still be here, but they made a promise to never ever let go. And that’s what they did. They passed their final exams with flying colours and their friendship remained the same, infact even stronger than before as they went on to get their degrees from college. As for Lakshya, well he and Ragini didn’t talk anymore.

Ragini doesn’t remember what happened but they had some kind of fight and then Lakshya stopped texting her. The time Lakshya texted her actively, Ragini would often get annoyed and irritated. She would want him to never text her again, but when that actually happened, she was dying to get a text from him. He sent her friend request on Facebook but didn’t really text her or any thing. He would just like her pictures and posts. Ragini’s love for him somehow never died. Though she tried to convince herself and Twinkle that it was because she missed her best friend, they both knew what the truth was. But Twinkle was truly a gem or should I say star ? She was Ragini’s guiding light and she found love too.

In the form of Kunj. Ragini and Twinkle had made a pact that they would test each other’s possible suitors and make them cross several obstacles. But when Kunj came along, Ragini instantly forgot everything. He became her brother, her best friend and then of course went on to become her best friend’s boyfriend after a lot of time of asking and pleading. Obviously now the three best friends had to pursue their dreams together. Twinkle was the only one who had been clear about her ambition right from the start. She wanted to be a teacher. Kunj and Ragini on the other hand weren’t that sure. Ragini had finally decided to do something she had always wanted. They decided to start their own band and YouTube channel.

They moved in together in an apartment close to Twinkle’s college. Ragini and Kunj got themselves enrolled in different colleges, but ofcourse they came back home and spent lot of time together. They had only started posting videos and it was very difficult for them to meet all the expenses. And because their accommodation was a 3 bhk, they decided to get a roommate. Welllll, by they I mean Kunj and Twinkle. They never really spoke to Ragini about it.

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeed it veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much . Awesome yaar . Very happy that ragini got new really amazing friends in form of kunj and twinkle . Hope that they always remain together. Would be eagerly waiting for next part .

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soooo much dear !

  2. Awesome…

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      Thank you !

  3. Naz_Temish

    Positive changes……Loved thissssss……….awesome ?????

    1. Mittu

      Thank you so much Naz ! ??

  4. Really amazing episode dear

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      Thank you sooo much dear ! ?

  5. Follybraverl

    Awesome too good

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  6. Akshitha

    Wow suprb…pls make laksh to suffer for ragini…plsss

    1. Mittu

      Thank you ! Lakshya will suffer definitely!

  7. Naagin

    Nyc i am waiting

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      Thank you ! Next one will be out soon !

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….finally ragu got her true and soul frnd twinkle….happy for her….i hate thz laksh….i want him suffer more…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Mittu

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  9. Nymisha281

    Awesome….and soo happy for ragu

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  10. Awesome

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  11. Bela

    Is my hero coming now? Is my Sanskaar going to come now?

    Well, Amazing episode. So finally, good girl Ragini has her own swagger and kuddos to her! I think now, everyone is where they should have been. Swalak out of Ragini’s life, Twinj in, Ragini following her dreams and if what I hope is true, my hero is going to enter soon.????

    Please don’t spoil it by bringing in Lakshya as the tenant unless something really fab is gonna happen. I lost all respect when he suddenly proposed to Ragini and then returned to being a jerk????

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much Bela ! ??
      Don’t worry !! I won’t ruin stuff like that !! Such guys never fail to astonish me with their jerkiness ??

  12. Dharani


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  13. Jayanti

    awesome mittu….finally ragini got her true friends in twinj
    …..getting really interesting in each update…keep it up

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  15. Ugggggghhhh I really hate Laksh.What is there invthat swara that he can never leavd her?Anyway I know its going to be a Rag-San ff & me being a Raglak fan won’t read ot anymore but I m really glad Ragini finally moved on from Laksh & swara.They only gave her heartache.I was mad at Rahini to taking such long time to get over a guy who doesn’t fimd her beautiful.Its still a mystery to me Why Laksh liked Swara more.No I don’t want to know the story but if he loved swara then why he loved to spend time with Ragini more than swara.

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