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I don’t really know who should play the characters of Aditi, Tara, Piya, Aditya and Karan …. because she when the story proceeds they won’t be as recurring as the other characters ….. So I’d be glad if you guys suggest who should play them (P.S- don’t chose a fave actor for Karan)

Ragini never wanted Lakshya to know her true feelings. So, when she saw his message asking if she felt it was weird, she decided to make it seem like she was completely fine.
R- OMG !!! Lucky !! Thank you sooooo much yaar !! I won thanks to you !!
L-Won ? What ?
R- Areeeyy !!! I won the bet !! I had made a bet ki if you and Swara talk you both will confess !! Thank you soooo much !!! Ur the best yaar !!
L- Bet ?? Really !! Ragini …… what the hell ?!!!! I can’t even express how disappointed and pissed off I am ? Are we a f*cking joke to you ??? Do my feelings not matter !! You know what bye ! Don’t text me …..
Ragini just let out a sarcastic laugh when she read his messages. She should have been angry, pissed off, hurt and disappointed and here he was the one who was getting angry.Instead of being upset, Ragini sent many messages to Lakshya, apologising for her behaviour. She was really a weird person. She just knew how to give. She just gave love and took all the pain in return. She often wondered why she loved him even after he hurt her repeatedly. She didn’t have an other reply except – I just love him unconditionally.

Ragini was not able to prepare for her exam the whole day. She just sat staring at the book. The next day, she walked to school with no expression on her face. Aditi was standing in the corridor waiting for her. Ragini gave her a smile and continued walking. Aditi blocked her way and said -” I know ….”. Ragini played dumb and maintained that smile on her face. Aditi held her hand and repeated the same statement again. This time Ragini broke down. They went to the washroom where Ragini cried her heart out. When she felt she was fine and could face Swara, Aditi took her to class. Ragini was really happy to have such a good friend. Despite all the misunderstandings that they had, Aditi had her back. As soon as Swara saw her, she gave her a tight hug and tried to convince Lakshya to talk to Ragini. Ragini just ignored everything happening around her. But she couldn’t help but notice how Lakshya and Swara were glancing at each other and sending each other ‘love notes’.

Ragini was just exhausted and she wanted to go home. She couldn’t stand seeing Lakshya and Swara together. It hurt her much more than she thought. But she was so caught up in her feelings that she forgot about something. It struck her when she got home from school. There was a lot of drama that took place and Lakshya finally ‘forgave’ Ragini for ‘hurting’ him. It’s really funny how when he does something wrong, Ragini doesn’t even need an apology from his side. She was going through the screenshots again when she noticed something peculiar. Swara said that she had loved Lakshya from the time they became friends. So, what about Manav (Oh ya I don’t know who plays Manav either, suggestions please ?)Were all those feelings fake ? Did she just propose him for no reason ? How is it possible that she loved Lakshya all along and ate Ragini’s brain singing praises of Manav the whole day ? The next day, she told Aditi about her concerns. Aditi being a ‘jasoos’ decided to investigate. Ragini casually brought up Manav’s topic in front of Swara that day and Swara fumbled. She ignored it and when Ragini asked her about it during the break, Swara told her a really wonderful story. Ragini ended up feeling really guilty about doubting Swara again after listening to the story. She told Aditi not to investigate anything and told her everything that Swara said without leaving any detail.
Swara- Ragu, I didn’t want you to find out like this. Actually na, Manav pe kabhi mera crush tha hi nahi. I just wanted to hide the feelings I had for Lakshya.

Ragini- But the whole proposal and he rejected you …..
Swara- Ya actually na , Manav and I are really good friends. It was my plan to try and bring you and Lakshya close. Because when you would tell me that you kind off like Lakshya, I thought of setting you up. So for that I told Manav and he just pretended . Had my plan worked you would have been in my place now ! You know what infact , today I met Manav and he congratulated me, because me and Lakshya are finally together and he said that he always hoped that our plan would fail because he felt that me and Lakshya were perfect for each other. See in the end, everyone is happy right ? I mean you told me you always wanted to set your best friends up and you planned all that for me ….. Thank you .! I love you okay ?
Aditi simply smiled at the naive Ragu and said -“I ain’t buying that bull sh*t Ragu ! I will prove it to you that she is lying !!”

Ragini didn’t say anything because she knew that if she would ask Aditi not to do anything, Aditi would meddle even more. She was that person who would do something with even more passion and sincerity just because you told her not to do it. Things were fine , Ragini was trying to keep smiling and pretending that she was happy with Swara and Lakshya’s relationship. The boards were inching closer and their school had decided to take them to a really infamous temple. They would do this every year. Lakshya was texting Ragini for a change after a really long time. Their conversation went something like this –
L- Ragini … actually everyone says that in made the wrong choice ….
R- ??
L- You know na …. that I love both you and Swara ….. Jaan …. everyone is saying that I should have chosen you ….
R-(she was very annoyed) Look Lakshya .! You decide whom u r in love with not someone else okay ?
L- But … You don’t get it …. Okay fine !!
R- Fine !
L- Accha …. you know that I don’t like god and I don’t really pray and everything ….. But ! Tomorrow I’m going to pray that we are together forever !
R- That’s nice you should pray for your relationship !
L- Not just that …. But even my Jaan should be with me forever .!

Ragini didn’t know how to respond …. this guy really confused her. She just said that she was sleepy and switched her phone off. The next day, their whole class was in the bus on their way to the temple. Swara and Ragini were sitting together while Lakshya was sitting behind them. Swara and Lakshya were talking and Ragini was sitting there like a third wheel. Ragini offered to sit in Lakshya’s place and asked him to sit with Swara but they refused. Aditi who wanted to talk to Ragini and was super annoyed seeing her like that, went and sat next to Lakshya. Swara and Lakshya were so busy in their talks, that none of them noticed when tears started to well up in Ragini’s eyes. Aditi just held her hand the whole time while Swara and Lakshya didn’t pay any attention to them. When they went into the temple, Swara and Lakshya kept walking together. Ragini was walking all alone. Aditi, Tara and Piya came and stood by her side. When the teacher asked everyone to walk in pairs, Aditi held Ragini’s hand, while Swara was all alone. Obviously she could not stand with Lakshya in the boys line. Lakshya was very annoyed. He was angry that his ‘jaan’ chose some other random chick over their best friend, more importantly his girlfriend. During the Pooja, Ragini opened her eyes once and what she saw made her shut them tight so that her tears wouldn’t be noticed. Lakshya was blowing kisses to Swara and mouthing I love yous and Swara was pretending to catch his kisses and mouthing back I love you to him. Ragini just closed her eyes and tried to control her emotions. On the way back to the bus,Lakshya was giving Ragini all kinds of evil looks because Swara was sad. Aditi dragged Ragini to the back of the bus and didn’t let her sit with Swara. That annoyed Lakshya a lot. He lost it when Aditi fake smiled and said enjoy your privacy.

Aditi grabbed her phone and showed Ragini something. What she read, broke her heart even more. Aditi had taken the trouble to get Manav’s number to prove that Swara was lying. Manav had clearly stated that Swara was just some girl who proposed to him and seemed to get obsessed with him. What Aditi really wanted to tell Ragini was, that she shouldn’t have trusted Swara blindly. She shouldn’t have trusted someone who betrayed her best friend. Ragini started thinking- Swara accepted Lakshya’s proposal in a heartbeat even though she knew that Ragini was in love with him. But when Ragini didn’t let Lakshya know about her feelings just because she suspected that Swara may have feelings for him, which according to Swara was impossible at that time. Ragini sat there numb.Her heart ached way too much. At that moment she made a decision. Her dadi ma had been compelling her to join a different school rather than joining their school for 11th and 12th grade. Ragini had been refusing because she wanted to be close to her ‘best friends’ . But now she had made her choice. She would go back to the school where she belonged. She had studied there from kindergarten to 4th grade. She had decided to go back there for 11th and 12th grade. That’s where she belonged. Back then she had many friends. She decided to run away from them.

So I just wanna say, that I’m sorry about how Swara’s character turned out , it was what the story needed. It can’t only be Lakshya’s fault right ? I’m sorry if you guys are pissed about it , but I had to do it . I feel pretty annoyed at myself too for making Swara a bad guy, but that’s just how it is ! I’m really soorryyyy

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  1. Naz_Temish

    I hope happy days are yet to come in her life….She needs a break and it’s better to stay away..I truly feel Lakshya is so selfish and of course BLIND ??…..Keep going mintu???

    1. Naz_Temish

      Oops mittu???

    2. Mittu

      Thanks Naz ! I’m glad you like it !! ?

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !

  2. Awsm episode plzz update daily

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !

  3. Jayanti

    the episode was amazing as usual….but feeling really very sad for ragini….aditi stood with her like a true friend…next part asap

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much !! ?

  4. Kriti249

    You are doing a great job di. I absolutely loved it. Well do whatever the story needs and I think everybody has gone into that phase when someone who’s really close to you heart cheats you. At least it happened with me and I understand ragini’s feelings really well.

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !! ??And I get how you feel because the people who I thought were my friends have backstabbed me !

  5. It’s interesting. Keep going.

    1. Mittu

      Thank youu ?

  6. Awesome yaar . Actually I think that ragini should understand that aditi is her best friend not swara . And hope that aditi and ragini would always remain like this .

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much ! Aditi and Ragini will always have a special bond !

  7. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot…really feeling bad for ragini…thank god aditi with her…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !

  8. Lovely7

    Feeling bad for ragini

    1. Mittu

      Aahh ! But Ragini will be fine though in the end !

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !

  9. Bela

    A truly realistic story. It happens. Anyways, I really want to see Ragini in her next phase of life. Like, new(old) school, new friends, and everything.???

    Plus, Lakshya is an infinite jerk here. Getting angry just because his ‘gf’ is alone and also the message made me recall a jerk I knew. MATLAB, why talk like this?????

    1. Mittu

      Aahh, Yes ! A few guys though…. they should have jerk printed on their forehead ?? Matlab, like decide what you want in life and don’t be such a jerkface about it !!

      1. Bela

        Yep, they walk as if they own everything whereas they don’t even own their own underwear???

        That one made me cry a lot.???

      2. Mittu

        Yup ! ?
        Somehow, it’s like they can crush our heart and still not be affected ! I can totally relate ! He really broke my heart and made me cry a lot ????

  10. IQRA222

    mitt you know I am fan of your writing you really a great writer honey
    keep it up
    waiting for the next part

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !! ??

  11. I loved the last part. Finally she decided to go away from them. Can’t wait for next part dear

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear ! ?

  12. Follybraverl

    He was eating my brain mittu Awesome episode
    Aditi-sanaya Irani
    Piya-kanchi Singh
    Tara-tina dutta

    1. Follybraverl

      Karan-karan tacker

    2. Mittu

      Thank you so much dear ! Even I had thought of Sanaya Irani for Aditi ! Glad our thoughts are similar ! ??

  13. Awesome… Feeling bad for​ Ragini…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !

  14. Kriti249

    Di I forgot to suggest the characters
    Aditi- drashti dhami
    Piya- Sanaya irani
    Tara- Krystle dsouza
    Karan- karan tacker

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